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Don’t Judge a Horse by Its Coat

Published by • May 22nd, 2009 • Category: Horse Advice, Junior Blogger Archives

Don't Judge a Horse by Its Colour
by mustangmane, age 10

I remember when I first started to ride. Whenever I got a gray or “not-so-pretty” horse, I would always think, “Why do I ALWAYS get the gray one?” or “WOW, that horse needs some cleaning up.”

But now, I think back and feel guilty. I was always looking at the beauty of a horse, not it’s personality. And the gray horses I rode were so sweet and kind. I took good care of the horse I got for the week, or for lessons. I am pretty sure I thought once, “Well, if the horse needs better grooming.. I’ll do it!” So I spent my whole lesson grooming and brushing.

I realized a little later that the pretty bay horses, or the clean white ones, weren’t so nice. I mean, yeah, they were very beautiful… but not nice attitudes. Now, I really think I learned my lesson of, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Or in other words, “Don’t judge a horse by its coat.”

If you ever go to riding lessons, or a summer camp, and get the same luck as me, don’t feel embarrassed. Having a not-so-sparkly-horse really isn’t bad.

It’s the heart that counts, right?

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  1. I admit, I was guilty of loving paints because I never really saw a lot of them and I loved them for their uniqueness. Personally I used to love greys as well because stereotypically they were the “pretty, snow ponies who are all graceful and shiny”. Having favourite colours can be fun, but they shouldn’t hinder you in judging a horse. I’m left undecided when it comes to a favourite colour, because I’ve been touched by another type of beauty – the beauty of the horse spiritually.

    Brilliant job on your part mustangmane for bring this up! You’ve said so much in so little words. I’m glad you’ve realised how to enjoy a horse regardless of its coat colour, it’s a real shame when you think of all the people who miss out on wonderful horses because they concentrate too much on appearances.

  2. Champion i love this blog.. so true, i once so a horse with a coat that wasn’t very appealing. But she was the sweetest thing! =0)

  3. I love all horses no matter what color and would count myself lucky just to be around them.

  4. Same thought pattern as I exactly! :) Great blog, mustangmane!

  5. I learned this same lesson at a horse camp. There was a tennesse walker there, a rather boring colored one, but still- a walker! I was so excited to ride him, but other girls nearly ruined it for me. ‘He is so boring!’ They were saying. ‘Look at him- he’s so ugly!” I almost was afraid to ride him- afriad I would be made fun of. The other girls didn’t really like me- I was different. I was the only one that wasn’t afraid to get in the dirt with the horses. I could just imagine what they would say behind my back. ‘Look- it’s the odd girl out with the odd horse out.”
    But I felt sorry for the horse. He was bored, and no one wanted to ride him because he didn’t have fancy looks.
    So I rode him anyway- and what an amazing ride! His ride was smooth as walking on wind and air! To think I had almost lost my chance to ride him because of the opinion of some snooty girls! I became great friends with that horse, and one of the people at the stable said, “I am so proud of you. Your what a real horse girl is! Everyone was complaining, “I don’t want to ride him, he’s so boring. And you rode him- and you got the best out of that horse!” I was the only girl allowed to ride in faster gaits, because I had learned to work together with the Walker. I’d learned to love him for who he was, and not for his coat, and that’s what counts! Great blog mustangmane!

  6. Great blog!

  7. I remember wanting a dun Quarter. When I did get my pony she was a red roan and pretty old. I thought, ‘Oh, great. Another old horse.’
    She turned out to be the best pony I’ve ever ridden. Always patient, always kind,and loving… and perfect in my eyes.
    My friends would laugh at her till it was their turn to ride and afterwards they AND their parents wanted to buy her from me. I felt perty proud of her. And I still have her, though it’s been a few years since I last rode her. But I think she’s enjoying her retirement. :)

    Great blog mustangmane – you really brought to light a common mistake.*Thumbs up*

  8. All horses are beautiful in their own way

  9. It’s all on the inside…Great job, btw. LYLAS!

  10. I know a horse who has frost bitten ears. But that doesn’t stop her from doing an extended trot easily even though she is green and out of shape. Great blog!