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Fiction Competition Preview

Published by • Jun 16th, 2009 • Category: GHC News

This week I starting contacting potential sponsors and donors, and also laid out a time line for the judges. So far three of the four have said “I’m in!” As soon as I hear from the fourth, I’ll let you know who they are.

We’re starting to get prize donations (horse-themed books, music, clothing). I’m hoping someone will want to sponsor the competition so I can also offer a cash prize to the winners in each age group. That’s a long shot, but we can always hope!

Some quick info about the competition rules (official rules to come later) so you can start thinking about your entry:

  • At least one of the main characters must be a horse, and that character must play a key role in the storyline.
  • No genre restrictions – the story can be an adventure, a mystery, a fantasy or even science fiction.
  • Entries are limited to 6000 words or less. Shorter stories are also welcome.
  • Entries will be judged in two age categories: 11 and younger, 12 through 17.
  • Stories previously published at GHC are eligible for entry as long as they meet the requirements.
  • Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third place stories in each age group (6 total prize packages).
  • The competition is open to anyone who meets the age requirements.
  • Only one entry per author.
  • Only the winning entries will be published.
  • A mailing address is required to award prizes, but not required for entry. Please check with a parent before you enter to make sure it’s OK to provide a mailing address if you win a prize.

More details to come, but now you can start thinking about your entry.


P.S. I had a GREAT time at the Western States Horse Expo. Some photos are posted in the gallery.

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  1. CHampion! Sooo i had a question… could i finish up my begining story “The Loch Herd” and then enter that? This sounds fun… and i absolutly LOVE the expo pics wish i coulda been there.

  2. I am so EXCITED! *shrieks* Yay! Yay! Yay!

  3. Good gracious! That horse event must have been really fun, LeadMare!!!!!!! Do they do that every year?
    The fiction comp. sounds cool, too! Three cheers for GHC!

  4. Cool! I love contests! :) Are there any word count restrictions?

  5. This is great, I can’t wait, I’ll get started n my story!

  6. Wow sounds great!
    by the way I was at the Western States Horse Expo as well!

  7. Sounds great LeadMare! How did you get the prizes? Horse themed books sounds awesome!

  8. HF, yes you can finish that story and enter it. That’s a good idea.

    Narnian Rose, the horse expo is held every year around the same time.

    Horsey at Heart, yes there will be a word limit, the max being something like a novelette. Rachel Danielle’s story Horns of Enchantment is a good example of a novelette, which is ~6000 words. Shorter stories are also welcome. I added the word count limit above so I won’t forget to include it in the final rules. ;)

    Ginger, hope you had fun at the expo!

    WesternMare, frequently I’m contacted by companies and individuals wanting me to review or promote their product at GHC. Usually I say I can’t guarantee anything, but if they still want to send something I’ll include it in a future competition or giveaway. So some of the items came that way, and others are being donated specifically for this competition.

  9. One additional thought: Some parents are not comfortable giving out a mailing address, so if that’s the case for you and you still want to enter it’s OK. If a winner is not able to accept their prize, they can donate it to a charity of their choice. I hope this allows for greater participation.

  10. I can’t wait but I can’t give my mailing address. Oh well, doubt I’ll win any ways. *smile*

  11. What if I’d already published the story on here, but it was in the loft? Could I still submit that story?

  12. LeadMare: Do you have any idea when the fiction competition will start? Like in a month or so? I REALLY don’t wanna miss it!
    Thank You,
    Narnian Rose

  13. Oh thats cool. It seems like this will be fun!

  14. i new @ this sort of thing so i waz wonderin wher do we send our stories?

  15. mustang23, yes you can submit a story that was previously published in the loft.

    Narnian Rose and everyone else who’s planning to enter, I’ll post the competition timeline and more info sometime this weekend. You’ll have plenty of time to submit an entry after it opens.

    JB submissions will also open this weekend.

    Emilie, welcome to GHC. General submissions are currently closed. When contest details are posted it will include instructions for how to enter the competition, which is open to everyone.

  16. Hmmm…. I have an idea for my story; I think I’ll just build on the character from the role play. Her life before she went to Lady C’s….. maybe a few years prier.

    Anywho, the competition sounds fantastic!

  17. Thanks LeadMare! This is so exciting!

  18. Welcome to GHC Emilie!

    I better start writing! This should be fun, even if I don’t win. =)

  19. I can’t wait to enter!

  20. Leadmare, next Saturday I’m going to camp and won’t have access to the computer. Can I submit my story early?

  21. Stargazer, no entries will be accepted before the competition opens. But don’t worry — I wouldn’t spring a competition like this on you and only give you a short window to enter. You’ll have much of the summer to submit your entry.

  22. When will GHC be back and running again? I have so many stories and poems waiting in my note book!

  23. Violet Inkpen, the JB submission form is open. You need to use the email link below to learn how to access the form.

  24. Awsome!….I love writing! I want to be an author when im older so this could be my big break!

  25. Its been such a long time since I’ve been on GHC. The computer wasn’t working and such…

    But this sounds totally fun!! I am going to start right away.

  26. LeadMare,
    I got us a sponsor from BellaSara! It was really easy. I told them to email you at the GHC email address. They said they were willing to give some promo cards…


  27. That’s fantastic Mustangmane — lots of whinnies and nickers to you!

  28. WAY TO GO MUSTANGMANE!!! WHOO HOOO NEIGH NICKER!! sorry i got a little carried away lol

  29. Wow! YAY! Thanks Mustangmane! I’ve been looking around for sponsors-it looks like I may have one. I’ll see!

  30. Actually, LeadMare, could I do a blog about helping out? I really would like to.


  31. Lots of nickers and whinnies to Mustangmane!!

  32. This sounds awesome! Is this only for girls? What are the prizes?

  33. G”day Maria

    Yeah its only for girls hence “Girls Horse Club” =0) The prizes are still being donated as for right now.. Leadmare will make that clear later on.. Hope you join us in creative writing!

  34. HorseFeathers, thanks for your help responding to questions.

    One correction on the response to Maria: The competition requirements say it’s open to anyone 17 or younger. Boys are are included in anyone. :) This club is geared to girls but I don’t want to exclude horse-crazy boys.

    Click here for the full requirements and competition info.

  35. oh wow that that includes my brothers! Thanks for clearing that up Leadmare! Now CJ and Jar, ( my bros) are excited! ;0) Have fun y’all

  36. I’m closing comments on this blog since the official competition info is now posted here with the up-to-date entry requirements and competition info. Trot on over…