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Dream Horse: Chincoteague Pony

Published by • Jun 28th, 2008 • Category: International Horse, Junior Blogger Archives

by Jeanna Briggs, age 13

Okay, it took me awhile to find a winner, but I finally found our next Dream Horse. This month’s star is (drumroll please)…

Chincoteague Pony
Photo Source: Wikipedia


The Chincoteague Ponies are a breed of small, hardy wild horses that are somewhat famous on Chincoteague and Assateague, two small islands off the coast of Virginia. They are known to be gentle and willing to carry a rider. Once a year on Chincoteague Island, there is a special event known as ‘Pony Penning Day’ when men from the island herd the wild horses and bring them to a fair, where visitors from all over America come to adopt them. Misty of ChincoteagueYou can learn more about Pony Penning from several sources, including two of my favorite books, Misty of Chincoteague and Stormy, Misty’s Foal both written by Marguerite Henry.

The Chincoteague, standing between 12 and 14.2 hands at the shoulder, is only a pony-sized horse. They have both Arabian and Mustang heritage, with a combination of each breed’s characteristics — bushy manes, shorter but slender legs, short, straight, possibly slightly arched neck, somewhat dished face, long but rounded bodies and bright eyes act as the main physical points on this pony. They come in all colors, shades and patterns.

I highly suggest this pony to anyone looking for a trail horse, pasture pal, or pretty much any riding discipline. They’re sweet, adapting nature makes them easy to train and they’re enthusiastic, must-please-owner energy makes them a great breed of horse for any type of rider. Horse girls, I really do encourage you to look into these horses, and I hope that some of you have found your Dream Horse through this blog.

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  1. I’ve heard of them before, and I’ve always thought they’d be perfect for me. They are only small, which is good as I ride ponies at the moment. I also love skewbald, and that’s the most common colour!

  2. I love these ponies! We used to live near there but never got to go see Pony Penning Day. My mom is talking about going down again one year to go see it! It would be so cool! Great blog!

  3. Sweetie: Wow! looks like you found your Dream Horse!

    SB: It’s so cool you might go watch the Pony Penning! I never got to see it personally, but I know people who did. Enjoy!

  4. I’ve always wanted to see the Pony Penning day. It’s supposed to be fun. People say that the auctioner is really fast and loud. Although, I have never ridden a Chincoteague Pony. They sound really sweet and lovelable though.

    Great work, Jeanna Briggs!


  5. I have seen these ponies in the wild. My Grandma lives in Maryland, wich owns the Assateague portion, and took me to see them once when I was little. They OWN that island. You can’t go anywhere without seeing at least 3 of them. They are beautiful horses! Assateauge horses are left running wild. I’m excited to see this blog, it’s great. :)

  6. The Chincoteague Pony sounds brilliant for anyone :) I’ll definitely look into them. Fantastic blog as well, and I’m anticipating the next.

    Sweetie: I LOVE skewbalds as well. They’re unique and very beautiful.

  7. Thanks For reading, guys! Mustang_Heart: Wow, I’d love to see them in person! About how close could you get to them?

  8. @ jeanna: We drove along this road that was there, and they where right along the road, just grazing. I was too little to appreciate it back then, but I have pictures to prove it! We stayed inthe car the whole time, but still. I have heard they run eveywhere on the island; on the beach, on the beach towels…

  9. Mustang_Heart: that is so awesome!

    Madelaina: Thanks!

  10. Cool info Jeanna! I’ve heard of the misty books about this and the ponies! They are a cool breed to write about!

    p.s. I have a spoon.