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Challenge Yourself!

Published by • Jun 6th, 2016 • Category: Non-Fiction, Riding Advice

Challenge Yourself!

by PreciousAndMe, age 13

Hello horse girls!

My motto in life is, “Don’t ever be afraid to challenge yourself.” I have a very active mind and if I don’t have something to do, I will become bored and I might slip into a sort of daze. Which is why riding is such a boredom buster.

There’s no boring moment when in the saddle. You have to constantly be alert of your surroundings and your horse’s behaviour. So today I thought I’d talk about challenging yourself.

For a long time, I was constantly improving and adapting my riding. But now, it’s like I’m gliding along on the same rollercoaster that I’ve been on a million times. I’m not really learning anything new.

So this summer, I’m plucking up the courage to get some private lessons at the stables. I have set myself some goals that I think I’ll be able to achieve:

– Be able to effectively use seat aids.
– Be able to correct my lower leg.
– Learn to jump.
– Help Taz and Harry to become more responsive.

You’re probably wondering… Who are Taz and Harry?

Taz is a bay Exmoor pony at the stables and Harry is a Haflinger. Both are what you could call ‘plodders’. They don’t tend to respond to any aids and so I’m thinking of taking a different approach. This is all part of challenging myself to help these two lovely ponies and to benefit other riders.

I don’t see anyone attempting to encourage them to be responsive, so I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. Thus, I have a challenge for all of you horse girls…

Do something this summer that you normally wouldn’t. Something that challenges you. It could be getting riding lessons, or improving your riding, or helping a horse in need. Maybe you could face your fears!

Give it a go this summer!

“Don’t ever be afraid to challenge yourself.”

Have a great day,
PAM xx

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  1. That’s so cool! Good luck with the ponies! I’m actually working with two very green ponies for the next two months. :) I’ve got my second ride on Kangaroo today actually. Jumping is so fun, I’m sure you’ll enjoy that.

  2. @Dazzled
    Kangaroo is such a nice name! I can’t wait to learn to jump, though I’m sure I’ll look like a sack of potatoes the first time. Taz has been ridden by so many little children, he’s just become lazy. Hopefully I’ll be able to encourage him to be a bit more enthusiastic! I’ve got a story from my ride on Thursday, so I might write that up soon. Featuring… the exotic Mitzy the Mountain Goat XD

    PAM xx

  3. Ooh, mountain goats? Sounds interesting. Can’t wait to see it!

  4. I loved the challenge and your motto! This was so good! Now I better start thinking on that challenge…..!

  5. cool I like your motto tons. good luck this summer.

  6. Oooh! I’m getting riding lessons this summer! I had them last summer too but I never got to go faster than a trot. :(

  7. Thanks everyone!

    @Dazzled – I submitted it, now I’ve just got to wait and see if it’s been approved. It was certainly an adventure, the silly horse!

    @Rey – Thank you! Good luck figuring out a challenge!

    @Carey Anne – Thanks! Hopefully I’ll improve and be able to get Taz and Harry working a bit better.

    @bluehorse – Good luck! I’m sure you’ll progress and learn eventually. Hey, I could have learned to jump ages ago, but I put it off because I could see room for improvement doing flatwork. My advice, is to do what you’re comfortable doing. And learn lots while you can! Have fun :)

    PAM xx

  8. Hi! I know its been so long since I’ve been posting comments, but finally I have found the time. Let me say that I enjoy reading this one :)
    Happy Reading, Everyone!