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Eye See Roo

Published by • Jun 24th, 2016 • Category: Picture This


by Dazzled, age 16

I tried to take pictures with baby Roo, but it turns out he’s TERRIBLE at sharing the camera and posing.

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  1. Awwwww he’s so cute! You’re so lucky, Dazzled!

  2. Awww, he’s adorable! He looks sort of like a less-fluffy Milo. I’ll try to take photos of the horses when I next go riding and I’ll share ’em here. Roo is adorable :)

  3. Awww that’s cute!

  4. awwww he’s adorable! your so lucky!

  5. Adorable!!!!!

  6. SO CUTE!!!

  7. That is so cute he sounds like a camera hog.

  8. He is so cute. Is he yours?

  9. Awe! Adorable! He is sooo cute!! :)