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Fear Scent

Published by • Jul 22nd, 2011 • Category: Fiction

by Raven, age 15

Fear scent. Smell of sweat. Choking. Bodies pressing against me. Snorting, neighing, screaming, clanging—fear scent. Pain. Deep ache in my belly. Fear scent. What is happening?

I smell my own fear. Flies buzz in my eyes, all over me, over everyone. Fear scent. Death scent. Death? Who has been killed? Blood-scent. Who bled?

Hungry… so hungry. I want grass. My throat is dry with thirst. Water. Fear scent.

Horse crowds behind me. Too tired to kick. My head hangs and flies bite my eyes. Can’t shake them off. More clanging, shouting, fear-scent. Gate opens. Light stabs my eyes. I stagger after other horses out of the trailer. Confused. Fear scent.

Men with whips lash at us. Pain across my body. Vultures circle a big building. Smell of blood strengthens. Fear scent.

Herded into building. Gate slams behind us. Eyes burn, mouth dry. Fear scent. Another gate slams, trapping us. Overpowering fear scent.

Smell of blood again. Smell of death. They open gate, whip me through. I neigh. Fear scent.

Why am I leaving my companions?

What will happen to me?

Fear scent. Sweat on my body. Man in front of me leads me into a small pen. Ground slick with blood. Man raises shiny, sharp thing. What is happening?

…Fear scent.

My fear.

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  1. very simple and yet it speaks for thousands of voices.. silent horse voices. True horses aren’t humans and never should be thought of as. But they feel, they know loss in their own way, and they know pain…

  2. This is sooo sad but beautiful!
    Stop horse slaughter!!!! :O

  3. I’m sooo into this!!

  4. Post that story everywhere, profiles, comments, give it to people. A dymentional way to raise awarness about horseslaughter!! Keep writing raven!

  5. OHMYWORD I DIDN’T KNOW THIS GOT PUBLSIHED 8D day=made. thanks guys <3

  6. Awsome

  7. Are you going to put more on it?

  8. Well, there isn’t much more to say. The horse is slaughtered, and that’s the end. Like thousands of other horses :/