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Dream Horse: Peruvian Paso

Published by • May 13th, 2008 • Category: International Horse, Junior Blogger Archives

by Jeanna Briggs, age 13

We all want our dream horse. Probably when you think of the term ‘dream horse’ you think of a breathtaking Arabian, or a flashy thoroughbred, or a free spirited mustang. But there are way more breeds of horses out there — over a hundred, actually — waiting for the perfect person (YOU!). The job of this blog series is to help you discover lesser known breeds of horses, and maybe even your dream horse.

Also known as the Peruvian, this horse sometimes gives me an impression of a smaller version of a knight’s charger. No larger than 15 hands, they have a deep chest, fairly short neck and back, with long, slender legs that contrast the heavyset body. They have thick manes and forelocks that tend to flop over their eyes.

Peruvians are famed for their smooth, floating gaits, their even temper, and their wanting to please their riders. Their most common colors are black, brown, chestnut, bay, roan, and dun, but they are also seen in palomino and gray.

Brought originally to South America by the Spanish in the early 1500’S, the Peruvian is considered to be the national horse of Peru. However, it is becoming a widely popular riding horse all over North and South America.

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  1. This is a really awesome blog! I am always excited to learn about different breeds (makes me feel smart! lol) and you have a great way of catching our interest!

  2. I’m going to enjoy this blog series! The Peruvian Paso sounds very interesting- a breed I’ve never heard before. Excellent job on your writing too! You’re improving by the minute. I can’t wait for the rest of the blogs, and possibly find my dream horse!

  3. Thanks Guys! *hugs*

  4. I think I’ve heard of the Peruvian Paso because of their gait. Its to the point and simple! I’d love to see the next few ‘Dream Horses’! lol.
    Your a Jr. Blogger!!!! :) I’m sooooo happy for you!

  5. I’ve never heard of this breed. This is pretty cool though. Now I learned more about them too!

    Thank you, Jeanna Briggs! Great blog!


  6. Thanx again guys!

    Mustangmane: you should the breed! they are really awesome!

    tash: I know! I’m so exited!

  7. Jeanna Briggs-
    What do you mean by “you should the breed”?


  8. hi i’m MM’s best friend. she just now recommended this site to me. and i joined! i hope that i can be good at submitting stuff too. oh, by the way, jeanna briggs, great blog! i’ve always wanted a horse, but it’s too expensive…


  9. hi
    jeanna briggs- great blog! i’m new here and just joined. i’m the best friend of MM. hopefully, i’ll be good at submitting stuff too!

    i’ve always wanted a horse but there expensive…


  10. oh, lol, sorry mustang mane! I meant try the breed.. google them, maybe ride them, that’s what I did!

  11. HorseCharmer: don’t give up! I know not everyone can be blessed enough to live on a ranch with horses around 24/7 but someday, if you keep trying and keep dreaming, you can achieve this dream of owning a horse!