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Dreaming of a Horse Dog

Published by • Nov 30th, 2015 • Category: Non-Fiction

by Abby, age 16

Hi girls. As a daughter of a horse person and a dog trainer, I have always wanted a dog to go with me while I ride and to be my guard at show grounds and stuff like that, but until recently, it was more of a “I want that when I’m older and have a show schedule” type dream. But now that I’m sixteen going on seventeen (pun totally intended) I have started thinking about it more seriously. I have proven that I am responsible enough to manage my horses, school and other activities, so maybe it is time to get my dream dog. But what kind of dog do I want?

I want a medium-size dog that can keep up with me when I go riding and is easily trained. I want a dog that I can take virtually anywhere and can be an inside/outside dog. I want one that can work the cattle on our ranch if I need her to and take to horse shows to guard my horses and tack.

Thankfully my dad, the dog trainer, has worked with over twenty breeds of dogs, both working and companion types. I didn’t know that but it turns out he is a walking, talking, dog encyclopedia. He gave me two breeds to look at—the Catahoola Lepord and the Australian Shepherd. He also gave me a book called All About Aussies, which I read in two days, coincidently falling in love with the breed.

So now I am chomping at the bit while I gather the money I will need to purchase an Aussie female next spring or summer. Wish me luck!

Do you have a dream dog that you would like to incorporate into your horsey lifestyle? If so, please tell about it on the blog. I’m sure the rest of us would like to hear about it. And if any of you have firsthand experience with Aussies, please tell me what you think about them

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  1. I love aussies. mygrandma has a Aussie dog. Also border collie are good farm dogs.I have a friend who has and trains Australian shepherds. I wish I knew of any for you.

  2. Aww! I love the picture

  3. Good luck! As for me, I hope I get an energetic little corgi dog, and I want to name him Cooper! :D

  4. Awww! I love corgis too! And very good writing by the way!!!!

  5. I own a Australian shepherd mix. My experience with the breed it that they are very energetic as puppies and adults. They also eat quite a lot.
    My dream dog is also a Australian Shepherd, I want to name her Violet
    Hope this info helps you in your dog hunt.

  6. i love all animals really well that is cats dogs horses goats chickens some snakes and all of theese i have