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Challenge Three: Stand up for Mustangs

Published by • Aug 14th, 2010 • Category: by Madelaina, Summer of Horse Dreams

Stand Up for Mustangs

by Madelaina, age 14

Hi girls! Start tacking up for the Summer of Horse Dreams Roundup by taking on one last challenge!

As you all may be aware of, the American wild horses are currently being driven off of their land and rounded up in holding facilities. For this last challenge, we want YOU to connect with the mustang world and take a stand. To complete this challenge, you must do one or both of the following:

  1. Hold a fundraiser for a horse rescue organisation or sanctuary (this will benefit all horses in need, not just mustangs).
  2. Write a letter to the government about saving the wild horses.


Terri Farley, Mustang AngelEarn money or even ask local businesses to donate supplies for a rescue organisation or sanctuary of your choice. Try your best to support a local organisation, but if there isn’t one nearby, a noteworthy cause that Terri Farley recommends is the Wild Horse Sanctuary. You can do anything from washing cars and babysitting to getting people to donate halters and feed.

To show you completed this task, write up a recount (what it is that you have done, how much money you raised, how long the fundraising went for, etc.) and submit it here during the Summer of Horse Dreams Round-Up beginning September 11th, 2010.


Saving Americas MustangsContacting the government is one of the best ways to help the mustangs. We encourage you to be creative and original. Include in your letter writing, poetry, artwork, photographs and/or an informative article on a wild horse topic (e.g. someone who stands up for wild horses or a mustang organisation).Use your talent to show the government how much you care.

We suggest doing this challenge as part of Madeleine Pickens’ Pony Express. The aim here is for 20,000 letters to be mailed to Madeleine by September 1, 2010, which she would personally deliver to Washington DC. Ms. Pickens is very happy to have participation from Girls Horse Club!

Simply mail your letter to this address:

Madeleine’s Pony Express
2683 Via De La Valle, G 313
Del Mar, CA 92014

To show you completed this task, submit your letter (or a summary of the points you made) along with anything else you included such as poetry and artwork to Girls Horse Club during the Summer of Horse Dreams Round-Up beginning September 11th, 2010.


  1. Do some research so you can teach others, answer any questions thrown at you and/or let people know you’re serious about your cause.
  2. The Madeleine Pickens website and Terri Farley’s blog are great places to read up on what’s happening.
  3. Check out some of the March for Wild Horses submissions for inspiration.

The Summer of Horse Dreams Round-Up will begin Saturday September 11th.  Details will be posted before the event, but in general submissions will open for:

  • Non-fiction stories or poetry about your horse adventures over the summer. Fiction submissions will not be open during the round-up — the Summer of Horse Dreams is about experiencing the real horse world!
  • Artwork, photography or photo illustrations created for one of the challenges, or as an expression of what you accomplished during your Summer of Horse Dreams.

We look forward to hearing about your Summer of Horse Dreams. In the meantime, we hope you’ll step up to this final challenge.

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  1. Thanks so much for stepping up for the wild horses!
    They are in terrible danger right now and your words can help save them.
    I admire you more than I can say!

  2. i can’t wait 2 start helping the mustangs!

  3. I have to start working on a story about my adventures this summer… I’ve done so much. I can’t say too much (without giving away my article/story/piece for the RoundUp), but let’s say it involves racing horses with my instructor and my friend. ;)

  4. If you want to read more about America’s wild Mustangs and look at some beautiful photos of them enjoying their mountain home, check out:

  5. When you say Non-fiction for our stories about our riding this summer, do you want to write it like a story, or a report? And if story, do we have to use our names on the blog?



  6. Hi, I love your challenge it’s a great fun way to be proactive. Can I just add that whatever horse sanctuary a person picks to receive a donation from fundraising be sure to research it.
    Here in Colorado we have had several cases of so called sanctuaries actually being “bring us your unwanted horse and we will haul it to the sale” or “send us money and we will spend it on us and not animals” and in the worst case the sanctuary actually starved the horses. So my new purpose is to not just be an advocate for the animals but an educated advocate for the animals. I am not saying don’t donate I’m just saying be sure you know what they are going to do with the donation. Go see the facility, be sure the horses are healthy, and know what happens to the horses in the long run.

  7. OMG I wish I had time to do this :'(

  8. Martha Lee Halstead: As long as it is non-fiction, I think either a story or report format is fine. The only limit is your creativity. Using names might in some cases help any confusion as to the people you’re talking about, ut it’s definitely not a requirement to use real names (also make sure you don’t include real first and last names). Make sure you respect your (and others’) privacy. After all, the internet is never safe ;)

    Raven: I’m sorry you can’t participate in the challenge, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stand up for wild horses some other time all the same. You can always hold a fundraiser or write to the government in your spare time after the challenge is over. These challenges are only encouragement and not limitations :)

  9. I went to my aunt and uncle’s farm this summer and I got to ride their horses a few times, which was great, but is it enough to write a whole non-fiction story about?

  10. These are great challenges, and everyone did a great job so far. Keep up the good work :) I’m trying to be as active as I can, but I’m probably not going to get active until the end of the month or in September. I apologize. So far everything at the barn is steady and strong. I hope everyone has fun with this challenge and I’ll definately try my very best to come and read all of your wonderful work!


  11. this is great!!! so doing this. I actually have a petition already going on with 165 signatures so far. sending it to Michelle Obama!!

  12. Thanks Madelaina, I was just wondering if I was doing a story if I needed to use the name Martha Lee, example, “Martha gazed at the horses tucked away behind the ridge,” or if I could use just any name. Thanks!


  13. I’m definitely going to start brainstorming ideas for a fundraiser, and I’m hoping to turn in some non-fiction about my summer of horses, too! I’m so glad to know that I’m not alone, that there are so many other awesome horse girls who’ll stand up for the mustangs.