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Feeding Your Horse

Published by • Oct 29th, 2009 • Category: Horse Advice

by Allison, age 13

Fall FeastFeeding is probably the least thought-about aspect of horse ownership. Sure, everyone knows it’s important to feed your horses. But the right amount and type of feed can be more elusive for many horse owners. Here are some steps you can follow to get on the right track!

Check with your vet. They can tell you if your horse needs any additional supplements, and if so, what they are. Your vet will know about any specialty feeds that would benefit your horse and the right amounts of that feed.

Know what your horse is eating. This may be the most important thing of all. Does your horse graze in lush, green pastures often? If so, be careful not to overfeed him because he is probably getting a lot of what he needs from the pasture. Overfeeding can lead to obesity, colic, and founder. Do you or a friend from your barn give your horse treats constantly? While treats can be a great reward for a hard lesson, be sure you are careful about how many your horse gets. Tell your friends to ask you before they give your horse any treats.

Check the signs yourself. You can usually tell when a horse is over or underweight. If you’re not sure, you can check a great blog that’s right here on GHC, Weight Watchers. This blog is a wonderful guide to assessing a horse’s body condition.

While this hype about diet may not seem necessary, your horse’s diet affects her health and athletic performance.

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  1. Champion blog Ali! Its important to watch what your horse eats. Sometimes there can be poisoness plants out in the pasture like foxglove or horsetail. Its also important to check the quality and the freshness of the hay you feed your equine or they might end up with colic. I always love making molasses treats for my friend Izzy though. =0)

  2. Very well researched, informative, and great! Weight Watchers for horses! Of course, tons of riding and exercise will also help your horse work off all the treats because any horse that has a loving owner is bound to be spoiled with special treats at least once a week right? GREAT BLOG! I love it a whole lot!

  3. Great blog! I’ve never actually fed a horse. But I hope to soon! I’ve actually fed a horse on a Nancy Drew computer game (LOVE them!!!) and I accidentally killed a horse on the game :-( So everyone needs to know to be careful!!!! Nobody gets second chances when feeding a horse like in Nancy Drew.

    And my friend’s horse Promise LOVES peppermints. Silly horsie :-) Pic is adorable!!!

    I was actually really excited for this blog because I wanted to know about feeding horses!! :-)

  4. Once I wrote a report on how to care for a horse, feeding/stall/bathing etc. It was lots of fun learning about all this stuff!!

  5. Lol, I did the Nancy drew game to- and well, the horse died too. Great blog Allison, are you part of a 4-H group?

  6. Champion work! You brought up some good points.