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Exciting News for Phantom Stallion Fans!

Published by • Jun 22nd, 2007 • Category: Books & Writing, GHC News

phantom-stallion.gifIt’s time to tidy up our virtual barn for a very special visitor.

Many of you have mentioned that you enjoy the Phantom Stallion book series written by Terri Farley, and no doubt her stories have inspired some of your stories. So when we saw Terri at the Western States Horse Expo signing her latest book Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island, we decided to stop by and tell her about all the young authors who write for Girls Horse Club. She was very gracious, took the time to visit our virtual barn, and gave us a very nice mention in her blog. Plus, she has agreed to hang out for an Interactive View!

Are we lucky or what?

The Interactive View will begin Saturday July 14th and will run through Friday July 20th. While you’re waiting for Terri to arrive, start thinking about what you’ll ask Terri when *YOU* do the interview, and click below for some background info and inspiration.

The Interactive View with Terri Farley has come and gone,
but click here to read it!

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  1. Bravo! I’m so happy! I’ve been spreading the word about your site – Terri also requested that I do so – on her biggest fansite, I plan on joining the contests, and I bet many more Phantom Stallion and Wild Horse Island fans will join in the fun! An interview sounds like a fantastic idea! We’ve done a few on, and I can’t wait for another! Definitely count on me showing up!
    HorseGirl~ =D

  2. is an awesome site — we have it on our links page.

  3. Wow cool I cannot wait

  4. Wow! I love her books! I’m working on her book Phantom Stallion-The Renegade! I can’t wait for the interview!!!!!! :)

  5. I love the Phantom Stallion Series! It’ll be cool asking the author questions and other things!! I can’t wait!

  6. I love Phantom Stallion books,and I can’t wait to get an interviem with the author.I’m so glad she keeps coming out with more because I read all the ones in my library and was worried that she was not writing them anymore.This is so awesome!!!

  7. I’ve never read any of the Phantom Stallion books. I’m going to check some out of the library and read as may as I can before the interview. Are we lucky or what to have such great authors interviewed? :D

  8. That’s just my case Julia. It’s so great to have the opportunity to get interactive with famous horse authors! And I’m certainly going to go crazy reading!

  9. I bet my library doen’t have any! :'( oh well,i’ll order them!

  10. YAY YAY YAY!!!!
    I am a big fan of her books. They are so cool. I am so excited!! I will so be there!

  11. i cannot wait my sis luvs her books maybe she will come on the books sound cool

  12. I was sad when the main series ended. What will I do with out the wonderful adventures of Jake, Sam, and Jen??!! But this is going to be great. Darby sounded interesting so I will surely buy the books.

  13. I love the Phantom Stallion Series! I even decorate my doors with all the pictures I can get of her books! I have every single one of the books! Even her newest one!

  14. Quick update on this. I have not been able to confirm an interview with Ms. Farley. I’m not ready to give up hope, but can’t promise anything as I’m sure she’s very busy.

    The good news is — we have another author who’s interested. But this time I’ll keep it under wraps until I have a firm commitment. Who knows, maybe we’ll be super lucky and have more than one Interactive View in the near future!

  15. Indeed.i don’t mind too much Leadmare,as i’ve not had a change to read any of her books yet,so if a group of angry phanton stallion fans come after you,i prob won’t be there!

  16. I hope you we get to interview her!

  17. I got really exited when you said she will come. But I know she is a really busy lady. I will be upset if she cannot make it to do the interview, but I will understand. If she can’t come, we’ll just have to do something else that is very special! :)

  18. Aww… Well, I hope it’s no this week! I’m out of town (SanFrancisco! Woo Hoo) and won’t have internet accsess (too bad) and I really don’t want to miss that interview!

  19. Count on me, you guys!

  20. YAY! Terri Farley!

  21. Cool I hope we can do the interview with you, Terri!

  22. Oh my gosh! I can’t wait! And I’m also so thankful that you’ve added my site to your links! I’ll be adding your site to WHV’s as soon as possible. This’ll be a blast!

  23. We have a date! I spoke with Ms. Farley on Tuesday — what a NICE lady (not to mention talented)!

    The Interactive View will be posted the morning of Saturday July 14th and will remain open through Friday the 20th (Pacific Standard Time).

    So start thinking about what you’d like to ask. We’ll post as many thoughtful questions as we can without overwhelming Terri!

    In the meantime if you want to do some background research, visit these web sites:

  24. Oh, LeadMare! I cannot wait! You are such a great lady! You can run a whole site almost by yourself, get wonderful people to come on and talk to us, and make kids happy! You are a great person!

  25. LeadMare, I looked at both websites, and she seems like a really neat lady. I cannot wait to talk to her! I saw the videos on an they were cute and awesome! Wow, I can’t wait to meet her!

    Thanks again, LeadMare, for getting her to come here. You are a truly inspiring horse!

  26. Wow, she’s one of my all time favorite writers. Cannot wait to see the interview!

  27. Wow! I can’t wait until Saturday! :)

  28. I just wrote down the date on my calendar. I will be crossing out all of the days until then. Goodness, I just cannot wait!

  29. I am suffering with excitement!!!!!!

  30. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! I love the phantom stallion series!!! I have never read the wild horse island ones yet… I will have to read those ones sometime:)

  31. I can hardly wait …