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Celebrate Horse Lover’s Day

Published by • Feb 1st, 2008 • Category: by Madelaina, Fun & Games

Celebrate Horse Lover's Day

by Madelaina, age 12

So maybe there isn’t such thing, but who said we can’t make one? It might not be official enough to be on a calendar, but it certainly would be on mine, and it would be more than once a year. But first, I’ll just let you know what a horse-lover’s day is–

It’s a day for all horse-lovers you know, and the best part is that anyone can arrange it! It’s a time when horses are number one, and there wouldn’t ever be a loss for apples or carrots. Here’s the basic outline of what is needed to be done (you are welcome to add more thoughts in the comments):

  1. Be a vegetarian for a day (if you aren’t one already) and have a look at how a horse eats. Fill yourself up with carrots and apples, maybe some oats as well! However, eating only carrots and apples would be a negative for your health, so don’t even think about it even if it is tempting!
  2. Wake up feeling fresh and think “I’m going to be let out on the pastures today!” In other words, think horse-like. Here’s a challenge for you: try imagining things ten times bigger.
  3. Give a whicker or a whinny instead of your usual greeting. Now that’s what I call horse-crazy!
  4. It wouldn’t be horse-lovers day without horses, so try to arrange a day at the stables. Maybe a trail ride or two, but make sure there’s plenty of tack-cleaning, feeding, mucking out stalls — all the basic horse care stuff — to show just how horse-loving you are!
  5. Grab a good book or two and a plentiful snack of carrots and apples for a day spent outside. Try your best to find some grassy areas (even a paddock!) and sit down with all your friends to talk about nothing but horses! There’s food to keep you busy and books if you need some tranquil time to enjoy Mother Nature.
  6. Dress up like a horse or in riding clothes. Get into the spirit of a horse day!

And if you’d really go to the extremes:

  1. Speak nothing but neighs and snorts for the whole day. See if your friends or family can understand you (I doubt it).
  2. Walk on all fours! Pretend to be a horse and use your four dark-coloured socks on your four limbs and have a joyful horsey day.

So what are you waiting for? Check out your calendar for this new year, and plan a fun-packed day. Whether invite your friends over or celebrate on your own, the horse-lover’s day is a day for any and every horse girl!

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  1. This is really cool!! Ill try all of them ^^

  2. Madelaina, this is a GREAT idea! I love it!

  3. A bit mad but hey, all my friends are mad enough already so doing this won’t hurt them (if you don’t know about my friends, just wait until Hana releases her version of Tradgedy!)!

  4. I cannot wait to try some of these! I’ll have to celebrate this with my horsecrazy friend soon! Great job Madelaina!

  5. Thanks a ton and I hope that everyone has a wonderful Horse Lovers’ Day!

  6. its real cute! good idea for a blog! i really like it!

  7. hi there this is cool!!!!!!!!!

  8. Happy Horse Lover’s Day! I love it!!! :D

  9. Ilove horses. Iam a fan of horses. I wish i hade one.:D

  10. This is such a great idea! I actually tried it and it was a super- awesome day. Most of my friends and I are horse-lovers.

    Kind Neighs