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Don’t Take My Home

Published by • Mar 12th, 2010 • Category: Horse Videos


This beautiful video was created by talented wild horse photographer Pam Nickoles. It’s one of many videos that can be found on her blog post, Wild Horse Videos. The moving song My Home is by another talented horse girl, Mary Ann Kennedy, available at

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  1. incredible… just incredible. I love the tune the pictures and everything. I don’t think they could have described it any better. I especialy love the chourus. I love this and We will not let them be taken from the land forever… even if it ends up to being only a few herds on the range, we will make sure they are free. Am I right girls?


  2. The pictures are beautiful, and I love the song. It makes me wanna fight harder for the wild horses!

  3. Amen HF

  4. I know half of these horses names! I love them all! Such a sweet video- I hope ALL these horses are saved!

  5. Wow…I can only sigh in wonder. That song is AMAZING, and the pictures are gorgeous! It really gets the point across-SAVE OUR WILD HORSES!

  6. Make a video with brilliant photos and an amazing song and you get one of the most inspirational things you can ever see. It really takes you on a journey with the wild horses, visit their home and glimpse their lives. Everyone should see this.

  7. I agree with Made. Everyone should see this, because it is breathtaking. The song really goes well with the video and what really happens…. Everyone should see this. It speaks the message of the wild horses out, and it helps spread the word. One thing to say about this video: AMEN.

  8. Beautiful song. I loved the flute at the start, & the pics are just amazing.