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Every Picture Tells a Story: The Lone Stallion

Published by • Jun 30th, 2007 • Category: Competitions & Giveaways, Fiction, Junior Blogger Archives

Back in June of 2007 we had our first blog competition, Every Picture Tells a Story, where writers were presented with three photos and invited to tell the story of what was happening in that photo. We had ten entries and readers voted for the top three, then the original images were modified to better suit the winning stories. The Best in Show winner was written by Cassie (who later went on to become a Junior Blogger). It was originally published June 30th, 2007…

by Cassie, age 11

Best in Show“Young lady, you get back here this instant!” Carmen Samile tried to ignore the harsh words, but her mother knew that trick all too well. “Don’t pretend you can’t hear me Carmen. You know you’re not allowed to stray that far from the house!”

Carmen sighed and started back to the house. Ever since the accident that left her paralyzed two years ago, she had not been allowed to go fifteen feet away from their California beach house without one of her parents. She shook her head and let out a long sigh. At times Carmen thought she had feeling in her legs, but that feeling passed in seconds and she was left in her chair just as she had been since the accident.

As Carmen wheeled back to the house she thought she heard the whinny of a horse, but nothing was there. She shook her head — she had to get her mind off horses. She would never get to ride one, for her parents would never let her. Why was she so stuck on horses? After all, it was a riding accident that had caused her to be paralyzed.

Carmen heard the whinny again, and this time she saw what was making it. A handsome chestnut stallion was trotting down the lonely California beach right toward her. As the horse approached, she had the feeling in her legs, only stronger than before.


She looked back to see if her mother was watching. She wasn’t. Carmen wheeled over to the horse. The stallion lay down in front of her, as if asking for a rider. She gripped the arms of her wheelchair and heaved herself up, bracing herself for a fall. When she didn’t, Carmen was delighted. She carefully swung her leg over the stallion and, as she began to ride him, Carmen thought about how wonderful it was to be riding a real horse again.


When she showed her parents, they were shocked and delighted to see their daughter on her feet again. They kept the horse, who Carmen named Banjo. Carmen and Banjo were best friends for years and years. Through all their years together, they managed to keep one secret — Carmen knew that she had always had the strength to walk, but it took Banjo, her lone stallion, to help her find the desire.


Author’s Note: Although it’s very unlikely that something happened like in Carmen’s story, handicapped people can ride horses with special saddles and an instructor. That is where the inspiration for this story came from.

Editor’s Note: The Lone Stallion is one of three winners and received the Best in Show award from the Every Picture Tells a Story blog contest. Read the other winners More Than a Picture and Paint in the Snow.

Congrats everyone and thanks for your participation!

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