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Everything’s Not Perfect

Published by • Oct 27th, 2009 • Category: by Madelaina, Poetry

by Madelaina, age 14

My horse is my everything –
my breaths, my pains, my life.
She warms winter into spring
and keeps me out of strife.

Each nicker, nuzzle, neigh
A loyal, heart-laced touch,
my horse still fights for her own way
but I love her just as much.

She bears an angel within
that dares to rival vice.
Rearing, kicking like an evil twin,
she makes me love her thrice.

Sometimes she might let me fall,
she won’t always lend a wing.
But she’s a free horse after all
My horse is still my everything.

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  1. awww now that would be a cute valentines card poem! lol i can see it now “Madelania, Hallmark card writer extordinaire”.lol…. my favorite line is “my horse is still my everything”.

  2. Ama-za-zing!!! I love love love it!!!! Its so smooth and flowing and so good! I love every word! Champion job Madelaina! I love the last two verses! So-o good! Love the poem, great job!

  3. So true and well described! I love the way you describe the trials and joys of riding

  4. Oh, your poem is so sweet! I like the “unconditional love” theme. It sounds like that horse has a lot of spirit! :]

  5. i LOVE IT! its every thing im about xD after all horses are never truely owned, only borrowed from hevan. its a champ :)

  6. Great poem, I love the verses “rearing, kicking like an evil twin, she makes me love her thrice”. :)

  7. Leadmare- I LOVE the spooky header that you added to the site. Nice Halloween edition! =0) Do you think you could create some kind of game like you did for “hunting easter eggs” for easter? That was fun..

  8. HorseFeathers, there are no special events planned for Halloween other than what’s already on the calendar, but I hope everyone has fun activities planned with friends and family.

  9. Leadmare, for some reason on my computer there is no comment submitter on the blog, “Turn That Frown Into a Smile!”

    Is it just my pc?

    And I love the banner!!! ☺

  10. LeadMare, just wondering, how come the general submissions are not on the November calendar anymore?

  11. Oooo, spooky-I love the header too, and I’m working on my story for open submissions! Thanks for the “Heads Up” Leadmare!

  12. Great poem. Unconditional love….sounds like me and Titian, alright — at least, before he…yeah. Anywayz, champion job!


  13. Wow, made, great job. Sorry I haven’t commented. I was at a funeral. Anyway, AMAZING poem! CHAMPION!

  14. Nickers and whinnies to everyone for their comments! It’s definitely not good enough for a card, but I can dream, haha.

    Wild’n’Free: I bet Titian still loves you like you still love him. From what I’ve seen, the love is still unconditional and the bond unbroken.

    mustang23: Oh no, I’m so sorry for the loss. Thank you very much for making me smile though :)

    GHC’s looking spooky, I’m getting into the mood for Halloween :D I hope everyone has fun this year!

  15. That was a great home. As I read it seemed so smooth. Champion work!

  16. I don’t celebrate Halloween so the whole change kinda creeps me out :-) Sorry! I’m not a huge fan of black either. :-/ That is just me though :-)

    Awesome job! Love the poem!

  17. Hey ghouls! (if I seem to be talking jibberish, look at the banner! ☺)
    I think this poem refers to so many ponies.
    They’ve all got their vices along with a place in our hearts!!! :D

  18. What’s everyone going to be for halloween? I don’t think I’m gonna dress up anymore…before Titian.. yeah…I was going to be a ghost rider and ride him to trick or treet. But now I might just go as a ghost or a vampire or something. Cheers, and get ready for a spooky Halloween! It’s coming right up!


  19. Oh gosh this is Fancy all over lol :)