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The First Horse

Published by • Jul 13th, 2015 • Category: Non-Fiction

by Careyanne | I hardly even remember the first horse I ever met, but I was in kindergarten. On the first field trip of that year we all went to a farm and got a tour. And there she was, not even a year old yet…

Where is the Good in Goodbye?

Published by • Jun 15th, 2015 • Category: Non-Fiction, Tributes

by Hannah | Recently, my gorgeous pony Toby, who I have had for almost four years, has found a new home, and I am extremely heartbroken…


Published by • Feb 23rd, 2015 • Category: Horse Advice, Non-Fiction

by Rey | Have you ever found yourself waiting for the one? That one horse you win tons of blue ribbons with, or maybe you teach tons of tricks, or maybe just a horse that you can relax and have fun with?

Dream Horse

Published by • Feb 12th, 2015 • Category: Non-Fiction

by Karli | I think most girls have a picture of a coal-black Friesian, an Arab with a flowing mane and tail, a wiry dun, or some other horse in their minds. They call that horse their dream horse…

Riding Lessons Log

Published by • Dec 22nd, 2014 • Category: Non-Fiction

by WhinnyLove | I sat at a computer, watching a video of a filly being born. I smiled through the whole thing. Little did I or that filly know that we would meet in only a matter of months…

Ask GHC: One Horse Enough?

Published by • Dec 12th, 2014 • Category: Ask Girls Horse Club

Ask Girls Horse Club is a feature where readers can submit questions and anyone can step up to share their relevant advice, opinion and/or perspective using the comments form…


Published by • Dec 6th, 2014 • Category: Non-Fiction

by Rey | My mother nestled close to me. I shivered as a cold chill went through my legs and up to my neck. I waved my head around and then fell over. After I had finally stood up again, I found the nice warm milk that soothed my dry throat…

Updates on Spike

Published by • Apr 23rd, 2014 • Category: Non-Fiction

by Molly | Hey guys. I have really missed writing here… and now I sound like I’m in a YouTube video. Great. So, as you probably remember, I have a horse named Spike. He is a five year-old Appaloosa…

Moody Blue

Published by • Aug 11th, 2013 • Category: Non-Fiction

by Ava | I might be the youngest, but I looooooove horses as much as you do. Here’s how I got my first horse… The first horse I ever rode was called Moody Blue. When I started horse riding I always rode him, and somehow I just got attached. I won my first ever competition with him…

I Love Candy!

Published by • Apr 13th, 2013 • Category: Non-Fiction

by Jenny | Hi, my name is Jenny and this is my very first blog! I am younger than a lot of you but that doesn’t stop me from telling you about my favourite riding school pony, Candy. She is a beautiful chestnut with a white stripe down her nose. Candy is my pony hero because when my first riding school pony, Smurf, got ill…