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Fiction Competition Prize Round-Up

Published by • Jun 27th, 2009 • Category: Competitions & Giveaways

First, let’s have a boisterous round of nickers and whinnies for our prize donors. THANK YOU, thank you from the bottom of our hooves for the great horse-themed books, collectibles, clothing, music and other goodies! I’ve included lots ‘o links so you can learn more about the generous companies and individuals supporting our fiction competition.

Now get your scrolling finger ready — the round-up is long, and as more prizes arrive it will get even longer (hint-hint to anyone still interested in donating or sponsoring).

Each of the six winners will receive the following…

Black Beauty

Black Beauty, retold by Sharon Lerner, illustrated by Susan Jeffers

Anna Sewell’s classic Black Beauty comes vividly to life in this 40-page picture-book adaptation by Sharon Lerner. Follow the famous stallion as he meets many masters, from Squire Gordon, whose wife Black Beauty saves nearly at the cost of his own life; to the cruel Nicholas Skinner, who drives horses to death; and finally to a reunion with Joe, the kind groom he knew as a colt. Caldecott Award winner Susan Jeffers illustrates this tale with lush watercolor drawings.

Each winner will receive one autographed copy donated by Sharon Lerner.

Wild Horse Island #1: The Horse Charmer by Terri Farley

Wild Horse Island #1: The Horse Charmer, by Terri Farley

Darby Carter loves horses, even though she’s never actually ridden one. Darby’s grandfather is an expert rider—in fact, he owns a horse ranch in Hawaii. So when he agrees to take her in—along with the beautiful mustang Darby saved on the range in Nevada—she knows she can’t refuse, even if she is a little terrified! But Darby’s filly arrives in bad shape, and Darby’s grandfather wonders if the wild horse will ever trust a human again. Can Darby take the reins and save her horse—or has she lost the mustang forever?

Each winner will receive one autographed copy donated by Terri Farley.

Take the Reins by Jessica Burkhart

Take the Reins, by Jessica Burkhart

When Sasha Silver and her horse, Charm, arrive on the campus of the elite Canterwood Crest Academy, Sasha knows that she’s in trouble. She’s not exactly welcomed with open arms. One group of girls in particular is used to being the best, the brightest, and the prettiest on the team, and when Sasha shows her skills in the arena, the girls’ claws come out. Sasha is determined to prove that she belongs at Canterwood. Will she rise to the occasion and make the advanced riding team by the end of her first semester? Or will the pressure send Sasha packing?

Each winner will receive one copy donated by Jessica Burkhart and Simon & Schuster.

Precious Moments You Shine In Every Arena Figurine & Frame

“You Shine In Every Arena” frame and figurine by Precious Moments

This 5.5″ high bisque porcelain figurine from Precious Moments is the very picture of disciplined grace, with a charming English equestrian who makes it all look so easy! To accompany your figurine, a resin frame with a 5″ x 3 1/2″ opening is the perfect place for a picture of you and your dream horse.

Each winner will receive one figurine with a matching frame donated by Precious Moments, creators of

Hippie Chic Cowgirl Sweatshirt

Templeton Thompson Music Collection

If you love horses, you’ll love Templeton’s music. This collection includes the CDs girls & horses (GHC review here), On Horses’ Wings (a compilation featuring Templeton and other artists to benefit Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center), and the limited edition life on planet cowgirl sketches, a preview of her upcoming CD that features Templeton telling the story behind each song.

Each winner will receive two music CDs donated by Templeton Thompson.

Bella Sara PC Game

Bella Sara PC Game

Bring the magical world of Bella Sara to life with the Bella Sara video game! Be a hero in your own story set in an interactive world of fantasy horses. Get ready to discover secret items and exclusive cards to activate online at

  • Befriend 6 beautiful horses from the world of Bella Sara
  • Activate the exclusive horse ‘Excelsior’
  • Explore the magical trails of North of North
  • Maintain your stable, groom your horses and watch them blossom

This and other great Bella Sara products can be found at the Bella Sara Store. Each winner will receive the Bella Sara PC game donated by Bella Sara.

