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Face the Composer, Not the Music!

Published by • Oct 9th, 2009 • Category: Guest Bloggers, Horse Advice, Riding Advice

by DianaLUV♥, age 12

Is your fave horse always spooking at all the cars every time you go out on the roads? Is he always refusing at the same fence every time you ride at it? Is he always running away with you whenever you sit in the saddle? Is he always playing around and ignoring your aids?

Well think of it this way, maybe it’s you and not the horse! I’m not saying you’re a bad rider, I’m just saying maybe you can improve on certain points!

Maybe it’s because you expect your horse to go wild and that’s the problem!
Here’s an example to explain further…

Alissa was riding her favorite horse, Dazzler, one day. She brought him out into the arena to practice her jumping. She was doing fine, until she pointed Dazzler at a brightly painted fence. Dazzler was surprised and refused. Alissa lost her balance and clung onto the saddle. She got back into her position and asked Dazzler to jump the fence again. Expecting him to refuse, Alissa gripped the saddle and reins tightly instead of riding positively to the fence. Dazzler refused again and will now not jump it for Alissa. He jumps the fence for other girls, but refuses when Alissa is on him. Alissa believes Dazzler hates her, and will not get on him anymore.

Alissa was wrong. Dazzler does not hate her.

My point is that, if something goes wrong with a horse, don’t remember the bad feelings, only think about how to fix it. If Alissa had forgotten about herself losing her balance and just focused on riding Dazzler positively to the fence, she would have jumped it.

Think like a horse. They don’t dwell on the past or fret about the future. Horses focus on the present and try to right their wrongs.

So, if your horse spooks at cars on the road, ignore the cars and forget about him spooking at them. Ride positively and your horse will believe that you are a strong leader and he will follow your lead. If you tense up in the saddle when a car is coming, your horse will think that it is something to be scared of, and he will try to escape from it. You hauling on the reins just confuses him and makes the situation worse, too!

And if your horse runs away when you get in the saddle, ask somebody to hold him as you mount and ride him as though he is the most obedient and dependable pony you know. Don’t yank on the reins or shout at him. He will get scared and try to run from his terror.

After all, you are composing the music (the music is your fave horse’s antics) and therefore you are the composer.

So face the composer, not the music, and things should turn out well for you!

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  1. That is a champion comparision!! I love how you explain that the rider needs to work on their skills so that that the composer and the music result in Harmony. It kind of sounds from your example that Alissa is not ready for a horse of Dazzler’s level. Top notch DianaLUv!


  2. WooHoo! It’s published and it got a reply! Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That is such a great blog DianaLUV. This could definitely help anyone having problems with their horse. A horse and rider need to work together and be a perfect match. This would help a lot to become a better team with your horse. Of course every team needs a composer and every rider needs to learn to become that composer ;-)

    I need some questions answered over at the fiction competition blog, so if someone could do that I’d love it :-)

  4. That is a very good blog. me likey! lol. five stars!

  5. I really like the title it is so creative! lol

  6. I read about that in Saddle Club! Good blog, very good blog! I like your little example very much.

  7. so true, last night i was on Pal and he spooked at a chicken (it was dark the chicken was white and scawy) it took me a few secounts to get him calm enouf and me to gain myself again but i went back (where the chcken still sat) and mad him look at for 10 secounts and he never spooked again…horses dont hate you (well most) and i have a friend who CAUSED her horse to flip on her and she got scared (and i mean ive had a horse fall on me and i know it was my fault and i wasnt that scared…then again i had a cuncushion but still) but it was HER FAULT she asked her horse to back while she was pranceing, the horse reared and knowing my friend she was about to slide back off her butt and tryed to get her balance with the riens and pulled her horse over…

  8. Very good, champion blog, DinaLUV! I love it, and now when Titian refuses to jump at that oxer, i’ll just think positively, ride with confidence, and think like a horse! You’ve really helped me with riding, DinaLUV! Thanks a million!


  9. Wow, your blog really helped me understand what a horse thinks about what it’s rider feels!
    I went through the same sitution that Alissa went through, and I’m still learning from it!!! I’m sure your blog will help a lot of horse girls! [Your blog will probably help girls know how to help their horses face their fears too-from a plastic bag to a shadowy object!]

  10. I love your comparison; it adds a bit of spark to the blog. The advice you give is true in every way, I’m glad I had the chance to read this. We should all think like a horse. Brilliantly written, DianaLUV, well done and congratulations on your first blog!

  11. Thanks for all your support guys!
    I’ve never read the Saddle Club, so it’s suprising to me that it was used then. My instructor always says “ride positively!” so it’s stuck in my head! Super cool that a famous author thinks that way too!
    I love y’all!

  12. Yes I remembered to read it! It’s really good and even though I don’t do horse riding (yet) I can see where your coming from. Which must be a good thing! Anyway keep it up because you are a really good writer. Much better than me anyways which isn’t hard but you know what I mean. Anyway well done on your first blog!


  13. That’s wanderful! That will really help me when I ride a gelding named Cody at the stable. This really helped me understand horses, and why they act the way they do. You’re a great writer! Keep it up!

  14. Ohmigosh, that almost happened when I was riding a horse named Murphy. Another horse spooked and Murphy was ran into. But instead of asking if I could dismount after Murphy half-bolted around the arena, I told myself to stay in the saddle. If I had gotten off, I don’t think I could’ve ridden Murphy again. Great piece! Good job!