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Published by • May 2nd, 2009 • Category: by Julia, Non-Fiction

by Julia, age 15

DiversityDiversity is a beautiful thing.

I don’t know about you, but personally I love surrounding myself with all different kinds of…well, everything! On my bookshelves you could find fantasy, historical fiction, biographies, mysteries, and even some children’s picture books. In my closet I have a shirt of just about every color and style. I live in America, a country filled with diversity and I love it.

In my opinion, life would be pretty darn boring if everything or everyone was the same. If every horse was the same, there would be no point to riding. You could learn the aids and commands and positions and that would be it. No matter what horse you ride, you would ride them the same way. As some of you may know, you never ride two horses exactly alike. Some horses need a lot of force to earn their respect…while others need nothing from their rider but the gentlest cue to send them off. Where is the fun in that?

I’ve taken you through my room, but let’s use an example we all can relate to very well. Girls Horse Club. Without diversity, this place would be nothing. We only have two things in common: 1) We love horses, and 2) we love to read and/or write.

That’s it. Each JB has a story to tell, fictional or reality. I am not the same as HorseFeathers, mustangmane isn’t the same as Madelaina, Peanut isn’t the same as Rachel Danielle. Sure, we have some attributes that are similar. But we’re all different. When we take everything that makes us unique, makes us diverse, and sit it on the foundation that is our love of literature and horses, you have just built a barn. A barn that houses girls of many ages from many parts of the world with a voice to be heard.

Therein, you’ve built Girls Horse Club.

Don’t try to fit in, because I’m sure not the only one out there that appreciates the diversity of the world. Be yourself, because that’s what got you noticed in the first place as a Junior Blogger, or a friend, or an author, or a person. A 100% completely amazing individual – that’s what you are. The next time you read a blog, ride a horse, read a book, or meet a new person, take a minute to admire its uniqueness. Because diversity is what makes this planet (and on a smaller scale GHC) a truly special place to live.

Diversity. It’s a beautiful thing.

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  1. Champion blog… and i love the horse of a diff color pic LeadMare! =0)

  2. love it!

  3. Great job Julia!

  4. Stupendous writing Julia! I really enjoyed reading it:) you have quite the way with words I must say; very fluent. :)
    I hope we get to see more from you!

  5. AwesomeJob!!!

  6. I loved your blog. Everyone tells me compared to my two sisters I am wierd. I rather say I’m unique. :)

  7. This blog really was amazing. I loved it, and yes, I love diversity too. Everyone is unique, everyTHING is unique.

    Great blog, Julia!

  8. You’re such a great writer! I love the way you summed this up! Awesome job!

  9. I love this blog so much that I want to hug it :) Every time I read something by you, I keep thinking it’s the best it can ever get, but you always prove me wrong with your next piece of writing. Diversity is really quite as beautiful as you say it is, people don’t always realise it, and you’ve rounded it up perfectly in this equally beautiful blog. Amazing job as always!

  10. Really, all of you are much too nice.

    Speaking of diversity, in my effort to stand out of the crowd, I ordered a pair of lime green western boots. :D I am the only person in the whole barn that has a pair. I think I’ll be hard to miss.

    Thank you so much. None of you will ever realize how your praise inspires me. I’m going to write a book one day, and when I do, I will dedicate it to Girls Horse Club…and my mom… ;)

  11. Julia I love this blog. I love uniqueness! In a way I stand out of the crowd because I wear skirts almost all the time. I love my skirts! Like you said in your blog: Diversity. It’s a beautiful thing. =) Great blog Julia! I love everything you write!

    Yeah, I don’t think you will be hard to miss with your boots! ;) lol

  12. Julia, amazing blog! I love it. Sure, we are all horse girls, but that does not mean we are the same. Great job!

  13. I’ve got a pair of lime green boots too!:D 1. Because its my favorite color and 2. ’cause, like you say: it’s great to be different! Though, now I won’t be the only one here with lime boots. (:D lol!

  14. Really, a wonderful blog that I agree with completely! (I love the pic by the way). I was thinking about that the other day, about how boring the world would be if everyone was the same. Then I come here and see that you’ve summed it up perfectly. Really, it’s amazing how we’re the same in so many ways even though we’re vastly different. Thanks for summing it up so well!

  15. Wow Julia, this is a great piece of writing! I totally agree with you- everything and everyone definately has the right to be unique!