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Critique Me!

Published by • Jan 8th, 2011 • Category: Critique Me!

Hay Horse Girls! As the Story Relay is winding down, are you ready for another writing activity? Are you willing to put your work up for critique from GHCers? If so, read on…


    Critique Me!

  • Write on! General submissions will open from Friday January 14th through Sunday January 23rd for horsey poetry, fiction and non-fiction.
  • New or tried and true. You can submit something brand spankin’ new, or submit a link to something previously published at GHC. Either way, the submission must be your very own creation.
  • Quality over quantity. Only one submission per author — put your best hoof forward.
  • Groom your work. GHC editors will review all submissions, but will not do much editing. Please check spelling, grammar, etc. before submitting. HINT: Corral friends and family for help!

Once all submissions are received and reviewed, we’ll publish one per day and open up comments for critique from GHCers — praise and/or constructive advice.

I hope you’ll climb in the saddle and participate in Critique Me!



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  1. Do the stories have to be a certain amount of words long?
    Also, is the Story Relay ever going to get finished? :)

  2. That’s sounds great!
    I don’t know if I’m going to do it,but I want to.
    Thanks LeadMare for giving us chances to imporve our writing.

  3. I’m totally going this! can’t wait till submissions open

  4. can i enter 2 stories in one submission?

  5. Yea! Sounds great! I think I’ll be able to participate and I’m really excited!

  6. I’ve already got a couple of story ideas going, so I will definetely participate. I can’t wait to critique and be critiqued!

  7. Cannot wait for the stories and poems to come out!! Im excited to read what y’all come up with!

  8. LeadMare could I write a book review to be

  9. Yes Luna, a horsey book review is fine!

  10. cani enter 2 books in one submission?

  11. I can’t wait!

  12. I love this idea! I’m really looking forward to reading everyone’s submissions again :)

  13. Likewise, Madelaina. You guys never disappoint! Can’t wait!

  14. I sure will. How do I submit it?

  15. Ok well i’m going to submit in 2 stories. unless someone says it’s not allowed

  16. also my story has a little bit of swearing. can i enter
    that just putting stars or do i have to take it out?

  17. Westerngirl- the participation rules say “Quality over
    quantity. Only ONE submission per author — put your best hoof
    forward. ” However if GHC doesn’t get that many submissions maybe
    Leadmare will change it. =) HF

  18. Westerngirl- this is an enviornment for young ladies who have a passion for horses and many of these girls are younger than 13. Even with stars it wouldn’t be a very good repuation for stories published on GHC.

    However try subsituting instances where swear words are used with colorful phrases like “Dungwevil!” “or slobbering hogwash” or “Snakes and Sasafrass!” Something that could be insulting but not in a profane way.

    thanks for considering the site and its requirements.

  19. HorseFeathers, thanks so much for reiterating the “how to participate” requirements. No plans to change the one submission per author thing this time around, but if those who participate find the activity beneficial, we’ll do it again!

    westerngirl, the GHC audience includes girls of all ages. When you consider what to submit, think about whether it would be appropriate for a younger sister around 7 or 8. I think the spirit of “one submission per author” is clear above, and you’ll also see on the submission form (link to be posted tomorrow) that it clearly states only one (1) completed story or poem per submission. Hopefully that clarifies any confusion.

    Thanks to all who are interested! I’m sure the submissions will be top-notch, and the critics will be nice, even if they have thoughts about to improve.

  20. k i was just wondering cuz i wanted to submit one book but another book goes with it but before it. i’ll adjust it.

  21. Really excited about my story…I just hope I can get it done on time :] It’s about a girl in a fantasy world…and of course there’s a horse too! I’m working on it right now and am just bursting with ideas! Again-I just hope it’ll be ready!

  22. By the way, the snow is great :]

  23. I’m new. Could you guys tell me some fun things to do in the club? I love to write. I love horses also so this will be great. I cant wait to put some of my writing here. Thanks! :)

  24. Hey gals I have a CONTEST I know y’all will love. Have y’all ever heard of “The Trail of Painted Ponies” ? Well they’re hosting a free contest for people to design their own painted pony. If you enter your design will be made into a sellable statue and so much more! Here is the link if you’re interested! =)

    Happy designing,

  25. Hi *American Paint Horses*!
    Right now we are sending in stories to be critiqued by other ghcers.
    I hope you send in a story soon.

  26. Thank you for the great new event! I can’t wait to read all the new stories, reviews, and other great entries. :)

  27. Thanks Luna Digro. I am writing a book. i want to publish it but its not close to being done As of right now i have 30 pages written.

  28. American Paint Horses and everyone new- GHC publishes poems, reviews, SHORT stories, and many other different forms of short literature. Sometimes you can submit a long story as long as its only a couple short chapters. Full books are usualy too long for this kind of site, but good luck writing them! =)


  29. Since the Story Relay seems to be halted, I’ll go ahead and start posting some of the Critique Me! stories/poems before submissions close. That way anyone who’s hesitant about submitting might decide to go for it!

