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Goodbye, Pebbles

Published by • Oct 8th, 2016 • Category: Non-Fiction, Tributes

by PreciousAndMe | I’m here with a bit of sad news. I was going to write a poem, but I’m terrible at poetry, and I wanted to write something good. So here comes the bad news…

I Love You

Published by • Jul 17th, 2016 • Category: Poetry, Tributes

by sierra
The pain digs deeper every day
It hurts to the point I can scarcely stay
I miss you deeply hour-by-hour, day-by-day
Even though you have not gone away forever…

I Truly Have a Bond

Published by • Nov 18th, 2015 • Category: Gift Horse, Non-Fiction

by WhinnyLove | A long time ago I wrote about my favorite horse, Love. It took me a while, but I finally figured out she is not a favorite…

Saving Equine: The Real Story

Published by • Aug 17th, 2015 • Category: Non-Fiction, Take a Stand

by GirlOfStrides | Over millions of years horses have lived under different rules, qualities, and flaws. We haven’t always given the equine animal such care and quality…

Where is the Good in Goodbye?

Published by • Jun 15th, 2015 • Category: Non-Fiction, Tributes

by Hannah | Recently, my gorgeous pony Toby, who I have had for almost four years, has found a new home, and I am extremely heartbroken…

No Saddle

Published by • Dec 2nd, 2014 • Category: Poetry, Tributes

by WhinnyLove
I see you in my dreams
No saddle or bridle
Dust flying behind you
Dancing away…

I’ll Always Love You

Published by • Jul 16th, 2013 • Category: Tributes

by ✯HorseGirl
I’ll always love you.
Now you’re gone
and I see you running free in my dreams,
galloping swiftly across the plains…


Published by • May 3rd, 2013 • Category: Tributes

by Briana | It was March 14, a Thursday. The afternoon was warmer for a March day. I gathered my grooming tools from the barn, then headed out to the meadow where Amigo is kept. Rewind a little… Amigo was a birthday gift I received in June 2012, less than a year ago. Amigo was small, but he had a big heart. Like they say, big things come in small packages…

Chasing the Dream of Horses

Published by • Mar 9th, 2013 • Category: Horse Dreams

by Mustang_Heart | Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a not-so-far away place called Texas. While this little girl was very happy, there was something missing from her life. Every night she’d lay down to sleep and fold her hands together and cry…

A Tribute to a Wonderful School Horse

Published by • Dec 31st, 2012 • Category: Tributes

by ratherberiding | Recently, Reddemeade Farms lost a wonderful and faithful friend. Bob was a long-time school horse used mainly with beginners. Every single child (and adult) who met him fell in love with him. He was a very special horse, no doubt about it…