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Fall in LOVE with HORSES Giveaway

Published by • Nov 13th, 2010 • Category: Competitions & Giveaways

Thanks to everyone who entered the Fall in LOVE with HORSES giveaway, and special thanks to the companies and individuals who donated prizes. Click here to congratulate the lucky winners!

Nurture your love for horses with a lovely horse goodie — it’s time for our Fall in LOVE with HORSES giveaway!


This is a great opportunity to pick up a holiday gift for yourself or a horse girl in your life!

To enter, simply post a comment below telling us, IN 150 WORDS OR LESS, about your first memory of falling in love with horses. In addition to your entry, include your top three (3) choices for a prize if you win.


  • One entry per person. Only qualified entries will be posted.
  • Comments will close sometime after 5:00pm PST on Sunday November 28th, 2010.
  • Twelve (12) winners will be selected randomly from qualified entries. Each will receive one (1) prize. Winners will be announced on the GHC blog December 4th, 2010.
  • The winner must provide a mailing address to claim her prize. Parent permission is required if the winner is under 13.


Horse Drawing Studio (1) ARTLAB: Horse Drawing Studio | Horse enthusiasts will learn how to draw horses using two artist horse models (one mare and one foal), pastels, colored pencils, smudger and other useful tools. Accompanied by a fully illustrated book featuring several different guided projects that stress a variety of techniques, treatments and approaches for drawing realistic cartoon or abstract horses — there’s really no limit. Includes: Two horse models (mare & foal) with stands; graphite pencil; four colored pencils; six pastels; smudger; eraser; 32-page fully illustrated book
My Pony by Susan Jeffers (1) My Pony Glicee Print by Susan Jeffers | This is a beautiful 12″x14″ museum quality Glicee print on archival watercolor paper of “Silver,” the star of My Pony by Susan Jeffers, an award-winning children’s book illustrator and author. My Pony is a partly autobiographical picture book that recounts the story of a young girl who dreams of having a pony. Her parents explain that ponies are expensive and require a great deal of space, but the child’s longing doesn’t go away. To compensate, she begins drawing a pony, Silver, who comes to life.This watercolor illustration is from the last page of the story, where Silver is waiting, “just outside the window.” »
Astra by Chris Platt (1) Astra by Chris Platt | Forbidden to ride after her mother’s death in a riding accident, thirteen-year-old Lily nurses her mother’s beloved horse, Astra, back to health, hoping that someday Astra will win the Tevis Cup endurance race. Author Chris Platt has been riding horses since she was two years old. At the age of sixteen, she earned her first gallop license at a racetrack in Salem, Oregon. Several years later, she became one of the first women jockeys in the state. Chris lives in Nevada with her husband, six horses, three cats, a parrot, and a potbellied pig. Her previous books include the award-winning Moon Shadow, Storm Chaser, Willow King, and many books in the popular Thoroughbred series. Books by Chriss Platt »
Life on Planet Cowgirl by Templeton Thompson (3) Templeton Thompson’s Life on Planet Cowgirl CD | You can find singer/songwriter Templeton Thompson‘s songs on million-selling CD’s from country superstars. Combining her love for horses with her passion for music, Templeton includes major horse expos and other National horse events in her touring schedule, often performing from horseback. With 4 CDs to her credit, i remember you, i still feel , girls & horses and life on planet cowgirl, Templeton maintains a busy touring and promotional schedule. »
Phantom Stallion Wild Horse Island #1 (1) Phantom Stallion Wild Horse Island #1: The Horse Charmer autographed by the author Terri Farley | Darby Carter loves horses, even though she’s never actually ridden one. Darby’s grandfather is an expert rider — in fact, he owns a horse ranch in Hawaii. So when he agrees to take her in — along with the beautiful mustang Darby saved on the range in Nevada — she knows she can’t refuse, even if she is a little terrified! But Darby’s filly arrives in bad shape, and Darby’s grandfather wonders if the wild horse will ever trust a human again. Can Darby take the reins and save her horse—or has she lost the mustang forever? Terri Farley is a longtime friend of GHC and the author of the wildly popular Phantom Stallion series, which has sold one million copies. »
Motion Horses Bookmark & Ruler (3) Motion Horses Bookmark & Ruler | I spotted this in a little shop in the Connecticut countryside and just had to purchase a few for our giveaway! It can be used as a bookmark or a ruler, measuring 6 inches/15 centimeters wide. When you tilt it back and forth you see three bay horses running across a lush green plain under a bright blue sky. Click here to see how the horses look in motion »
Shadow Horse (1) Shadow Horse by Alison Hart | Horses + mystery + rescuing abused animals = a triple crown of perpetually popular preteen genres! Thirteen-year-old Jasmine is found guilty of assaulting Hugh Robicheaux, the owner of the horse farm where she works. But she’s still determined to prove that Robicheaux killed Whirlwind, the mare she loved. Jas is sure that Shadow Horse, a scrawny brown gelding she rescues at a horse auction, is the key to the mystery—but just how is Shadow Horse connected to Whirlwind? Deftly written by Alison Hart, a teacher, equestrian, and past GHC visitor who has authored more than sixty books, this heartwarming and inspiring Edgar Award nominee will have special appeal for mystery fans as well as young horse lovers. »
Horse Diaries (1) Horse Diaries #2: Bell’s Star by Alison Hart | Vermont, 1850s Bell’s Star is a brown Morgan colt with a white star and two white stockings. He was bred for hard work, yet he longs to run free with his human friend, Katie, on his back. But when Star helps rescue a runaway slave girl, his ideas about freedom may change forever. Here is Star’s story . . . in his own words. With exciting and knowledgeable text and lovely black-and-white art throughout—both by real horse owners—Horse Diaries are the perfect fit for all lovers of horses and history! »

