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Fall in LOVE with HORSES Giveaway Winners!

Published by • Dec 4th, 2010 • Category: Competitions & Giveaways, GHC News

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Fall in LOVE with HORSES giveaway. Did you have fun reading everyone’s first memory of igniting their horsey spark into a flame of love? I hope so!

HUGE nickers to the individuals and companies who donated prizes — my friend Wendy, who gave us the ARTLAB, Susan Jeffers who donated one of her gorgeous prints from My Pony, Peachtree Publishers for sending a copy of Astra, Templeton Thompson for sharing her Life on Planet Cowgirl CD, Terri Farley for donating an autographed copy of her very first Wild Horse Island book, and Alison Hart for sending two of her books — Shadow Horse and Bell’s Star.

And last but not least, CONGRATULATIONS to the…

Fall in LOVE with HORSES Giveaway Winners!

(28) ChEeSeYhOrSe=D – Astra by Chris Platt

(8) HorseFeathers – ARTLAB: Horse Drawing Studio

(1) Gypsy Vanner – Phantom Stallion Wild Horse Island #1: The Horse Charmer autographed by the author Terri Farley

(31) Cassie – My Pony Glicee Print by Susan Jeffers

(29) Palamia – Motion Horses Bookmark & Ruler

(36) Charlotte – Motion Horses Bookmark & Ruler

(13) Western Filly – Templeton Thompson’s Life on Planet Cowgirl CD

(20) Zanzibar the Great – Horse Diaries #2: Bell’s Star by Alison Hart

(11) Luna Digro – Motion Horses Bookmark & Ruler

(7) catscowgirl – Templeton Thompson’s Life on Planet Cowgirl CD

(4) icehorse – Shadow Horse by Alison Hart

(30) LeopardAppaloosa – Templeton Thompson’s Life on Planet Cowgirl CD

If you’re one of the winners, CLICK HERE FOR THE PRIZE CLAIM FORM.

Winners were chosen using Each winner was awarded a prize on their wish list, starting at the top and working down if the prize had already been awarded to a previous winner.

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  1. Thank you very much Leadmare and please give a special thanks to your friend Wendy for me. As you know I love art and this will help my illustrations even more! =) I hope y’all have a very Merry Christmas this year! and spend it with the horsie and human friends you love!

    .. I know i’ll be baking Izzy and midnight some warm and gooey molasses cookies! =)


  2. Do we have to use our real name on the prize claim form or our ghc name?

  3. Luna, no you just need to use your GHC name. If you want to include a real name with your mailing address to assure it gets delivered, you can use a parent’s name. Congrats!

  4. Yay! Thanks so much Leadmare! I can’t wait to get Wild Horse Island!

  5. Thanks LeadMare!

  6. Great job to all the winners and enjoy your prizes!

  7. thank you so much!!!

  8. It was fun reading about you girls’ horsey experiances-have fun with your prizes!! :]

  9. Congrats to all the winners! I hope everyone enjoys their prizes :)

  10. : D yay!!! I actually won something!!!!

  11. Thank you so much for having this drawing! I won a prize and I’m so happy!!! : D

  12. thank you so much lead mare. It’s so cool that I won a prize!!!

  13. Congrats to all the winners! :)

  14. You’re welcome everyone! I hope you enjoy your prize. Here’s an update on shipping…

    HorseFeathers, Palamia, Western Filly, Luna Digro and icehorse, your prizes went out in Monday’s mail.

    Gypsy Vanner, Leopard Appaloosa and catscowgirl, yours will go out in the next batch later this week.

    Cassie, I’m waiting for your print to arrive from the artist, hopefully later this week, then I’ll ship it out to you.

    ChEeSeYhOrSe=D, Charlotte and Zanzibar the Great still need to fill out the claim form.

  15. Ok, thanks Leadmare!

  16. Thanks again Leadmare and Wendy! =) Its mighty appreicated! Cannot wait to see more stories and poems come in whenever posts open up! =)


  17. Thanks so much LeadMare.Congrats to all the winners

  18. Lead mare, you’re my favorite blogger on earth! P.S. How do you tell a guy you like him?

  19. Lia, thanks for your nice compliment. If I’m your favorite blogger, it must be because I’ve attracted an awesome herd of horse girls whose collective voice comes through at GHC.

    As for your P.S., GHC is better suited as a place to get advice about horses, but I think the best way you can express affection for any being — girl or boy, two or four legged — is through kindness and honesty.

  20. Thank you soo soo much! I read the email and i screamed soo loudly, that made my mum a bit angry but to be honest i’m so excited i don’t care =p it won’t last for long, but my excitement will
    Well done to every single one of you who entered, i had a great time reading the entries and a great time wwriting mine
    Thank you again
    =D yayayaya! thank you everyone on GHC

  21. congrats to everyone!

  22. Just recieved my art kit today! Just wanted to let you know Leadmare, Thank you soo much and Wendy again as well. =) This will make a younger friend of mine very happy. She doesn’t get much for Christmas and I believe she will aprecciate this art kit very much. =)


  23. Sorry for my hiatus, I’ve been super busy with school, but I just sent in my claim form, Leadmare!
    Congrats everyone!

  24. I got my bookmark saturday,it’s awesome!
    Thanks again Ledamare and Miss Wendy!

  25. I’m glad everyone is enjoying their prizes and finding them good homes with deserving horse girls!

    I was excited to see winners from all over the world including Canada, Australia, England and United Arab Emirates along with the US. Our love for horses connects us across borders and cultures!

    The last prizes to Cassie, Zanzibar the Great and ChEeSeYhOrSe=D will be mailed this week. All others are on the way. Please allow extra time for international prizes to make their way up north and over the oceans.

    ~ horseinsane <3

  27. Hay LeadMare, I was just wondering when we will begin a new theme?

  28. Hay HorsesForever! I don’t have an ETA for the next event, but when I do y’all will be the first to know. Thanks for your patience — something fun is in the works!

  29. Thanks so much leadmare I got my prize wean I was sick in bed so it was nice to get that then. I really like my cd.
    Thank you!

  30. I got my CD today! Been driving my dad NUTS playing it all day…

  31. Hey im new to this web site and hope to make new friends on this web site.