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Challenge Two: Be the Journalist

Published by • Jul 23rd, 2010 • Category: by Julia, Summer of Horse Dreams

by Julia, age 16

Submissions are closed for Challenge Two. Check back soon to read interviews from HorseFeathers, catscowgirl and Martha Lee Halstead. Congratulations on stepping up to take on the challenge!

Be the JournalistHello again everyone! Can I get a drum roll before introducing your next challenge?

For this challenge, you’ll need to be curious, be smart, be creative and be you! We’re asking you to interview someone related to the horse world and write up an interview. It actually isn’t as easy as it sounds, because this time we’re challenging you to take a journalistic approach — focusing on fact rather than opinion. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Only one interview per person. The interview should be no more than 5 questions. As always, focus on quality over quantity.
  2. These questions should not be yes or no questions. Make them thought provoking, insightful and different. Think of something that will interest you and your readers.
  3. Questions can be about anything horse related – riding, horse slaughter, tack, training techniques, rescue organizations, and horses in general. Again, be creative! The world of horses is HUGE.
  4. Your interviewee should NOT be someone who has ever been interviewed at Girls Horse Club. (Yes, Terri Farley fans, that means you must leave our favorite mustang advocate/author alone this time. ;))
  5. Interview anyone else, but they must be related to the horse world. This can include a riding instructor, a veterinarian, a farrier, a politician, a trainer, etc.
  6. A journalistic approach means you have to leave out your own opinion. Make the focus your interviewee and what they have to say. It’s all about the facts.
  7. When submitting your interview, you have one of two formatting options:

a. Simple question and answer format. Example:

Q: How did you get started in the equestrian business?
A: It began when I was only four years old…

b. Or, if you’d prefer to challenge yourself further, attempt writing an article. It’s actually quite difficult turning your facts into an entertaining piece of writing. You may only use facts (no opinions of your own) and quotations. You may paraphrase, but are not allowed to change the words of exact quotes, only remove words. See the links below for some help with that.

It’s a good idea to read interviews and articles in magazines or newspapers to get the hang of everything (you might even learn something new on the way). You can interview your chosen person through email, over the phone, or — better yet — in person. Take this opportunity to learn and feed your curiosity. Don’t be afraid to go out there and talk :)

To complete this challenge, submit your interview to Girls Horse Club no later than SATURDAY AUGUST 7th. So put on those journalist helmets and have fun! ;)

Questions and feedback, as always, are welcome in the comments.


Submissions are closed for Challenge Two. Check back soon to read interviews from HorseFeathers, catscowgirl and Martha Lee Halstead. Congratulations on stepping up to take on the challenge!

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  1. hi i,m new hear but i have been reading stuff on hear sens march for wild horses,
    eny ways i have two queshtens,
    can i interview like my dad? he has been working with horses sens he was a kid,
    if i can interview my dad, do i have to put his first and last name? or can i just put his first,
    by the way this challenge sounds really fun.

  2. So, could I interview someone who writes about horses? Or would that not count? What about if its just a rider. Or the rider and her trainer. I can only think of two possibilities right now and that is what they are. My friend rides in competitions all over the country and her trainer is Monty . . . Um I can’t remember his name but he trains in Iowa. Oh, has Jessica Burkhart been interviewed here? I hope not. Because I was thinking about doing that. :)
    Can’t wait to get started!

  3. Hi catscowgirl! You may absolutely interview your dad. Please, only include a first name unless your dad has a problem with that. Here, just like anywhere on the internet, it’s better to play it safe.

    Jonannah, you could interview your friend, her trainer, or an author. The door is wide open. However, Jessica Burkhart HAS been interviewed here before, so if you choose an author please choose someone besides her.

    I’m glad you guys are excited! Good luck!

  4. what is a good author to interview?

  5. Icehorse: For this challenge we’re encouraging YOU to take the lead in your interview. Choose an author who YOU want to interview. He/she could inspire you, or you might love their writing. You only have to make sure that your author is related to the horse world and that he/she hasn’t been interviewed here before. But like Julia said, the door is wide open :)

  6. Could I interview Melanie Sue Bowles (spelling?)? She’s the author of The Horses of Proud Spirit and Hoof Prints: More Stories From Proud Spirit. She hasn’t ever been interviewed here, has she?

  7. Victory Cowgirl: Interviewing Melanie Sue Bowles is fine. Have fun!

  8. Hay horse girls. Click here to see who’s already been interviewed at GHC. This activity is different than an ‘interactive view’ (aka a live interview) since you need to conduct the interview yourself, write it up, and submit before August 7th, but we still want to feature people who are new to GHCers.

    Have fun!

  9. Hey Julia, this is such a cool idea! I already have a good idea of who to interview…

  10. Hi, okay so would it be okay if i interview people that are my friends that know about horses?

  11. Rodeo, you may submit the interview from ONE person that you questioned. It doesn’t make a difference if they’re your friend or not, but should be connected to horses in some way.

  12. I’m new to Girls Horse Club, I entered in the 2009 fiction competition but haven’t done anything since, and I was wondering if it would be alright to ask my riding teacher’s mother the questions.

  13. Martha Lee Halstead: I’m glad you’ve decided to participate in the challenge :) It’s fine if you want to interview your teacher’s mum.

  14. Oh, and I was wondering, when it says “Interview Title” what exactly does that mean if we have five different questions?

  15. Martha Lee Halstead: “Interview Title” is what you would like to call your interview as a whole (e.g. “Interview with *insert interviewee*” I’m sure you’re more creative than I am ;)). Your questions and anwers belong in the box “Interview Text”.