36 Nickers »

  1. When I was about four, I visited a zoo with my parents. Trying to distract me from wanting to pet the geese, Dad offered me a pony ride instead. Mom took my hand and led me up to a pretty chestnut pony. “Say ‘Hi Pony!'” she prompted. “Hi pony!” I mumbled, gazing in awe at the beautiful animal that was taller than I was. I’ll never forget the feeling of being lifted onto that pony’s back, stroking the rough (to me) hair…riding high. I fell in love that day, and I’ve been addicted ever since.
    My top three choices are: #1 Phantom Stallion Wild horse Island,#2 Shadow Horse, #3 Astra

  2. My first memory of falling love with horses would probably be:

    Standing in the field with my horse, Emmy, holding her head against my chest, stroking her neck and ears, and just smelling her scent, looking into her big brown eyes… I fell in love. Just like love at first sight. I was probably 5 or 6 back then, and I’ve been in love ever since!

    My top three (3) choices:

    1. Shadow Horse by Alison Hart
    2. Astra by Cris Platt
    3. Horse Diaries #2: Bell’s Star by Alison Hart

  3. my first memory was at the horse camp i went to. the horse i rode was kind of old, but he was great for a beginner like me. i remember just standing in his stall, stoking his shoulder, telling him my secrets. that was the first memory i had of realy loving horses. I was eight back then, and i still love horses. even after being a horse-less horse lover for a while.

  4. oh, ya. my choices are
    1.) Artlab Horse Drawing Studio
    2.) Shadow Horse
    3.)Horse Diaries #2: Bell’s Star

  5. My first memory of falling in love with horses would be when I first got to ride my uncle’s horse when I was little. Just sitting tall in the saddle, riding high on this enormous animal and being carried so smooth and rocking around the pasture…the feeling was so awesome and I wanted to do it about 50 more times, haha. And I’ve been in love with horses ever since that day! My top 3 prize choices would be:
    1. Shadow Horse by Alison Hart
    2. Astra by Cris Platt
    3. Life on Planet Cowgirl by Templeton Thompson

  6. Hey! I first fell in love with horses was when I saw Hopper. He was the first horse I have ever ridden, besides fair ponies, and i will never forget him. My grandma rode horses and she really wanted me to join horseback riding. So when I went to my first lesson I was about 7 and so nervous I was shaking, but when I looked into those big brownish black eyes all my fear slipped away. Somehow I new he would take care of me and everything would be alright. We had the best time riding around doing what my riding instructor told us to do, I felt like I was on top of the world. That was the best day in my whole life, and I will never forget him.
    1. Shadow Horse by Alison Hart
    2. Astra by Chris Platt
    3. Life on Planet Cowgirl by Templeton Thompson

  7. Hi, when my dad told me stories about when he had horses I loved what he told me so I started hoping that I would have a horse someday. I started reading books about them and dreaming about them but when I really fell in love with horse was when I went to a horse sale for the first time. they started running horses through the sale ring and my dad bid on few but didn’t win them then she came into the sale ring, she was my dream horse all black not a single marking on her, my dad asked me if liked her I nodded and he bid on her and won her! The next day when I got up early she came up to me and was my best friend and she still is.
    1. Artlab: horse drawing studio
    2. Templeton Thompson’s life on planet cowgirl
    3. Horse diaries #2: bell’s star

