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Ask LeadMare

Published by • Feb 21st, 2009 • Category: Junior Blogger Archives, LeadMare Tales

by Pony Princess | Welcome to this one of a kind interview! Just get seated on some hay bales and make yourself comfortable. Now, our interviewee this time is someone ya’ll know pretty well…

What I Didn’t Do During the Mini Break

Published by • Sep 22nd, 2008 • Category: LeadMare Tales

My Mini Break did not include gadgets. There were no bars on my cell phone. The rustic oceanside cottage didn’t have wireless Internet, a telephone, TV, or microwave. Just the basics…

Horse Things

Published by • Aug 31st, 2008 • Category: LeadMare Tales

While cleaning out my cluttered office and uncovering many horse things for our Muck the Book Pile, and Muck the Gift Pile giveaways, I got to thinking about all the horse things that still remain — not just in my office, but throughout the house and into the yard…

Big Skies, Big Dreams

Published by • Jul 14th, 2008 • Category: LeadMare Tales

GREETINGS FROM MONTANA. I arrived here on Sunday for my first visit to Big Sky Country where I’ll spend the week realizing one of my horse dreams by attending a Cowgirl Yoga retreat along with 9 other women from across the US and into Canada. While I’m enjoying a week-long horse camp for adults, many of you are attending camps and experiencing your own unforgettable horse adventures…

Horses and Yoga?

Published by • Jun 25th, 2008 • Category: LeadMare Tales

by LeadMare | Like many adult riders, yoga teacher Margaret dreamed of horses as a young girl, but didn’t have the opportunity to ride. It wasn’t until later in life that she started taking lessons, and now she’s combining horse riding and yoga…

Ride and Tie

Published by • Jun 12th, 2008 • Category: LeadMare Tales, Showing & Sport

by LeadMare | Recently I’ve had an interest in a lesser-known horse sport called Ride and Tie so have started doing some research. It’s a fascinating sport — I thought you might like to hear about it…

Making of Moonlight Mirage Part 2: The Photo Illustrations

Published by • Jan 16th, 2008 • Category: How It's Made, International Horse, LeadMare Tales

With a great story for inspiration, creating the photo illustrations for Moonlight Mirage was a fun project. The process is similar to creating the images you see throughout this blog. It’s pretty geeky so I tried to summarize details. For those of you interested in digital art/photography, feel free to ask questions if you want […]

Out of the Closet – Part 1

Published by • Oct 2nd, 2007 • Category: LeadMare Tales

This morning the imaginary horses in our Stables spoke to me. “LeadMare, I’m tired of being virtual,” Shahar whinnied. “Let me out in the *real* world!” Then Lone Star bugled, “You’d NEVER keep a beloved horse locked in a dark closet. I should be running and playing with my herd of horses and horse girls. […]

Horse Crafts: Fashion Patches and Appliques

Published by • Jul 11th, 2007 • Category: Arts & Crafts, How It's Made, LeadMare Tales

by LeadMare | Ever read those stories from way back when education for girls consisted of learning to sew, cook, paint, or play the piano? It was all about acquiring “feminine” skills to attract a husband. Now girls earn advanced degrees and advance to leadership roles alongside the guys. We still learn to sew, cook, paint, or play the piano (and so do the guys!) but mostly as an enjoyable hobby… History: Part III

Published by • Jun 12th, 2007 • Category: LeadMare Tales History: Part I | History: Part II BACK IN THE SADDLE Pursuing your dreams is a lot like riding. Sometimes you’ll be sitting high on your horse, riding along, when suddenly you’re flying through the air and landing with a thud. The time period covered in Part II of our history was filled […]