  30. Cool. i am doing the Trail of Painted Ponies contest. i already have two designs going. :)

  31. Thanks so much for telling us about the contest, HorseFeathers. Maybe I can come up with a really clever design.

  32. can 9 year olds do it?

  33. Leadmare-is it OK if my story has over 2000 words? Also-I plan to enter it the 22nd, and I’m working day-and-night on it :]

  34. horsedreamer, absolutely. In fact, we just got a submission from a 7 year-old!

    Rochlia, there’s no word limit — only requirements are what’s listed above under HOW TO PARTICIPATE. Have fun writing!

  35. Ah! I’m so excited! Are chapter stories allowed?

  36. so i changed what story im gonna enter. the one that i want to was my first book completed. I know you said theres no word limit but my book is at thje least over 40 pages long on my word document. so just checking if thats ok cuz i really wanna get it checked. but it’s only like 23 chapters long

  37. I have an idea forming, that I hope to submit. It’s not a whole story, more an excerpt from one. Is that okay? There would be no way I could finish the whole story in time, it will probably take a long time.

    By the way, all the things that have been published so far are really fun to read!

  38. im not even finished with my book. i m having writers block. AHHHHHHHH! my english teacher got me into writing. Im am going to buy a huge notebook to write in for my bday.

  39. I just submitted my story, and I noticed that when I did, the indentions became messed up and my Italics went away. That will be fixed, right? Thanks! My story is Part 1 in a short saga- I hope that’s okay, if not, I’ll just submit it again some other time. :]

  40. Toppyrocks, we only accept completed stories, not excerpts, so keep working on it and you’ll have other opportunities to submit when it’s complete.

    Rochlia, if your submission is a complete story intended to have sequels, that should be OK for this activity. Normally GHC editors would handle copy edits, but for this activity the goal is for the authors to do that to the best of their ability. The only way to assure the formatting you intended comes through on the submission form is to include HTML tags. You can learn more about that here:

  41. LeadMare, are you going to change the GHC background to something that’s 2011? :)

  42. Thanks Leadmare -I loved the HTML tags and will try to remember to use them next time! The story I sent in is a complete story so I still have hope for it! :]

  43. That would be awesome! *Starts thinking up short story to submit* :)

  44. Oh no!! I just realised I missed the date.
    This was such a good idea; please do it again sometime! :)

  45. Aahh! I wish I knew about those code thingys when I was writing my story!

  46. Only one person has commented on my story and I really want advice! If you like fantasy, you will probaby like my story. I worked very hard on it, and I want to be critiqued! It’s title is The Stallion and the Harp: Part 1. Please read it, anyone! Thanks!

  47. If you guys ever want to read a good book. i have got oone for you. Its the Canterwood Crest Series by Jessica Burkhart. I loved reading them. I gave the book to my teacher to edit and then i get it back it is really long. I cant wait to sudmit it and let you guys read it. It’s called Christmas Horse. I loved writing it. Good job at your writing Rochlia. I loved it. I also commited on it.

  48. I am saving for a horse and i want to write a book about how to care for a horse at a young age. Could you guys give me some types it would be such great help. :)

  49. American paint horses- well it really depends on how young you want to start and how experienced you and your family are with horses. For one, a young filly or colt at at the age of 6 or younger is not really a good age to start out with for a beginner in the world of horses. They are often greenbroke and need a trainer, which costs quite a bit, to teach them the basic commands, leads, ect. You need to have experience on how to deal with younger horses because just like children they can be wirey and rebellious. However unlike children they way thousands more pounds than you and can easily hurt you acidently or purposely. They need someone with experience to teach them.
    Now if you have this expierience that’s great and I wish you the best of luck!! If you need help I suggest contacting your local vet about reading material for this and finding a local trainer or experienced breeder because often the words right ‘out of the horse’s mouth’ are the best.

    Now if you’re a beginner, you’re gonna want a ‘bomb-proof horse’. What I mean is a gelding or a mare of about 10 years or older and has experience with all kinds of riders. Sometimes you can find younger horses with good experience and a quiet temper but usualy its the older ones that you want to look into.

  50. Thank you so much Horse Feathers. I am a beginner. I have never owned a horse. i have onnly ridden my best friends Paint horse Fudge. I am saving all of my money for a horse. I am the only one in my family that is really seirious about horses. i have been studying and am ready to get one after i have money.

  51. American Paint Horses- you are welcome. I myself am just getting into the intermediate riding level, but I’ve had the awesome opportunity to have family and friends who are knowledgeable in horses. I hope you do get to find your dream horse someday but in the meantime if your family is helping you purchase a horse I suggest looking on a place like And adopting an older horse that can give you your first years of experience.

    If you’ve studied you know that just purchasing the horse is only the first step. You have the monthly/yearly food, vet/health, and shelter bills. Do you have your own stable or pasture for your horse to live in? Or are you planning to board your horse? I’m not trying to sound discoureging but a horse is a lot of responsibility, a lot more work than a dog or cat. Its not just mucking out stalls and brushing them down, there’s a lot more that needs to be considered.

    I do hope you find the right mare or gelding someday though!! =0)