  8. About 11 years ago, I discovered the wonder of the equine world. From pictures and bits of pieces from my memory I recall my first encounter with one of God’s magnificent creatures. My mum and dad had brought me to a racehorse barn. This place was none other like I had been before. I loved everything about it. The smell of fresh hay, the barn kittens, but most of all the welcoming nickers. I found a large chestnut thoroughbred reaching his neck over to look at me. I think he was more curious about a little girl in a bright blue dress than I was of him. However as soon as looked into his brown eyes, my mum says she had to pry me away from the horse. I didn’t want to leave, and every time I have to leave my horse friends now I always feel an ache inside.

    Three choices

    1.Artlab: horse drawing studio
    2.Templeton Thompson’s Life on Planet Cowgirl CD
    3. Horse Diaries #2: Bell’s Star by Alison Hart

  9. hold on a darn second.. Id have to say that a tie for number three which choice id make is the Motion Horses Bookmark & Ruler. I saw what it looked like in motion and I have to say that its pretty neat!

  10. I think my earliest memories of horse fever would be on my granny’s farm. I was maybe five. I admired the knowing, majestic aire of the horse. Something deep inside sung when those big, dark eyes gazed at me. And of course, the feeling of their warm, sweet-smelling breath tickling down my back tugged my heartstrings. Riding them, just sitting on their bare back was the greatest feeling ever. My favourite days where spent on that farm with the horses. I never liked leaving them, and my love of horses has not wavered since.

    1. The Horse Charmer
    2. Astra
    3. Life On Planet Cowgirl CD

  11. I guess I became a horselover like most girls do,through books,movies,and friends.I don’t really have a memory were I fell in love with horses,It just happend through intrest in them.
    My pics would be
    2-ARTLAB:Horse drawing studio
    3-motions bookmark ad ruler

  12. i remember now it was the spring time in 2003 it started off as i went to a 99 store and my mom got my a burgandy brown horse and bought it for me and a palomino for my twin,then decided to take me to a farm park,and as i went inside i was amazed i saw a horse EXACTLY like mine! and my mom lift me up and it nuzzled on my right cheek and i realized i luv horses soo dearly!

  13. whoops! need a phew more,as we left however i knew there was something interesting about the horse! my choices are the 1drawing studio,2.astra, bookmark.

  14. I re-fell in love with horses when I was at my sisters riding lessons. I had loved horses before but then I started gymnastics, and that became my top priority. I had put all my time and effort into that, and completely forgot about horses. Then in the summer I broke my arm, both bones so my arm was literally a half of a circle. I was rushed to the hospital and had it fixed. But after a few weeks with my cast off I could still only rotate my wrist halfway. So I went to physical therapy for over half a year. It’s helped some but not a lot. So I was taken to another surgery, this time they cut my arm and by bones to insert a metal plate, then one year later it was removed. Soon I realized I loved horses, not gymnastics.

    The things I would hope to win would be,

    1. ARTLAB: Horse Drawing Studio

    2. Templeton Thompson’s Life on Planet Cowgirl CD

    3. Shadown Horse by Alison Hart

  15. Hay Girls. Great news — an additional prize has been added!

    See #2 above, a BEAUTIFUL print from the picture book My Pony, written and illustrated by Susan Jeffers who donated this print to our giveaway.

    I think this will be a coveted prize, so if you’ve already listed your choices and would like to change your picks it’s OK. Just add a comment with your revised picks.

  16. The pony print is super cute!Even though I like it,I think I”ll keep my other pics.Thanks LeadMare!~LD

  17. I don’t know exactly when I started loving horses, but I can always remember being crazy about them! When I was little I was always pretending I was a wild horse, and playing with my Breyer horse collection I started when I was eight. I’ve never owned a horse, except in my imagination, but I’m not giving up just yet! Fortunately, I’ve had riding experiance, but I’ve always had to say goodbye to the horses I’ve ridden. My favorite horse in the world was my grandpa’s horse Spud, but he was sold. I keep my horsey hopes alive by reading and writing stories!
    1.Shadow Horse

