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Don’t Want To Be Labeled

Published by • Apr 18th, 2009 • Category: Horse Girls

by Violet Inkpen, age 12

In books, movies, stories, and real life, we are labeled. There are the popular girls, prissy and totally girly who are all about looking nice and being adored. There are what some people call ‘nerds’ who study in school and are smart. Usually people with glasses and braces and (any other thing different) fall under that label too. Then there are tomboys who like sports, horses, and hardly care about wearing the ‘latest fashion’ and ‘best’ perfume.

Labels can hurt and sometimes even our best friends fit us under a label. Horse-loving girls might find life a bit harder than everyone else. The ‘popular’ girls usually think of horses as dirty animals and look down upon anyone who shows up to school with a piece of hay in her hair. So sometimes we believe the labels people put us under.

WHY? Why do we have to be one thing? Can’t we just be US? Just because I LOVE horses doesn’t mean I don’t care about looking nice. I mean I am not completely mad about make up and stuff like that, and I prefer jeans and a t-shirt but I don’t go out of the house with my hair all in a knot. I make sure I look human.

My friends don’t know what to call me. Recently I got glasses, but that doesn’t mean I’m a school lover who is small, weak, and afraid of everything. My idea of fun would be a mud fight and I am NOT afraid to get dirty. I’d rather ride a horse than do extra school work, so just because I have bad eyes doesn’t mean I automatically am a study freak.

Sometimes my mom makes me dress up nicer than I want to. Does that make me a prissy little girl? NO! I am so much more than a tomboy or a nerd or a girly-girl! I am something else; something a label can’t describe.

Do you feel this way? LOVE HORSES? Are you labeled because of it? DON’T BE! Break free of the crowd and be who you ARE not who everyone thinks you are! Don’t let them put labels on you! Be yourself and love horses while you do it!


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  1. Actualy i know some “fashionable” girls who love horses almost as much as I do.. =0) But i do agree with you that is how most of the world views people.. in categories.. Well put me right up with their with the Horse Gals because im not changing! lol Champion post Vi

  2. This is a very true, well – written blog, Violet Inkpen! I loved it. What you’re saying is really true. People of this world just… look down on others just because they do something, or dress a certain way.

    Awesome blog!

  3. Horse Gals unite!!! LOL. Anyway, I’m homeschooled, but I have had this happen before. It was at my church. :( Oh well, I’ve moved and have have TONS of friends now! :)
    Great Job on the post!

  4. Hey I totally like your blog. I am homeschooled but people still think I’m an idiot to like horses way better then music. At my church just about everyone is a muscision but me. But I don’t really care because I’ve still got my horse crazy friends! And even though I’ve never met you face to face, I still consider you all my friends. :)

  5. I LOVE this blog! It speaks the truth! I’m labeled as ‘Horse Freak’. And geaky only because I have glasses. I hate when people say ‘ She is way cooler then you’ . But I let them say it because I know its not true. I’m not geeky, and that girl who thinks she is cool, well she is not! I LOVE THIS BLOG! This blog is one of the best out there! Keep writting blogs! Champion blog! A++++++++ I love this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Homeschooling has it’s pit falls according to the some of the rest of the world but my friends and I(some homeschooled and some not) have turned it into a joke: If we haven’t heard of something or don’t spell something right we say, “Homeschooled!”
    Really though, don’t take the labels to heart; they’ll only make you miserable. Trust me.

  7. Lol yes Champion blog… i was made fun of also at times at public school for my slang and the terms like Champion i use.. Im glad to have GHC friends on here

  8. I’m lucky. I have several friends, but none of them are in to horses. But this is okay, because we are ALL into different things, though some of us are into the same things. We talk about stuff we all have in common, and avoid labels by all means. Great blog!

  9. Labels don’t pose a problem at my school, but a close friend of mine is always called a “freak” or something similar because she loves horses. It’s quite horrible thinking about how we are so-called punished or looked down upon because we love something different. Excellent blog, Violet Inkpen! I’m sure you lifted many downhearted horse-lovers.

  10. Brilliant blog! I used to get teased at school because I love horses, I was the “horse freak”. I’m clever and I wear glasses, I’m very slightly interested in clothes and make-up (although most of my outfits are jeans and a t-shirt!) but most of all, I love horses. Wonderful blog, well done!

  11. well I am homeschooled too but I know in public school kids would try to rip me to shreds. I don’t care what others think but the saying ‘sticks and stone can break my bones but words wil never hurt me’ isn’t always true. Don’t feel bad about the person you are, if you are different that means you shine brighter than the normal. You are like one of the brightest stars in the sky. All the stars stand out as beautiful, but the different ones, the brighter ones are the ones that people notice.

  12. Really great blog, and I know exactly what you mean! I am who I am, and so is everyone else!

  13. So true Rachel! We can only be ourselves. If we try to be what we want others to think of us as well…then…we loose who we are. God created us all the way He wants us.

  14. hi,well theres 4 people in my class who love horses as much as i do but they say i cant love horses because i don’t ride one or own one :(

  15. Chloe, I have only ridden about 5 times and they were each on different horses but that dosn’t mean I can’t love them. Perhpas they don’t understand REAL love. They are focousing on loving ONE horse, one specific horse THEY ride. What I am talking about it loving ALL horse! The race of horses. No matter how mean or wild or calm and gentle, if you really love horses then you love them all, even those you’ve never met. They just don’t udnerstand so I think THEY don’t love horses. If they did, then they’d know that true love isn’t for any one horse, it’s for the very beauty and power and love and intelligence that we see in horses. DON’T listen to them, you can love horses.

  16. hmm…… great blog but I don’t really see that with in my friends. most people that are really quite preppy I know think it is really interesting and cool I ride horses i think you can love horses and still be into “girly” stuff. I’m not a girly girl but I have to say i put time into my apperence.

  17. This was a great blog. So true. No one knows what to call my crowd at skool. For a while we were the ‘popular’ girls, then we were ‘wanna be’s’ then we were ‘gangsta’ next we were just ‘weird’ now we’re the random chicks who run around the football field screaming about peanutbutter. Long story. But anyways, it’s kinda funny to watch people try and label us. Because you can’t. I do understand what you mean though. Last year I was a ‘geek’ because i wore glasses and got straight a’s. =[
    Oh well. Now their jealous because I have awesome friends.
    anyways, this was great. I look forward to reading more.

  18. You can’t put a label on anyone, ever, because people change. All the time. Nothing stays the same. And you have been labeled, you know they are wrong, unless of course, they label you a Horse Chick. ;D Don’t ever be afraid to define yourself. Violet, I really love this blog, it made me think.

  19. We are all different and a label dosn’t fit. people say ‘you are a geek’. Okay, what do they define geek as? Wearing glasses? Or wearing weird, fuky, unmatching clothes? Or being addicted to video games? All that stuff would fit under geek and yet people with galsses but withou that other stuff gets called geeky.

  20. Horsecrazz I am definitely a “random chick”! me and my friends are the kind of people who will run up and scream hi to random strangers.

  21. funny you should mention because when i was 5th grade they called me these names:catwomen,unicornfreak,weird,but in 6th grade everyone laughed at jokes i said,do,make funny noises,and how i made fun and joked about my enemies (only because they diserved it)and got pretty popular and even now,but a couple weeks ago they called me a nerd because i was reading book about animal ecology but same thing here horsecrazzz my mom told me they’re jealous of me.but who knows maybe they are because i have 80 or 90 friends and counting!