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Beating the Heat

Published by • Aug 15th, 2012 • Category: by Julia, Picture This

Photo by Julia | This fun photo was submitted by Julia, longtime GHC contributor and Junior Editor. If the happy horse could talk, what do you suppose he or she would say?

Horses Galore

Published by • Jul 29th, 2012 • Category: LeadMare Tales, Picture This

HAPPY SUMMER GHCers! In my little corner of the world, life has been flying by at gallop speed, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the scenery and snapping away with my camera…

Blazer & Dancer

Published by • Jan 15th, 2012 • Category: Arts & Crafts, Picture This

I love when your beautiful artwork and photos are added to the gallery, but the gallery itself is in need of an upgrade so I thought I’d start posting new submissions and “best of” here in the Arts & Crafts channel. First up, the latest photo submission…

Horse Life in Guatemala

Published by • Nov 10th, 2011 • Category: LeadMare Tales, Picture This

by LeadMare | Hola GHCers! I hope you’re having a fantastic Fall. Mine has been jam-packed with amazing experiences, primarily centered around my Blue Sky adventure in Guatemala. It was a whirlwind…