  18. I thinks I will keep my picks, but the poster is cute! By the way, when will the winner’s be announced?

  19. I seriously can’t remember a time when I didn’t love horses, a time when I didn’t want a horse of my own more than anything, or a time when a ride failed to bring a smile to my face that lasted so long my cheeks hurt when I made myself stop. But the first rides I can remember were on a gentle Thoroughbred mare named Maggie, where I discovered the magical sensation of riding. Probably the horse I’ve loved most,(other than the horse that I’m now getting after waiting for so long!), is an amazingly fast paint, named Paint, on which I got the basis for my poem What I Call Freedom. So I’d have to conclude that I’ve never really had a time where I FIRST fell in love with horses, but always have been in love with all of them. And my top three favorites are…

    (1) Shadow horse by Alison Hart
    (2)Astra by Chris Platt
    (3)My Pony Glicee Print by Susan Jeffers

  20. There used to be horse pastures that bordered my street. The horses were always out, grazing along the fence near our street. My brothers and I would take bags of carrots and apples and feed them. If we couldn’t get carrots or apples, we tore the grass that grew abundant on our side of the fence. The horses were very gentle and always seemed eager to see us kids coming with treats. I will never forget the glimmer of spirit in those horses eyes. They are the reason I’ve fallen in love with horses and never once looked back.

    1) Horse Diaries: Bell’s Star
    2) Astra by Chris Platt
    3) My Pony Glicee Print

  21. I had first fallen head over heals with horses when I was very little. I can’t recall the exact age, all I know is that horses had always been in my heart since that day. I went to a park with pony rides, train rides, and a zoo. My sister and I tried all of the amusements, but one still remained. The magical pony ride. I rode with awe and joy. I kept begging for ride after ride. When we had to leave I was devastated, however couldn’t miss a chance to say goodbye to the horses. Or any horses, for that matter. Now they are in my heart almost all the time.

    If I were to win, I would like:

    1.ARTLAB:Horse Drawing Studio
    2.Tempelton Thompson’s Life On Planet Cowgirl CD
    3.Astra by Chris Platt

  22. Western Filly: Winners will be announced 4th December. All info about the giveaway are listed above the prizes in case there’s anything else you would like to know :)

    Good luck everyone! Reading about everyone’s experiences has been very inspiring, and strangely therapeutic for the horse girl soul.

  23. I used to read Black Stallion and Thoroughbred and the Saddle Club series and those inspired me to ride. I am now a part-time instructor and have schooled up many young horses. It’s amazing what books can inspire! Keep reading and dreaming!

    my top choices are:
    1) Astra
    2) Shadow Horse
    3) Phantom Stallion

  24. Thanks, Madelaina!

  25. I’ve been in love since I’ve been born. It’s in my heart, soul, and mind. The true turning point was seeing my first born, just barely able to walk, toddle over to my quarter horse and plop down on the grass where he was eating. He walked a little closer to her and nudged her with his nose and she let out a squeal of delight. He just kept nudging her until she fell over with giggles. We’ve been fortunate enough to continue to build a great relationships and memories together with the presence of a horse.
    My choices are 1. Phantom, 2. the Tempelton CD, and 3. Astra
    thanks for the opportunity!

  26. The first time I fell in love with horse is when I was really young. I don’t remember the exact age, but I have always loved them. When I was around 6, my friend had a horse party and we got to ride the horses around a corral. Ever since then, they have always been in my heart. My friends and I always used to play like we were horses or we were on horses as spies, indians, cowboys, ect. Horses just set something off in my head, like for every other girl who loves horses. Their flowing manes, strong legs, majestic heads, wild yet gentle nature, who wouldn’t love them!

    My top three(3) choices would be:
    1. ARTLAB: Horse Drawing Studio
    2. Phantom Stallion Wild Horse Island #1: The Horse Charmer
    3. Astra by Chris Platt

  27. I first fell in love with horses when I was in preschool. We went to a pony farm for a feild trip. They were so sweet and the smell of the oat and hay sweet breath made me fall in love with them :) Another time was when I was five I rode a beautiful Arabian bareback. I wasnt scared a bit. Infact I was overjoyed. Just gripping the bueatiful mane when they trotted beautifuly was enough for me.
    So my top 3 choices are
    1.Shadow Horse
    2.Wild horse Island:Horse charmer
    3.Horse drawing studios

  28. I would be lying if i said i’ve always had a connection with horses. When i was little i was concentrating on wishing to be a fairy ( =-D) BUT i did spend a lot of time reading about them. I concentrated on other things until the moment i first set foot in a stable. It was at a friends camping party and she’d oranised a Pony Trek. The family had known i was nervous about everyhting, but apparently my confidence grew from then. I remember that hour not being long enough and i also remember the look on my ponies face ( Holly) when she threw me into a holly bush! Coincendene that her name was Holly? I don’t know. But i do know from then on nothing else mattered apart from being with horses.
    My top choices are;
    1. Astra by Chris Platt
    2. Templet0n Thompson CD
    3. Shadow Horse by Alison Hart
    Good luck everyone btw great horse memories

