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Casting Call for Bloggers

Published by • Jul 16th, 2007 • Category: Non-Fiction

UPDATE February 1, 2010: The Girls Horse Club Junior Blogger program has been discontinued. Please see the updated SUBMISSION GUIDE for information about our current offerings and how to participate. Thanks for your interest!

Plow HorsesWe’re always looking to grow our blog with new talent, new voices and new content!

Below are easy instructions, frequently asked questions and content guidelines for Junior Bloggers (age 17 or younger). The process for submitting a blog entry is similar to submitting a story for the Loft Book Club — with some differences.

Please read below for a shot at joining the herd of bloggers at Girls Horse Club!

INSTRUCTIONS (easy as 1-2-3)

  1. First, make sure you’re familiar with the BLOG GROUND RULES. Also read the CONTENT GUIDELINES below for ideas about what we’re looking for.
  2. Ready to give it a shot? Use our online submission form to send your blog entry.
  3. Let us know your submission is for the blog by putting “BLOG” somewhere in the title, story or comments box.


I’ve had a blog published. How come I’m listed as a Guest Blogger not a Junior Blogger? You must have at least three (3) blogs published to be eligible for the Junior Blogger ranks, and we must have a slot open on the roster. Until then, everything is posted under Guest Bloggers.

What’s the difference between being a blogger and writing stories for the Loft Book Club? From the author’s perspective, there are some cool things about blogging. Blog authors take on a more prominent role at Girls Horse Club and are able to interact with readers via the comments. All interactions are moderated to assure safe and appropriate behavior.

What’s the difference between a Junior Blogger and a guest blogger? Junior Bloggers have worked hard to earn prominence as primary contributors to the blog and passive leaders here in our virtual barn — they’re our Grand Prix level bloggers. JBs are featured on the MEET THE BLOGGERS page and their work receives careful attention from our editors and illustrators. Guest bloggers are always welcome, but their work is generally used to fill gaps in the publishing calendar until we have openings on the Junior Blogger roster.

Are blog entries eligible for the monthly Judge for Yourself competition? No, only stories published in the Loft Book Club.

Do I need to give out personal information to be a blogger? Nope. Our online submission form asks for an email address, which is only used if there’s a problem with your submission. Never use your real first and last name. Either use a pen (made-up) name or just your first name. We don’t need an address, phone number or anything, but we do ask for your *real* age.

If my blog submission is accepted, how long does it take to get published? Here’s how our publishing system works: Each month we open submissions for approximately 2 weeks. During that time, we review all submissions. The blogs we decide to publish are edited and illustrated, then put on the calendar for the following month. In general, if you send something during one of our open submission periods, it will be published within the next month or not at all (with some exceptions). We like to feature a range of content from a diverse group of writers, so submissions are published based on a variety of factors. Check the calendar on the right sidebar for publishing status.

How can I find out if my submission will be published? Because we get a lot of submissions, we’re not able to contact each author to offer feedback on the status of their submission. Check the publishing calendar periodically.

How do I add pictures to my blog? Most of the images in our blog are lovingly created by Girls Horse Club staff to illuminate your words. However, if you have a photo you’ve taken or an image you’ve created, we’re happy to consider it for publication.


The blog is like a magazine with information that’s meaningful to our audience of young (and not-so-young) horse girls. We welcome YOUR creative ideas, but here are some guidelines to get the ball rolling.

  • PRODUCT REVIEWS — Share your opinion of what’s good or not-so-good about a horse product. It can be something for a *real* horse or rider, a horse-themed gift item (games, books, DVDs, music, etc.) or a horse-related web site. Try to pick something that other members might find interesting (keep in mind not everyone has a horse of their own).
  • INT*L HORSES — We LOVE to write about horses around the world for our International Horse channel. If you’re traveling to a new area and expect (or need an excuse) to have some interaction with horses, tell us about your experience. Or if you live in a part of the world that others might find interesting, write an article about the horses, horse history or horse traditions in your area.
  • ADVICE — Do you consider yourself an expert about something related to horses or riding? Got horse advice or riding wisdom our members might appreciate? If so, share your knowledge with our readers!
  • INTERVIEWS — Do you know a talented or famous horse person? Why not interview them and write a blog about it? Or write an introduction and let your readers asked the questions in an Interactive View.
  • CURRENT EVENTS — If you pay attention to news events in the horse world, we’d love to read your perspective. For example, when Barbaro died many bloggers wrote about his life and passing.

INTERESTED? Feel free to contact us if you have questions that are not answered above.