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Does That Taste Good?

Published by • Nov 22nd, 2009 • Category: Guest Bloggers, Horse Advice

by Toppyrocks, age 12

Ever wondered why horses don’t go around eating poisonous plants all the time? That’s because they have a different sense of taste than humans. The food that’s good for them usually tastes good to them, while the bad stuff usually tastes nasty. Hay, grass and oats all taste really sweet and yummy and it’s good for their health. But poisonous plants mostly taste the opposite. Some things, however, depend on the horse. One pony I know spits out turnips, even though horses are supposed to really like them. Not all horses like the same things!

Just like us though, a horse’s sense of taste definitely has flaws. If horses eat too many apples, they can colic, just like if they were to get into lots of pellets or other high-nutrient feed. Sometimes, a horse can founder or get colic if they eat lots of grass when they usually don’t. For example, if you horse always eats hay and pellets, letting your horse out into a grassy field for a weekend might not be a good idea.


One poisonous plant that is really interesting is the locoweed. It may look pretty, but its effects are extremely dangerous. It is a light green color with bright purple flowers. If a horse eats it, they soon become addicted to it, and if they eat enough of it they can become dangerous to themselves and others. Sometimes, in extreme cases, they will have to be put down because they cannot be helped, but if they are stopped soon enough they just won’t be ride-able anymore. Don’t let you horse get this plant!

Here are some common plants to look out for. Click the names for more info, and make sure you horse doesn’t get them!

Ask your vet or another experienced horse person about a good diet for your horse, and also look up what poisonous plants grow where you live so you can keep your horse safe! I love horses, so if I can help keep the safe it will make me happy.

Photo Source: Locoweed

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  1. Oh one thing that i learned about a healthy horse is that when you put your ear against their stomach.. you should hear light rumbly noises. Champion blog Toppyrocks. I also like your webname.. does it mean anything? Oh and my friend had a bad experience with an apple tree and his horse if you know what i mean. Poor thing was constipated for awhile (the horse not the owner) lol. Good blog

  2. Top-notch blog. I’ve heard before that some horses can tell what’s bad for them…but I doubt that every horse really cares what Instinct is telling them or not. This was highly informative and should be read by every horse-girl out there.
    Champion blog!


  3. Hi!
    Great blog, Toppyrocks!
    Um, I was wondering – I’m looking for what on earth Girls Horse Club break is, and
    how I can apply to become a junior blogger.

  4. Angelica, thanks for your interest, but I’m not taking on any new Junior Bloggers until further notice. GHC is taking a break starting Dec 1, which basically means all submissions and comments will be closed (one of the reasons for not taking on any new JBs).

  5. HorseFeathers- For Fancy you don’t even have to put your ear to her stomach, if you are just brushing her you hear her stomach making noises. :)

  6. Angelica, when Girls Horse Club needs more JB’s, they post about it. Anyone who gets…was it five?…blogs published can be a JB.

    Toppurocks, GREAT blog!

  7. Toppyrocks, that was a great blog! I saw that plant out in my field once, while riding, and my friends said to pick it up and get rid of it.

    Great Blog!

  8. Wow! I didn’t notice that this was being published today untill I came on here! That’s a really nice surprise! First of all, thanks GHC for the awesome locoweed pic, and the links are really cool, too!

    HorseFeathers, my name is for a pony that I ride, the one that spits out turnips. His name is Toppy, and he rocks. And together is sounds kinda cool. I love riding him, hes got a huge personality and is a prankster, too. He undoes his knot(or at least tries too) When I’m not looking. He loves to jump, and it’s really fun to jump on him. He thinks dressage is boring. He is really cute, and in the winter he looks like a wooly pony.

    As well, I think that if you can’t here a horse’s stomach make noises for a certain amount of time, then there is something wrong. Now I want to find out what it is for sure.

    Thank you for all the nice comments guys!!

  9. Wow-good blog!!! My grandpa lost three horses at about the same time because they broke into the grain shed when he was gone on vacation. They ate way to much and died – it was very sad :[ I love how from your blog we can look at many different plants- too cool!

  10. Toppyrocks- I felt the same way when my poem was published on here, I started freaking out when I saw it lol

  11. Thanks! I”ll come back after Spring Break =)

  12. the flowers look soo pretty but deadly! X_X