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Making of Moonlight Mirage Part 1: The Story

Published by • Jan 13th, 2008 • Category: How It's Made, International Horse

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes to create the virtual horses in our stables? This 2-part blog will share details about the process for bringing Moonlight Mirage to life. First, an interview with the talented author Pony Princess about what went into creating the story that won last year’s Int*l Horse Competition. LeadMare: […]

The Anglo-Arab

Published by • Jan 3rd, 2008 • Category: Guest Bloggers, International Horse

by Rosie, age 11 The Anglo-Arab gets it’s name from two of the worlds greatest breeds — the Thoroughbred, which is the English (anglo) origin, and the Arabian horse. In the UK, Anglo-Arab breeding is very strict. Only these two great breeds can be present in the bloodlines. Anglo-Arabs make excellent riding horses and excel […]

A Painted Pony Friend: Meet Gabby

Published by • Dec 4th, 2007 • Category: International Horse, Junior Blogger Archives

by horsejo, age 11 There is a little pony at my stables. A paint pony. She has a heart of gold. The cute little pony’s name is Gabby. She is always a joy to ride. Once you and a horse become friends, every ride becomes more fun than the one before. Gabby is very special. […]


Published by • Nov 24th, 2007 • Category: by Julia, International Horse

by Julia, age 13 You’re riding your horse along a country back road and come up to a large pasture with multiple horses in it. All of them are beautiful, but one catches your eye. It’s a deep shade of bay but its rump is covered with white spots. Guess what? You’ve picked an Appaloosa […]

Barbaro: We Loved Him and Now We Miss Him

Published by • Nov 3rd, 2007 • Category: International Horse, Junior Blogger Archives, Showing & Sport

by Syd, age 12 We loved him. We willed him to get better. And most of all we miss him. Who is he? He is Barbaro, the 2006 Kentucky Derby winner. He should have been the 2006 Triple Crown winner if it had not been for that fateful day of the Preakness. What was it […]

Meet the Welsh Mountain Ponies

Published by • Nov 1st, 2007 • Category: International Horse, Junior Blogger Archives

by Cassie, age 11 Welsh Mountain Ponies are a cute and social breed of pony. They are native to the Black Mountains of Breconshire and, unlike many breeds of wild horses, under no threat of endangerment in the wild. They are often taken off the mountains at a young age and then brought to a […]

The Golden Horse

Published by • Sep 5th, 2007 • Category: by Madelaina, International Horse

by Madelaina, age 11 “Hey, I just saw a golden horse!” your friend calls to you. You shake your head. “Do you mean palomino? Or dun?” Her face looks tuned out, but regardless of that she keeps going. “No, I don’t think so. But really, it’s gold, as in–gold!” You’re confused, but as your friend […]

Island Survivor – The Abaco Barb

Published by • Jul 28th, 2007 • Category: International Horse, Junior Blogger Archives, Take a Stand

by Syd, age 12 Far away in the Bahamas lies an island called Abaco, home to one of the most endangered and beautiful horses in the world — the Abaco Barb! Or as I like to call them, island survivors. The Abaco Barb is actually the most endangered breed alive. Today the herd is made […]

Przewalski’s Horse

Published by • May 17th, 2007 • Category: by Julia, International Horse

by Julia, age 13 When I say the word horse, what do you picture in your mind? A lean Thoroughbred racing on the flat? A Warmblood jumper leaping a high fence? A quarter horse whipping around a barrel? What about wild horses? I bet the first thing you think of are Mustangs, Brumbies, or Chincoteague […]

Will Work for Food

Published by • Mar 27th, 2007 • Category: Horse Work, International Horse, LeadMare Tales

The light from the morning sun is nearly blinding as we glide across the rolling, snow-covered land. The cold makes my skin feel stiff, like a thin layer of ice. I can’t control the ear-to-ear grin, even if it means my cheeks will crack. The movement feels like slow dancing, swaying to soft music with a rhythm of hooves sinking in snow, harnesses clanking and horses breathing…