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Published by • Oct 2nd, 2009 • Category: Horse Dreams

by mustang23, age 13

Dreams. We all have them. We all need them. We all should live for our dreams.

Without dreams, we are pretty much useless. Without dreams, we have nothing to get up in the morning for. Without dreams, we have no drive. Without drive, we’ll never do anything.

When we dream, we are forming a hope that what we dream is going to happen. That is faith. Without faith and hope, your dreams die.

We also need to believe in our dreams. To believe, you need to hold onto your dreams. Never let go of your dreams. Never.

I sometimes have trouble believing that I will ever get a horse. I live in the suburbs, and sometimes it seems I’ll never have a horse. But I have to keep dreaming, hoping, believing.

I know the love between a girl and her horse is without limits. I will do whatever I can to get a horse. If I don’t get one until I’m older, that’s fine with me. But I’m not letting go of my dreams. They are a part of me.

Wherever I go, I carry my dreams with me. They make me who I am. Without my dreams, I have no life. My dreams are my very essence, my being. They are a part of my soul.

I encourage all of you horse-less horse girls to keep dreaming. If I can do it, so can you. Reach for the stars. The moon is too close.

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  1. Awesome blog, mustang23. You’re totally right. Without dreams, we would be nothing.

  2. Wanderful! That was inspirational & heart felt. It even made me believe in my dreams more. Great job!

  3. Beautiful Mustang23 just beautiful. You should live your dreams. “Dreams are just the unconcious reality…. how do you know your not dreaming right now?”
    Champion blog really great inspiration


  4. Same here; want a horse, had to fight for even a dog, probaly won’t get a horse until I am older but I keep dreaming.

  5. You made magic with words, mustang23. This blog is just stunning, it helped me keep my dreams flaring and feel like they will come true. With your spirit, you’ll get a horse in no time ;) What you said is one of the most important messages a person needs to hear: keep dreaming girls!

  6. Great job! This blog is really inspirational and shows that you need to believe in your dreams to succeed in life.

  7. You’r right, Dreams are something that make us who we are. Sometimes, I dream of my dream horse, and I hope I get him soon!

  8. Me too! Just looking for a cute little mini in the deserts of ksa, just cant find one.

  9. Oh, guys u can’t imagine what your comments do for me. Thanks for being so supportive.

  10. Very Awesome, mustang23. I’ll never stop dreaming until I get a horse, too! You are inspiring, my friend!

  11. Woah, mustang23!! Your blog is beautiful, and so heartfelt. I think a lot of horse girls feel the same as you. Maybe, someday, we will find the horse that we dreamed of.

  12. Wow this is so beautiful, so true! I never stopped dreaming, hoping and believing. Even though I have crazy dreams, that have low chances of becoming reality, there is still a chance. I still dream.

  13. mustang23, you deserve all the comments that we give you!

  14. Haha yeah totally girl! very inspiring and well written. I don’t have a horse either and I don;t see anything happening in the nearby feature, but I can still dream!! :-) Its awesome how you girls pop out all these ideas and blogs and they are all so awesome! :-) Good job mustang23!

  15. That was amazing! it could relate to anyone, just dreams in general! it was so well- written! i belive someday you will have a perfect horse for you, and like a fairy tale you will live happily ever after!\
    ” My dreams are my very essence, my being. They are a part of my soul.”
    yep im pretty sure your not the kind that will be horseless your whole life! keep dreaming, and definitely keep writing! amazing!

  16. ahhh sweet Dreams….they remind me of the essense of a horse. Loved it, i remember when i wanted a poney SO bad, then got my lil Princess, then i laid eyes on Pal. i was in love! and now, hes my friend, and im his leader. we love each other. all because of a dream :)

  17. gret blog u made me feel realy better thank u!

  18. mustang23 I now how you feel.I’m not sure if I will ever get a horse,but like you said I can dream about it.~LD

  19. thanks for sharing i want a horse too
    hope u get one

  20. i find girls who own horses do not appreciate how lucky they actually are
    we all long to have a horse of our own and hope our dream will come true