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How To Draw a Horse – Part 1 of 2

Published by • Mar 29th, 2008 • Category: Arts & Crafts, How It's Made

by Mustang_Heart | From the earliest forms of cave drawings, to Leonardo Da Vinci, and to today’s modern artists, you’ll see that horses always seem to find their way into an artist’s work – and who could blame them? With so many different breeds, personalities, gaits, postures, and uses, an artist could spend her whole life creating nothing but masterpieces filled with horses. Maybe you too were inspired by the amazing horse, and picked up a pencil or a paintbrush and tried to imitate the horse’s unique body shape, only to walk away disappointed, feeling that you have no artistic talent. Now, ask yourself this – did you ever think you just had the wrong approach to it?

A Horsey Halloween

Published by • Oct 23rd, 2007 • Category: Arts & Crafts, Fun & Games, Junior Blogger Archives

by horsejo, age 11 The scariest night of the year is rapidly approaching. It will soon be October 31st. That’s right, very soon it will be Halloween. The one and only night of the year when you go out and get candy and dress up in a spooky, funny, or weird costume. But this year, […]

Rainy Day Horse Fun and Crafts

Published by • Sep 3rd, 2007 • Category: Arts & Crafts, Junior Blogger Archives

by horsejo, age 11 I know that most of us hate days when the rain (or snow) just won’t stop, when we can’t go out and ride or just enjoy the lovely weather. We cannot stop the rain, but we can enjoy it. Once you do all of these fun activities and crafts, you will […]

Tasty Homemade Horse Treats

Published by • Aug 21st, 2007 • Category: Arts & Crafts, Junior Blogger Archives

by Marisa | We all know what it feels like running up to your favorite horse with a yummy treat in your hand, and to see the horse joyfully nibble it up. But have you ever thought of making your own treats? Say goodbye to the classic carrots and apples — let’s get cooking…

Horse Crafts: Fashion Patches and Appliques

Published by • Jul 11th, 2007 • Category: Arts & Crafts, How It's Made, LeadMare Tales

by LeadMare | Ever read those stories from way back when education for girls consisted of learning to sew, cook, paint, or play the piano? It was all about acquiring “feminine” skills to attract a husband. Now girls earn advanced degrees and advance to leadership roles alongside the guys. We still learn to sew, cook, paint, or play the piano (and so do the guys!) but mostly as an enjoyable hobby…