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Celebrating Love

Published by • Feb 14th, 2011 • Category: GHC News

Happy Valentine's Day for Girls Horse ClubHAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Forget cards and chocolates and roses — that’s so ordinary! Here at Girls Horse Club, we honor LOVE by opening general submissions for stories and poems about our beloved horses (whether they’re real or imagined). You heard that right — no themes, no limits, no deadlines, just open submissions.

But before you trot over to the submission form, be sure to read (or refresh your memory of) the Submission Guide for the best shot at getting published.

The Girls Horse Club editorial team looks forward to reading the very best from a variety of new and established GHC writers!


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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have been waiting for you to open general submissions! Now… to conjure up a story..

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  3. I’m so excited!!!!
    Thanks for giving us a chance to tell about
    the special horses in our lives.
    I can’t wait to join in on the fun:)

  4. champion! Cannot wait to read the new entries!! =)


  5. (: soooo excited!

  6. awesomeful!!!! can’t wait!!

  7. Yes!! This is awesome! I’ll be working on something!

  8. question: Leadmare is it still alright for me to send something written by my friend or brother who does not have an email? They like to read the creations on here as well they just don’t have a way to send anything except by me.


  9. HorseFeathers, thanks for checking. An author email is required, but submitters can use the email of a parent or adult if they don’t have one of their own — as long as they’re familiar with the GHC submission policy, which requires that authors submit their own work.

  10. i finnallt finished my book. my english teacher loved it and said it was very well written. she said i had the making of no auther! :)

  11. Leadmare, I read your little nibble about the budget cuts and Ive read some of what Mrs Farley blogs about it. I’m thinking this will either be really great for the mustangs or really bad. Do you think it is possible that the BLM will just try to round more horses up at once with faster and possibly more lethal (to the horses) ways in order to meet the budget and quota?

    I pray not and that the the roundups are halted

  12. HorseFeathers, I share your concerns. My hope is the cuts will reduce round-ups and force the BLM to look for more humane (and less expensive) ways to control the populations, but my fear is it will result in cut-backs on care for the horses currently in holding areas, or those being housed by private landowners.

    Did you know “the BLM contracts with and pays private landowners to take care of the (otherwise unadoptable) horses”? This is quoted from one of my favorite bloggers, The Pioneer Woman, whose family keeps a herd of mustang mares on their cattle ranch. She takes really beautiful photos of them, and you can read her perspective here: About the Wild Horses. (I would argue these horses look very adoptable, but recognize it’s one thing for a horse to be adoptable, another thing entirely to find people who will adopt them.)

  13. Sounds good- I will soooo be entering A.S.A.P
    =) Thanks xoxo

  14. All right!

  15. I’m not sure what to write. I have a vague idea of one story, but it will probably take about a month or so to completely finish.

  16. i think that i’ll do the ghostly barn sequel… unless a poem comes to mind. what to write, what to write!

  17. Sorry I have not been on in a while, sometimes the time just isn’t there. I think I will write a tribute to Missy, my pony that passed away.

  18. ♪It’s not the time that is missed
    but the time that has been done
    But you still miss ‘er darling mane
    And how she used to dance in the rain
    Like a godess, her beauty is rare
    But it’s not how she looks that matters
    But the memories you share.♫

    Dedicated to HorsesForever~

  19. Oh happy day! Does anyone know how long submissions will remain open? I’m so excited!

  20. When does the form close?

  21. I finally had an idea, and know what to write now! I just have to work on making some characters now.

    On the BLM budget cuts, I found another bit of news! In Little Book Cliffs, a roundup was scheduled for September, just like Spring Creek Basin. But because they have been using PZP as fertility control, and popultion hasn’t grown because fewer births and natural deathes are balancing each other out now, so that roundup is being replaced by another dose of fertility control. So less stress for those wild horses, and none will be taken off the range! I found that on TJ Holme’s blog.

  22. Matylda Ink and Leopard Appaloosa, a deadline for submissions has not been set, but we’ll give everyone advance notice before closing the submission form.

    Toppyrocks, thanks for sharing the great news!

  23. Aaawww…. Thank you so, so much XDDXDD! That just made my day! It’s really beautiful.

  24. Your welcome. It must be hard losing a horse. )-;

  25. I’m working on a story about my horse. I hope it turns out well!

  26. Sounds exciting! I can’t wait to write a story!

  27. Hay horse girls! Thanks to everyone who has submitted their horsey creations. We’re reviewing, making publishing decisions, editing, etc., and submissions will remain open until further notice so you’ll continue to have fresh content for your grazing pleasure.

    As your publisher, I’d like to offer a tip for those interested in seeing their work showcased her at GHC…

    Most of the submissions coming in are poetry with a bit of fiction here and there, so I wanted to encourage you to branch out. Our goal is to keep readers interested with a range of authors writing in a variety of genres about different subjects, so the more you challenge yourself to be distinctive, the better chance you have of being published.

    The GHC blog started as a place for non-fiction blogs intended to entertain, inform and inspire our readers. Browse around for ideas, then noodle on it and come up with something that’s your own unique creation.

    And don’t forget to put your best hoof forward — we publish quality over quantity.

  28. I always start a story, but then I can’t finish it. Akward……. I’m better at writing poems than I am at writing books.

  29. I just came up with an idea!!!!!!☺☻☺☻☺☻
    It’s short stories called “horse talk.” I think I’ll do this one through

  30. Could I submit another ‘Honey’ story?


  31. Yes, Leopard Appaloosa! That would be great!