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Challenge One: Vision Board

Published by • Jul 6th, 2010 • Category: by Julia, Summer of Horse Dreams

by Julia, age 16

SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED for Challenge One. Click here to see the vision boards »

For your first Summer of Horse Dreams challenge, you will be designing a poster/vision board that features the following:

  1. A horse. Looking through local newspaper ads or online resources, find a horse that is currently for sale or up for adoption. Print out/scan/draw that horse and place it on the center of your board along with the price (and any other captions you want).
  2. Everything you need for your horse. Again, by either searching magazines and newspapers or browsing online, locate a local boarding stable, tack, equipment, etc. Cut out or draw on these items with their prices as well and place them on your board however you like.

The idea is to make this as realistic as possible. The horse and its necessities are all real. Technically, if you had the ability and the money to afford them, you would be able to go purchase them tomorrow. By giving your dream of horse ownership a certain degree of tangibility, hopefully you will be motivated to set small goals towards one day achieving it.

However, we also want you to be as creative as you can! Using your artistic skills (or a computer if you’re like me and can’t draw to save your life), try to give your board an aesthetic quality. It can be as plain or as intricate as you’d like, but I challenge you to think outside the box!

Once you’ve finished your poster board, take a picture or scan it in where they will be featured in the gallery for everyone to see your dream horse that isn’t so far from reach after all!

There you have it! Will you opt for a fancy show horse or a green broke pony? Will your horse sport a neon green barrel saddle or a classic dressage saddle? How much does it all cost and how close are you to someday making your vision a reality?

We will find out soon. You have a week from today! Good luck!


SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED for Challenge One. Click here to see the vision boards »

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  1. I’m going to do it all on the internet becuase it’s a lot easier for me ad quicker. But it will be the same thing.

  2. Leadmare, we have a problem. I will be on vacation until next Wednesday (the 14th), so I won’t be able to turn in my challenge… What to do?

  3. What a champion challenge!! I will be sure to try and participate! I already have a horse in mind that i want to adopt! =) Hey girls if you want a good site to look at try I go there all the time!


  4. I was just wondering, since our printer doesn’t work, can you just find any old picture of a horse up for sale in a magazine or something and use that, if you can’t find one that’s currently up for sale on the internet?

  5. huskyhorsegirl, Absolutely! Magazines, catalogs, flyers from tack shops, etc. Whatever you’d like!

    Victory Cowgirl, If you do make a board, gallery submissions might possibly be open for you to still submit, but to extend for you means to extend for everyone, thus you aren’t technically completing the challenge. I hope you understand :)

  6. What if our dream or favourite horse isn’t for sale, and probably never will be?

  7. Toppyrocks, the point of this challenge is to be realistic. If there is a particular horse, whether it be fictional or real, that you consider your dream horse, but you know will never be yours exactly, then you’re going to have to settle for second best. Set your sights on a real horse that is locally for sale; one that comes as close to that perfect horse as you can get.

  8. Can I pick Marley as he is for sale and I might get him soon <3

    This is great as I already have everything planned out for me and him
    And where do we upload it to??

  9. DianaLUV, click on “Click Here for the Gallery Submission Form” button under the blog to submit. And yes, choose any horse your heart desires. :)

  10. Does the horse have to be for sale in my town, or can I pick any horse I find that’s for sale?

  11. Hi Rochila. You can choose any horse as long as it is actually currently for sale. I know a girl who went all the way to California for her real-life horse, and she lives on the east coast!

  12. Haha, good luck everyone! I won’t be doing this one. I just don’t have the skillz needed to do this. I do NOT have a designing bone in my body. ;) Funny considering what my dad does. But I’m more the athlete and writer than an artist. I wish you all the best of luck!!! :) I cant wait to see what everyone comes up with! All you talented horse girlies. :)

  13. This is already fun. Got onto Dreamhorse, I’ve been scanning it for a while. (:

  14. r u alowed to usea picture of the dream horse you already have!?

  15. You can Peanut, but I encourage you to find a different horse if you can. It’s up to you.

    Jonannah, Don’t feel bad. Athletics aren’t my thing. As a matter of fact, they’re the one thing I probably stay as far away from as possible. ;)

  16. lol Hey girls if you ride, you are an athlete! Horseback riding is a sport… about the only one I can do without looking rediculous. lol. OH and archery! I love shooting my recurve boe! ;)
    Happy virtual adopting and creating your horses!


  17. Mine is really lame, since it only has like a couple random horsey things stuck on it with glue, but since I’m going on vacation tomorrow and I’m busy getting ready to go, it will have to do! Hey, I’m a poet and I didn’t know it! LOL!

  18. huskyhorsegirl, nothing was attached to your submission. Please try again. Once you’ve located the image you’re uploading, make sure you click the ‘Upload Now!’ button before you agree to the submission policy and click ‘Send’.

  19. This sounds like soooo much fun, I don’t know if I can do it or not because I’m getting ready to move and I’m moving to a huge piece of land where there’s a barn, so I might actually get my dream horse for real!!!!!

  20. The only problem, LeadMare, is that right now I’m on vacation and there isn’t any way to resend the submission and I probably won’t be back for like a week. By then the submissions will be over! What to do???

  21. Hey Julia, What is the exact date that submissions will close?


  22. Tomorrow, July 13. That will be a full week.

  23. Im in England at the mo so mine isnt great. Im submitting now. Ahh… what fun this has been… o_O

  24. Just finished my vision board — very fun!

    DianaLUV, your submission came through fine, but a couple of you didn’t upload your image before submitting. Please be sure to read the instructions on the form, or if you’re having trouble you can email the image to the address below.

    I’ll keep the form open through today then will post the submissions tomorrow. I look forward to seeing everyone’s creation!