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Every Picture Tells a Story: More Than a Picture

Published by • Jun 30th, 2007 • Category: by Julia, Competitions & Giveaways, Fiction

by Julia, age 13

contest-ribbon.gifJill had always loved horses. For three years she’d been saving up to purchase her own horse. She had even envisioned the perfect horse. She wanted a Paint or an Appaloosa because of the spectacular coats. Soon her horse would be more than a vision.

One day Jill was daydreaming in an open, grassy area, flipping through the pages of a book with horse photos. One caught her eye of a stunning piebald stallion. Suddenly, the wind started whipping the pages of her book all over! Her windblown hair was hitting her face and the trees looked like they were about to fall over.


And then Jill thought she heard a horse whinny– No, thought Jill, it couldn’t be. But it was. She looked up and there stood a fully tacked piebald stallion, his saddle whipping back in the wind as the reins dangled and swirled like twirling ribbons.

Then, even more suddenly than the wind had started, it stopped. Everything was silent. For a few very long seconds, Jill and the horse just stared at each other. Neither moved nor talked. The stallion broke the silence by letting out a low whinny. He didn’t seem scared; he just stood there chewing on the air. Gently, Jill patted the horse’s strong neck. The horse stepped to the side and looked at his saddle. Jill couldn’t believe it! Was he asking her to ride him? As if on cue he nodded his head.


So, Jill mounted with ease and gathered her reigns. You’d think she was nervous, but she was thrilled! She gave a squeeze and he walked. It was a quick powerful walk so Jill couldn’t imagine what his trot and canter would be like. She gave another squeeze and he eased into a trot. It was the smoothest, most comfortable trot she’d ever felt. It was like they were gliding. Finally, she set up for a canter and it was the most incredible feeling she ever had! His canter was fast, yet collected. It was like she was riding a rocking horse. After an hour of riding, the stallion stopped and refused to move. Jill knew it was time to get off and go home. Would the stallion be there tomorrow? As she jogged home she saw that the stallion didn’t even move.

The following day she returned at the same time with the same book. She flipped through the pages of the book until she came across the piebald horse. Then the wind started to blow severely. Again, the mighty horse stood fully tacked and they went for another ride.

The next morning Jill was looking at the picture of the piebald horse. Her mother walked by and peered over her shoulder. “Maybe someday you’ll have a great horse just like that, Jill.”

Jill just smiled and looked at the picture. She could have sworn the piebald stallion winked at her.

Editor’s Note: More Than a Picture is one of three winners from the Every Picture Tells a Story blog contest. Read the other winners The Lone Stallion (Best in Show) and Paint in the Snow.

Congrats everyone and thanks for your participation!

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  1. Julia: I think this is really good,Well done!!

  2. Wow! This is so good! I wish I had that book so I can ride that horse! :)

  3. Nice story Julia!

  4. Thanks guys! I love the pictures, I think the editors did a fantastic job with them.

  5. Julia, I don’t understand how you got so wonderful at writing. Even when your stories are long, I never get bored! How do you do it?

  6. Yeah, Julia. How do you write so so so so well? It is so amazing. I wanna be just like you. I wanna be able to write well too!

  7. That was fantastic Julia! I could swear I smelt horses when I read the first meeting of Jill and the piebald stallion! And I have to repeat it, it was fantastic! I have to agree that the editors did an excellent job on all the pictures.

  8. Thanks so much! It feels so good to know you like my writing. Writing comes naturaly to me. Even if I’m doing something else I find myself wondering what’s going to happen next in the story I’m writing or what word would rhyme well. I also read (probably more) than I write. Authors can inspire and usually do. You have no idea how many words can describe the physical appearance of a horse. Thanks again and I also think Knicker Knob Stable is wonderful Horsecrazz. I love your poem about the fall horsejo. :D Good luck.

  9. This is really cool, Julia! I love your story because it is so so so so so nice and I really love it. Your story is not boring one bit. I really admire that in someone! You are just so amazing, Julia! I really wish that I could write a good story without it getting boring. Great job again, Julia! Keep up the great work!

  10. Thanks again horsejo, I appreciate all the praise. :D Your writing is just as good though. I never get boring with your stories or poems. Length never matters. As long as you say what you need to say, whether it’s ten pages or ten words, you’ve succeeded. Trust me, you’ll go far with your writing ability.

  11. Thanks Julia. You are so nice. Julia, your poems are so good, you should make a poem book! Really, you are so good, you would get rich off of your poems.

  12. Wow what you just said is a great inspiration Julia. :D

  13. All the girls on this site have amazing talent, but I have to say Julia, you are one of the best authors I have ever seen(and I read like 12 hours a day LOL)! When you compliment me on a story it feels like earning that praise was an achievment in it self! Thank you for inspiring me! I love your stories!

  14. Yeah, Julia! I agree with what Madelaina said. You are so inspiring. I like that in a person. Keep up the good work! :)

  15. I think Julia, Horsejo, and Madelaina will become authors one day! you guys write amazing stories. Julia’s poem, Madeliana’ stories, and Horsejo’s poems and stories! You guys will be famouse, thats a promise ;)!

  16. Tori, all you have to do is keep believing. You will be an excellent writer some day. Writing requires the heart, will and passion, and I think we all have that.

