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Defy Gravity

Published by • Apr 18th, 2007 • Category: LeadMare Tales, Riding Advice

IT’S THE LAW. When you ride around on the back of a flight animal, odds are you’ll fall off sooner or later. But with five things, you can defy gravity.

Defy GravityWikipedia says:

Gravitation is a phenomenon through which all objects attract each other. Modern physics describes gravitation using the general theory of relativity, but the much simpler Newton’s law of universal gravitation provides an excellent approximation in many cases.

Gravitation is the reason for the very existence of the Earth, the Sun, and most macroscopic objects in the universe; without it, matter would not have coalesced into large masses (stars and planets), and life, as we know it, would not exist.

With LUCK, you’ll get back on your feet. You’ll take a deep breath and feel thankful you *and* your horse escaped major injury. Again.


With HUMILITY, you’ll dust yourself off. You’ll look at your ride and see an expression that says, “Sorry about that. Now get over yourself and climb back up.” You’ll hug your horse and forgive yourself, knowing these things happen. It’s the law.


With COURAGE, you’ll climb back up. You’ll take another deep breath and push the adrenaline, fear and doubt into your gut, where the weight of it helps secure your seat.


With TENACITY, you’ll try again. And again. You’ll keep coming back for more because something propels you forward.


With PATIENCE, you’ll succeed. You’ll be one step closer to your dreams and the blue sky, where anything is possible if you believe in yourself.


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  1. What is this carnival all about?

  2. Here’s the Wikipedia explanation of a blog carnival:

    The link to Bridle Path above tells more about the “Five Things” theme of this carnival.

    Hope this answers your question!

  3. Ok thank you!

  4. Madelaina: Your “Five Things” submission was cut off in the middle of “confidence.” Can you please submit in small sections? SO sorry for the inconvenience :( but thanks for your patience! :)

    It’s posted in the book club for now, but we’ll move it to the blog once we receive everything. Thanks!

  5. LeadMare,
    I really like your Five Things!

  6. thanks ponyprincess — you made my day! (even lead mares like praise) :)

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  8. What a great list, and all of it soooo true. I especially like the reminder to “hug your horse” after you fall or get bucked off….good to remember in that moment!

  9. I’ve never rode a horse before, it’s weird but i’ve alway wanted to.what dose it feel like to fall off one? dose it feel like falling off a bike?

  10. How come some people have their names in red and other’s in black?

  11. Marisa: The names in red are either Girls Horse Club staff/members or people associated with other web sites that are approved by Girls Horse Club. Please see the GROUND RULES for more info.

  12. you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ponypriness your my best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. please could i use the last pic for a pic of 1 og my horses in a game? it’s so beaufitul.

  15. Animalsrkool: Many of the images we adapt for our photo illustrations are purchased from a website called We don’t purchase the rights for others to use them, sorry.

    The only photo in this post that we own rights for is the buckskin appy. You’re welcome to use that one.

    Here’s a question for you. We’ve been wanting to add a section of clip art that you can use however you want. Would that interest you?

  16. um,what is clip art?

    thanks for the help.

  17. Here’s what Wikipedia says about clip art:

    (gotta love Wikipedia!)

  18. so it’s anything but a photo?like cartoons. if so i think thats a brilliant idea!

  19. In our case, a clip art section would be for sharing some of the photo illustrations we create for Girls Horse Club.

  20. ohh right,sounds cool. that would interet me i’m pretty sure.

  21. Thanks eartha!