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Dealing With Passing

Published by • Apr 27th, 2009 • Category: Tributes

Fly Away
by Peanut, age 9

We humans are born, we live, then we die. We have times of anger, grief, fear, happiness, and jealousy.

Horses are different; they live a life of happiness and love, for they know one day they shall return to the place they came from — heaven. They know they must enjoy life, as one day they will leave the green grass of the fields, the heat and comfort of their little stalls, and most of all, their owner. A horse knows when its time to go. You may not know, but they will. They know it’s time for them to return to heaven. Even though their mortal bodies are lifeless, a horse will live on in spirit, in your heart, forever.

Even when it seems you will never see your horse again, remember deep down in your heart he is galloping through the fields, you on his back. Sometimes you may feel alone. Remember your horse, way up in the clouds, is watching over you.

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  1. I love your blog peanut it is very thoughtful… but we cant be sure that horses are in heaven, we like to think so and have faith that they might be. One thing for sure God mentions that there are horses in heaven. Humans for sure can know weather they will go to heaven when they die by salvation. Champion blog peanut and thanks again

  2. If onley we lived happy and peaceful like horses.

  3. This is a completely and utterly amazing blog. You never cease to fish the words right out of my mouth with your writing. Not many nine-year-olds (Happy Birthday by the way :D) are able to openly confront dealing with passing as mature and beautiful as you did. This blog certainly deserves a prize.

  4. HorseFeathers, please keep in mind that outside our love for horses, GHCers have differing beliefs about things like what happens after a life ends. GHC is not about one set of beliefs or another, so I don’t want anyone here to think their personal beliefs are not valid. I’m sure that’s not your intent, just wanted to make sure it’s understood.

  5. Completely.. =0)

  6. That was so beautiful, Peanut! It brought tears to my eyes!

    It’s your birthday? Happy Birthday!

  7. I just love your writing, Peanut. You have writing skills beyond your years. I am constantly amazed every time you post. Keep ’em comin’, girl!

  8. Peanut, when did you turn nine? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This blog was touching, and beautiful. You are an amazing young writer, keep going at it!

  9. Well said, Horesfeathers, and wonderful blog, Peanut. Horses that are no longer in our lives will be in our hearts forever.

  10. I love this blog! Its very cute and sweet, and I understand what you said, horses forever will stay in your heart.

  11. A very touching and heartfelt blog, Peanut :)

  12. Beautiful Peanut. Even when a horse passes away they will always live on in your heart.

    Happy Belated Birthday!! I wish you the best horsey wishes! =)