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Published by • Sep 4th, 2009 • Category: Non-Fiction

by Rebecca Shyly, age 13

The horse world is huge. And when I say huge I mean huge! There are millions of people out there who all love horses. And who’s to blame them? After all, we all feel the same way. That’s why we’re here! So, with all those millions of horse lovers, it’s easy to connect with people. And with those connections, you can get really far.

The reason I’m bringing this up is that recently I got an invite to pass out ribbons at a really big horse show in my area. I was so excited! And you know how I got that opportunity? Because the person running the show is friends with my instructor. That connection helped my get farther into the horse world.

Some easy way to make these connections are:

  1. Make it known that you love horses. When talking to relatives who ask what you’ve been up to, talk about how you’ve been thinking about horses, reading about them, writing about them, collecting model ones or even riding them. Who knows? Maybe they have a friend who has an uncle who has a brother who needs someone to exercise their horse next weekend! If word gets out, you might have a chance to get more experience.
  2. Get involved. If you’re one of those lucky girls who lives near a stable, spend some time there. Even if you already take lessons, keep digging. Take any camps they offer, or even ask if you can help out. Your instructor or the manager will notice the effort and someday might have a special offer for you! Even if that doesn’t happen, at least you’re getting some experience with horses.
  3.! By writing here, and participating in the conversation, you make connections with other horsey people. For example, the interactive views that LeadMare arranges. During those, we get to know horsey women you are very famous in the horse world. Those connections are good, because who knows!? Someday, you could be co-writing a book with Terri Farley or Toby Bishop! Anything is possible, and makes those connections that much easier.

The main point is, don’t be shy about your love for horses. If you make it known, you’ll get more opportunites to spend time with them, or with people who love them!

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  1. One thing I find is that I become much bolder when around horses and doing anything horse-related, which is strange considering I’m normally quiet. Who knows? It must be my horse-crazed mind :) The connections you spoke of are definitely very important. I take all opportunities to “keep digging”, as you say, into the world of horses. Whenever I can, I always volunteer to help out at my barn after lessons, I learn so so much from those few whiles of helping out. Excellent blog Horsecrazzz! Every word of it is true.

  2. Those were good tips! I really liked the blog.

  3. IF you are proud to be a horse-girl shout I AM!

    I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks guys! Im glad that you liked it!

  5. *screams at the top of her lungs* I AM!

    haha nice one Violet Inkpen

  6. I AM!!! *screams and shouts for hours* lol.

  7. u sure know your way for the luv of horses.!:)

  8. Oh, go Violet! *clears throat and screams until I lose my voice* I AM!! :D Thinking about all of these things that are involved with horses really makes you proud to love them.

  9. Nice Rebecca :) Go Vi! *screams so loud that the house shakes* IIII AMMM!!!!!!!

  10. *screams so loud all my horses run* I AMM!!!!!!! *strokes Pal* and i almost always accesorize to prove it! like this locket i have with a pic of Pal in it (to keep him with me all the time) a pair breyer mini whiiny foals on earings (2 pair actaully one is a black pair) and a shirts….lots of horsey shirt….in one way or another…
    I AMMMM!!!!!!!!!!
    and VERY proud of it!

  11. *so loud the baby wakes up and the CD case falls over* I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  12. I AM!!! *Screams so loud my neighbors wonder if there’s a fire*’

    I always talk about horses and how I love them anytime I can. So much that I was lucky enough to have my mom helping a friend move one night, and the persons teenage niece who owns a Quarter/Thoroughbred mare was talking to my mom, and this girl got to talking about her mare and my mom was saying if I could, I would absolutely LOVE to see this horse (I wasn’t there at the time). so the girl says that would be great and asks if maybe we’d be interested in lessons (Since I can’t take riding lessons at stables or anything) for a good price! About ten dollars a person for 30 minutes!! I was excited, nervous, and curious all at the same time :)



    My friend has a dog called Heidi who is deaf. Sweet dog, but old!☻

  15. Wow ddog777, that’s pretty loud

  16. *Screams into a 100 toned Megaphone at the tops of the Alps! “IIII REALLLLYY AMMM!” lol
    mmm dont think the world exploded though.. ddog777 wins lol

  17. Hey guys, I have story that is kinds related to this!

    A while ago, I was renting a horse called Marley (BEST HORSE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!) and I spent at least half an hour plaiting his mane. (My wrist wrecked after it, but he looked so gorgeous it was worth it!) I tacked him up and brought him into the indoor arena to ride. I was warming him up when a livery owner told me my plaits looked really good. She was riding a stallion and she is really careful about who comes near him. But she asked me if I would plait his mane for her sometime and I (of course) said yes. Then she told the OWNER OF THE RIDING CENTER’S DAUGHTER about how good my plaits where and the owners daughter said they where really good! So I get to plait a really well bred stallions mane just because somebody accidentally saw Marley’s plaits!
    He was the prettiest horse EVER that day! (But if he asks, he was handsome! He doesn’t like being called pretty as he is a boy!)


  18. I AM!!!!!!! Lovely blog with great information!

  19. Congratulations DianaLUV! That’s awesome!

    [Nevada Sunshine]