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Goodbye, Pebbles

Published by • Oct 8th, 2016 • Category: Non-Fiction, Tributes

by PreciousAndMe | I’m here with a bit of sad news. I was going to write a poem, but I’m terrible at poetry, and I wanted to write something good. So here comes the bad news…

I Love You

Published by • Jul 17th, 2016 • Category: Poetry, Tributes

by sierra
The pain digs deeper every day
It hurts to the point I can scarcely stay
I miss you deeply hour-by-hour, day-by-day
Even though you have not gone away forever…

Where is the Good in Goodbye?

Published by • Jun 15th, 2015 • Category: Non-Fiction, Tributes

by Hannah | Recently, my gorgeous pony Toby, who I have had for almost four years, has found a new home, and I am extremely heartbroken…

No Saddle

Published by • Dec 2nd, 2014 • Category: Poetry, Tributes

by WhinnyLove
I see you in my dreams
No saddle or bridle
Dust flying behind you
Dancing away…

I’ll Always Love You

Published by • Jul 16th, 2013 • Category: Tributes

by ✯HorseGirl
I’ll always love you.
Now you’re gone
and I see you running free in my dreams,
galloping swiftly across the plains…


Published by • May 3rd, 2013 • Category: Tributes

by Briana | It was March 14, a Thursday. The afternoon was warmer for a March day. I gathered my grooming tools from the barn, then headed out to the meadow where Amigo is kept. Rewind a little… Amigo was a birthday gift I received in June 2012, less than a year ago. Amigo was small, but he had a big heart. Like they say, big things come in small packages…

A Tribute to a Wonderful School Horse

Published by • Dec 31st, 2012 • Category: Tributes

by ratherberiding | Recently, Reddemeade Farms lost a wonderful and faithful friend. Bob was a long-time school horse used mainly with beginners. Every single child (and adult) who met him fell in love with him. He was a very special horse, no doubt about it…

R.I.P. Zeekey

Published by • Dec 28th, 2011 • Category: Tributes

by EllaI gaze into the paddock. Four horses; but soon to be three. Zeekey, the only chestnut, is gazing contently. Unaware of the life-changing decisions to be made. I watch as Zeekey bites Glamour, the palomino pony. Zeke’s unhappy; he never used to bite…

A Horse To Remember

Published by • Nov 2nd, 2011 • Category: Tributes

by barrelracer37 | I can still vividly remember that clear, cold day in February when I met him… I was instantly hooked on that beautiful, black two-year-old horse with the only white on him…

Magic’s Song (R.I.P.)

Published by • Sep 21st, 2011 • Category: Tributes

by ddog777
Black to gray,
you stole my heart away.
You were my dream,
I realize it now.
You were it, without doubt…