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Fairy Foals by Suzanah

Published by • Oct 2nd, 2008 • Category: Books & Writing

Fairy Foals by SuzanahNot long after updating the blog banner to feature horses with butterfly wings, I received several packages from the publisher Sourcebooks, the same publisher who sent us book pile #1 from our last Muck the Book Pile giveaway. Included in the package was Fairy Foals by Suzanah, one of the featured picks in our updated catalog.

This beautifully illustrated, high quality book brings us into the world of Suzanah Rose Williamson, a 40 year-old woman who discovers a herd of winged foals in the enchanted garden of a country home she inherits from her Grandma, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Although picture books are typically geared to a younger reader, this one will appeal to a wide range of readers. The 90-plus page story is written in a journal style. Some pages tell the reader about each of the fairy foal herd members. Other pages have poetry or mini-stories about the herd’s antics. Each page brings the fantasy to life with sketches and full-color illustrations of the foals. As you can see below, the artwork is stunning.

Admittedly, I’ve never outgrown a love for picture books. I’ll be adding Fairy Foals to my holiday gift-giving list, and two of you will have a chance to win one of the copies sent by Sourcebooks in a pre-holiday giveaway next month. In the meantime, enjoy this glimpse into the world of Fairy Foals and visit the official website.

Fairy Foals

Fairy Foals

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  1. Wow! THis is so exciting! i too love picture books, and have a wide colloection in my own personal library! This book look fascinating and I can not wiat to get my hands on it!

  2. Wow. The books look beautiful. The drawing is TERRIFIC!

  3. The illustrations are amazing! Susan thought up of such a great idea, and it would really be a worthy experience to see those ideas turned into words and pictures. Thanks for giving us notice on something so exciting and adorable!

  4. The illustrations are incredible. I hope I’ll be one of those lucky winners. The book looks fascinating.


  5. Wow1 I can’t wait! I hope I”m a winner!!! That would be SO cool!!! I love to draw, the pictures are AMAZING!!!

  6. For this giveaway, I was thinking about having an art contest. Entries could be any type of drawing, photography, or any art form that can be submitted digitally. What do y’all think?

  7. I think that would be a brilliant idea, LeadMare! I hope that we have a good time in this contest and don’t forget the main point is to have fun!

    Well, I’m off to a horse show! Wish me Luck!

  8. Thanks everybody! I spend long hours in my studio painting and drawing the foals and it’s always encouraging for me to think about the different people (all ages I hope) who enjoy my work.

    Happy riding all of you and a very small horse kiss from Little Brown!

  9. Suzanah, thank you for venturing out of your magical garden to visit our virtual barn, and thank you for creating such a beautiful book!

  10. WOW!!!!!!!!!
    I thought I was good at art!!! Thanks for smashing my ego, I realy needed that. :)
    Great job and congrats!

  11. I love the way the piexie horses look.

  12. same here!