  16. I’m sorry, I have one more thing. My interviewee is VERY opinionated, like VERY opinionated, and I just wanted to say that I don’t agree with all her answers, please don’t think that I agree with these answers! Because I don’t!

  17. Hi Martha. :)
    That is what this challenge is all about. Understanding the viewpoints of others, even if you disagree with them. Present the quotes and facts you’ve obtained in an objective manner by keeping your opinion out, and you will have successfully completed the challenge.

  18. Hey this is a champion idea! I just sent my article/interview in today. Hopefully it gets published. I’m having an awesoem summer of riding and horses!! =)


  19. Thanks for stepping up to the challenge Martha Lee and HorseFeathers! We plan to publish all interviews that meet the requirements, most likely next week. You’ll hear from Julia or Madelaina if there are any questions about or problems with your submission.

    I’m having a great summer too! Haven’t ridden much, but I’m working with the most amazing horses, riders and volunteers at a therapeutic riding center nestled in the heart of Mother Nature’s abundant beauty — which also includes rattlesnakes that, while beautiful in their own right, are something I don’t necessarily want to see on the trail when I’m leading a horse and rider… I’m taking pictures whenever possible and hope to share some when we do our Summer of Horse Dreams round-up in September.

  20. Hay girls. If you submitted an interview and didn’t include an introduction about who you interviewed (meaning you only submitted 5 questions and answers), you’ll need to re-submit if you want to get published. You don’t need to reveal the identity of the interviewee — you can use a first name only, or a title and last name (for example, Ms. Clark) — but you need to include some info that establishes the person’s credibility with horses. For example, are they a riding instructor, trainer, breeder, etc? How long have they been riding?

    We have at least 2 submissions that didn’t include a bio, so please revise your submission and re-submit. Thanks!

  21. hi leadmare i sent a submission that didn’t include a bio, so i fixed it and re sent it is that ok? hope so.
    thinks catscowgirl.

  22. Leadmare, I believe I included in introduction. Am I right or do I need to change something??


  23. catscowgirl, thanks for resubmitting your interview with a bio.

    HorseFeathers, your interview included an intro so no need to change anything.

    Martha Lee Halstead, you will need to re-submit your interview with an intro about the interviewee. See comment 20 above for more details, and let us know if anything is unclear.


  24. I love this site, it is Soooooooooo much FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Thank-you LeadMare! My Mom was wondering if I needed an introduction, but we weren’t sure, so thank-you for letting me know! And thank-you Julia and Madelaina for hosting this!

  26. thanks leadmare,julia,madelaina for hosting this it was relly fun and i hope every one likes my interview.
    thanks catscowgirl

  27. DANG IT! The person I was going to interview just responded today. =( If only she’d been one day earlier. Sad day, sad day.

  28. HEY, GIRLS!!!!!
    I’ve missed you all here!!
    Wow, things have been majorly busy!!
    Guess what? A publisher is willing to publish one of my books, “The Shadows Fall,” after I rewrite it!!!
    And to think, my writing started here with “The Pegasus on the Mantle!”
    Thank you all!

  29. Angelica: Congratulations! It’s excellent to see that you’re realising your dreams this summer. Good luck with publishing your book (and don’t forget to reserve a copy for me ;)).

  30. These challenges aren’t really that fun. Hardly nobody entered for the other one and there was only 2 the whole summer. I wish you had a contest instead.

  31. Hi Rider, I’m sorry you didn’t find the challenges very fun. Madelaina and I attempted to run most of this on our own (with help from LeadMare of course), and if we ever try something like this again we will take what we learned from this experience and build upon it to make it more enjoyable for everyone.

    We didn’t want anyone to feel like they were excluded from these challenges, so we opted out of a contest. Maybe in the future GHC will host another contest, but in the meantime I apologize for the lack of challenges and hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

  32. Julia and Madelaina: Are we going to have any more challenges this summer?

  33. i thank this was a fun challenge and i wode have done the other one but i did’t thank my dad wode like me thanking about geting another horse when ever we go to the horse sale he allways says no more horses!
    i thank you guys are doing a good job keep it up.

  34. huskyhorsegirl, I regret to tell you that we probably won’t. We will update you about what’s going on this fall as soon as we know ourselves.

    Thanks catscowgirl! My dad’s famous words: “No more live animals are coming into this house!” Silly fathers, they just don’t understand that you can never have too many pets — horses included.

  35. Julia- realy?? Oh horsefeathers I was hoping for a couple more challenges. I know school is starting but can we finish out the summer challenges with a bang instead of wilting fireworks? How about something everyone can do like a poetry about horses or riding that sums up how your summer went…

    I’m sure we might get more replys that way possibly…


  36. I applaud all who took on the challenges, and especially appreciate that Julia and Madelaina stepped up to take on the challenge of planning, executing and managing the summer events. That was the biggest accomplishment of the GHC summer, and the true intent of the Summer of Horse Dreams — take on something new related to horses, and don’t shy away from a challenge even if it means taking an educated risk, moving past doubt (and doubters), and/or confronting a fear.

    From my perspective, the level of participation is not the point. Some will always shy away from a challenge, but my hope is that most are taking on a challenge beyond GHC. If one or two or three girls participate, that’s what matters.

    The plan has always been (and still is) to have a Summer of Horse Dreams roundup that includes open submissions for those who choose to share a recap of their summer horse challenge(s). More to come about that in September…

  37. Awesome! Well thanks again Julia and Made! It was fun.. =)


  38. How for the last callenge we can write a short story and all entries will be posted. it can be something different. I would do a story