  29. I guess I started really getting interested in horses after my first visit to a stable near to our house. I was somewhere around 6 and a half and my dad, tired of all my begging finally gave in and took me for a visit. I remember going from stall to stall, petting the horses and wishing I had some apples to feed them.
    my top three choices are:
    1. Astra by Chris Platt
    2. my pony glicee print by Susan Jeffers
    3. motion horses bookmark & ruler

  30. I haven’t loved horses all my life (I wish I had!). I was more of fairies and pink girl until I was about 7 and my best friend went horse crazy. I was starting to get bored with her chatter about horses until I finally saw some horses for myself – I don’t really have any words to explain about how I felt. I pestered my parents until they let me have horse riding lessons and I have been a horse lover ever since.

    My top three choices are:
    1. The Phantom Stallion
    2. My Pony Glicee Print
    3. Horse Drawing Studio

  31. I have always been horse-crazy, but if I had to pinpoint a special moment that made me so, I would have to say that I fell in love with horses one day at the ranch of a cowboy friend. I was fascinated with the giant horses that galloped among the ranch. I remember the cowboy picking me up and placing me on the back of the horse, and then slinging himself up behind me. The chestnut horse was so quiet, and, at the cowboy’s beckoning, gently began to walk beneath me. I had a huge smile on my face as I buried my fingers into the soft, silky tan mane. For me, the ride couldn’t have been long enough. To this day, I am as horse crazy as the next person, and I owe it all to that one special ride.

    My picks are:
    1. The Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island
    2. My Pony print
    3. Horse Diaries #2

  32. I fell in love with horses at a young age. I remember sneaking out to the pastures every chance I got when I was a little girl, probably just 3 or 4 years old. I hiked across our little acreage and then through the forest till I saw our herd. When I found them I would walk from horse to horse, petting every single one of them. I dreamed of one day riding these beasts, galloping at breakneck speeds and jumping sky high! If only my mother would let me learn… On my 5th birthday my cowboy uncle gave me the single best present any kid ever got, a cute, fuzzy, Shetland pony, I affectionately named “Browny (can you guess what color he was?).” My first horse. The start of my beautiful, bruise-ridden, horsey life. Now I spend my days with my 15 horses, training and riding, just like I always wanted.

  33. I forgot to post my choices! Here they are:

    (1) ARTLAB: Horse Drawing Studio

    (2) Templeton Thompson’s Life on Planet Cowgirl CD

    (3) Phantom Stallion Wild Horse Island #1: The Horse Charmer

  34. I first remember falling in love with horses a long, long time ago.

    We had gone to a horse show to see some friends compete. My friends had another horse not competing and allowed me to ride her. I LOVED IT! We galloped across a green meadow. It was picture perfect and a favorite memory of mine.

    1. Artlab
    2. Templeton Thompson
    3. Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island autographed copy

  35. I believe I was 10 when out of nowhere I decided to check out a Saddle Club movie from the library near my school. I swear I watched that movie at least four times before asking my mom if I could have horseback riding lessons. I wanted to have that connection with horses the girls in the Saddle Club had. Sure enough a week later I found out I would have a horseback riding lesson afterschool Wednesday. Pulling into the sable’s parking lot and smelling the barn smells I wasn’t disgusted but actually felt at home. Through my lesson I couldn’t help but smile the entire time. Life seemed so perfect. Once the lesson was over I relentlessly got into my mom’s van and pulled away from the stable knowing I found something so amazing. Something I loved. Horses.

    1. My Pony Glicee Print
    2. Life on Planet Cowgirl CD
    3. Astra

  36. I’ve been reading a lot of books about horses since I was little. When I was about 5 ~ 6 years old, I loved fantasy stories of unicorns and horses in myths. Now, I enjoy reading classics like Black Beauty and National Velvet. Since I don’t have a horse, or take riding lessons, I also like to draw horses – I have a steadily growing herd of my own on the wall (like the author of “My Pony”). Ever since I found this fantastic website, I’ve also spent time reading the amazing stories and trying out the fun activities and ideas horse girls all over the world have written or thought of.

    My choices are:

    1) Phantom Stallion Wild Horse Island #1: The Horse Charmer
    2) My Pony Glicee Print by Susan Jeffers
    3) Motion Horses Bookmark & Ruler