  17. and Tori what of me? will i be a brilliant vet? lol. but really Toris got a very good piont,i think u guys will be something great.
    Julia: how come you don’t seem to run out of ideas? :S

  18. Oh Tori, thank you! I hope I will be! And if you put your mind to it, you can publish your own stories, you can count on that! And when it is published, I will buy a copy of your book, Julia’s poem book, and Madelaina’s story book!

  19. Thanks again, everyone! It means a lot to me that you think I have talent. I promise you that if I ever actually publish a book I’ll credit all the members of GHC my inspiration. :D I know you will all do something with your amazing imagination and talent!

    Tori, you’re an excellent writer, but I bet because of your love of horse racing that you might be the next jockey or trainer to come along and change the way racing works, making it safer for animals and people alike. Then, you’ll write a book about how you revolutionized racing! ;)

    Animalsrkool: Believe me, I always run out of ideas. Sometimes I will even forget what I wanted to write about and stare at the computer screen for a half hour trying to think of something better. (Like I said before, I can be weird sometimes). :)

  20. Julia: Sadly, I can’t becoma a jockey because I am really tall, but I might become a trainer, and I hope to own a stable of racehorses with a triple crown winner! I really like your poem and you WILL be famouse if you publish them. I hope that I can make a different in the world of horse racing! You rock Julia ;).

  21. Tori: I know how you feel. I am a really tall person too. But tall people still must finds things to do in life. I bet that you will be an awesome horse trainer. You really should write a book and publish it because your writing skills are amazing.

    Julia: I agree with Tori! You rock! :)

  22. Animalsrkool: I think you will be an amazing vet! Your stories are amazing!


    Julia: As I said before, YOU ROCK! :)

  23. Thank you Tori! :D
    sniff sniff,i’m really short!Mum says i’m not but shes short too.hahaa,if only we could swap height,i’d love to be tall..

  24. Animalsrkool: Being tall has its ups and downs too!

  25. ups and downs,i like that.
    Julia:how long did it tke you to come up with this story? :)

  26. Animalsrkool, It took me about an hour to complete. I wrote it as I went along.

  27. I’m tall also but it’s good that you can reach things that shorter people can’t. But it’s bad because sometimes you need to bend over some things to get through!

  28. Hey Tori,I’m only eleven years old and nearly as tall as my Mom as well,but if you wanna ride really bad,why not go equestran.(That’s a fancy word for horse jumping!)It’s all ritght if you’re tall cause your horses aren’t trying to run really fast,they just wanna jump!

  29. Cassie: I do jump! I have been doing it for a year and a few months!

  30. I am as tall as my mom too. It’s okay, most of the time!

  31. I am over 5 foot three and taller than my mom, but my friend is younger than me and almost 6 feet tall! I have to look up to see her face!

  32. You guys are lucky, I’m really, really short. But, in riding height doesn’t matter because there is a horse for every perons. ;)

  33. Hahaa my friend is taller than me by about 4inches and shes 6 months younger than me! good that ponies come in smaller and bigger sizes!

  34. Yeah, Julia! You are correct

  35. I loved it. Very interesting. Oh and im new here just to let people here.

  36. Hi, thanks Katlyn. Have fun on the site. (Even though It’s hard not to ;))

  37. Julia: That is how I write stories too! I think of an idea for a few words, sentences, chapters, or paragraphs. The rest of the story just comes out as it goes along! I don’t even get stuck when writing. (Well, most of the time. I am sure that all of us are familiar with good old writing block!) Anyway, if anyone (EVER) gets stuck, you should try this idea! (Unless you have writing block. The best way to get rid of that is to maybe wait a day and rest your head. hey, it works for me!) And anyway, most of the wonderful people on Girls Horse club don’t need any help writing stories! Most people are already as awesome as can be!

    Katlyn: Welcome to Girls Horse Club! I hope you have fun! If you have any questions or comments about the site, you should contact Girls Horse Club or talk to LeadMare.

    Everyone: Keep on writing!

  38. Horsejo: I am so happy you came into this vitual world! You write great stories, great poem, and you do awsome blogs! I really am happy you came! You give others advice (I even used your advice once or twice!) and I NEVER need advice. Great job on everything you wrote here! I want you Julia, Animimalsrkool, and Madelaina to stay a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time! And that’s the truth :) :) :)!!!!

  39. That’s what I do too horsejo and Julia! Exept right now I’m not coming up with any ideas for my poems and stories!

  40. Tori, thank you! You are an excellent writer too! And you have published two fantastic blogs. I hope you stay for a long time too. It is nice to have good people like you around!

    Julia, Animalsrkool, and Madelaina please stay on! Like Tori said, I hope you stay a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time!

  41. Horsejo:I plan to,at the moment i really can’t be bothered to write! but i have a notebook with the next chapter of Funky Big Nose planned and a bolg too.

  42. Aniamlsrkool, even if you do not write, it is still great to have a nice person like you around here! (Everyone is nice, but the more, the merrier!)

  43. Thanx Horsejo!

  44. Ahh,didn’t see Tori said that aswell,thanx Tori!!Horsejo: no-ones as nice as me,lol ;) ahh every horselovers lovely!

  45. I’m working on a blog to!Question for you girls,how do you put photos on your blog?A lot of you girls have great pictures on your blogs and I want some to!

  46. Cassie: We don’t add the pics, the kind people at GHC do!

  47. Cassie,
    Girls Horse Club adds the pictures, unless you have some you want to add. The Picture for my blog is my pic, but GHC asked for it.

  48. I love your story.