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Every Picture Tells a Story: Paint in the Snow

Published by • Jun 30th, 2007 • Category: Competitions & Giveaways, Fiction, Junior Blogger Archives

by Animalsrkool, age 12

contest-ribbon.gifThe mare was cold and hungry. She’d been wandering for days in the soft, cold snow and no longer knew where she was. All the while she had been watched from a three story house by a young girl. The girl’s mother wouldn’t let her outside as she was prone to colds. Her brother had been out long enough to build a tall snowman, complete with charcoal eyes, hat and a carrot nose.

The girl watched with interest as the bushes shook and the birds flew away. The horse! That poor creature was desperate and going toward the snowman. The girl smiled as the horse pulled off the carrot nose and ate it. She could tell the horse was cold, and now she could no longer stand just watching.


The girl ran downstairs and opened the back door. Nothing was there! Had it been a dream? She didn’t think so. The horse was no longer there, but the snowman had no nose and the bushes were swaying slightly.

The Snow Horse, the girl thought, I’ll never forget that. And she never did.


Editor’s Note: Paint in the Snow is one of three winners from the Every Picture Tells a Story blog contest. Read the other winners More Than a Picture and The Lone Stallion (Best in Show).

Congrats everyone and thanks for your participation!

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  1. I can’t belive this!! :D I really can’t,i’m so happy! I’m laughing and grinning!! :D thank you!!

  2. Animalsrkool, this is wonderful! Good luck and great job! :D

  3. Thanks,i still can’t belive i made it,as Cassie says.

  4. I really like your story! And I like how the horse eats the snowman’s nose! lol

  5. good job

  6. Great job Animalsrkool, and keep smiling :D I’m happy that you made it, you deserve it after your hard work! Your story was incredible!

  7. Great job!! :) :)

  8. nice

  9. A really stunning job, Animalsrkool! It is a short story, but it tells a full, wonderful story in that. I can never do that! Two thumbs up on this!

  10. Thanks people,the best time to write(i think) is not only when u feel like it,but when u have something to write about,when i saw that pic,the idea just popped into my head! :)

  11. Animalsrkool,great job on your story!You have so much potential and you really put it into use in this story!

  12. lol….that is funny!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I was in a bad mood today but I read this and it put a smile on my face again. :D I could read it ove and over, which I’ve been doing. ;) Once again, great job.

  14. Thanks Julia,Cassie,Horsejo,all the horse lovers who said nice things,all the GHC ppl,my hamster,mum,lol sorry!but its very kind of you all! :D and although i won’t win(this isn’t a hidden msg for vote for me) its brilliant a came this close!

  15. Yes, even if you don’t win, good job

  16. As horsejo said to me,even if you don’t win,you still got a long way!!!

  17. Indeed.and u Cassie, ur doin amazingly!!

  18. Thanx,Animalsrkool,ur doin good to!

  19. Thank you for quoting my line, Cassie! :D

  20. ahhh the lone stallion was really good and inspiring