GHC Lucky Girl Journal

GHC Lucky Girl Journal

If you have the talent to win this competition, you’re definitely a Lucky Girl! Now you’ll have this 160-page journal (plus other great prizes) to prove it. Record your thoughts and writings, or use it as a sketchbook. The Lucky Girl journal measures 5″ x 8″, a perfect size for your handbag, backpack or saddle bag. May the horsey muse be with you!

Each winner will receive one journal donated by Girls Horse Club.

The prizes below will go to individual winners. As we get closer to the competition deadline, they’ll be organized into prize packages…

Elmer Horse Bookends

Elmer Horse Bookends

The perfect prize to accompany all the books in our prize round-up, these whimsical bookends featuring Elmer are a nice touch for the bedroom of any horse girl with a fancy for fun (and horses, of course). Bookends are 7.5″ tall and made from a sturdy poly-resin.

Four winners will each receive a set the Elmer Bookends donated by Wild Horsefeathers.

Horses of Half Moon Ranch Series by Jenny Oldfield

Horses of Half Moon Ranch Series, by Jenny Oldfield

Kirstie Scott lives, breathes, and sleeps horses. She and her family run Half Moon Ranch in Colorado’s Meltwater Range. Undaunted by the wild and dangerous terrain, Kirstie loves riding through the tall forests and deep canyons that surround the ranch. But most of all, she loves the horses; whether they are working horses, a rodeo horse, or even wild horses, they make sure life is never dull on Half Moon Ranch…

Two winners will each receive a set (6 books) of the Horses of Half Moon Ranch series donated by Sourcebooks.

Lucky Foot Stables Series by JoAnn Dawson

Lucky Foot Stables Series, by JoAnn Dawson

The Lucky Foot Stable series follows the adventures of two epic friends Mary and Jody and their favorite ponies, Lady and Gypsy. Lady’s Big Surprise, Star of Wonder, Star Discovered, and Mary and Jody in the Movies are written by JoAnn Dawson. She runs a bed and breakfast in Maryland that offers riding lessons, trail rides and a summer camp for children, and she’s also an actress who appeared in some well-known movies.

Two winners will each receive a set (4 books) of the Lucky Foot Stables series donated by Sourcebooks.

Black Diamond and Blake by Deborah Blumenthal

Black Diamond and Blake, by Deborah Blumenthal, illustrated by Miles Hyman

After every race, Black Diamond would stand with a wreath around his neck while cameras clicked and smiling people called him champ. But when he stumbles and hurts his leg, all that vanishes. Black Diamond’s new home has high walls topped with razor wire, and the men who live there are called prisoners. Will anyone in this strange new place think he’s the best, treat him like a champ? In this tender friendship story, the author draws on real-life programs that teach inmates to take care of horses and other animals.

One winner will receive a copy of Black Diamond and Blake donated by Deborah Blumenthal and Random House/Knopf Books.

Horsemistress Saga by Toby Bishop

The Horsemistress Saga, by Toby Bishop

The three books in the Horsemistress Saga — Airs Beneath the Moon, Airs and Graces, Airs of Night and Sea — tell the story of young Larkyn Hamley, an Uplands farm girl whose life takes a turn she had never imagined after she bonds with a winged horse. Because the bond is for life, Lark must attend the Academy of the Air where, along with young women of noble birth (some who don’t take kindly to riding alongside a farm girl) are taught to ride their winged foals and defend the Duchy of Oc.

One winner will receive an autographed set of the Horsemistress Saga (3 books) donated by Girls Horse Club.

Templeton Thompson T-Shirt

Templeton Thompson Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Templeton Thompson is a life-long horse girl and talented singer/songwriter. She has written songs recorded by country superstars and included on movie soundtracks. She’s recorded four CDs of her own and travels around the world performing, often with her horse Jane. The front of this white t-shirt has Templeton’s motto Dream Big, Work Hard, Have Faith. The back has her horse-inspired logo. Junior siz large (sorry, no other sizes available).

Two winners will receive this t-shirt donated by Templeton Thompson.

Hippie Chic Cowgirl Sweatshirt

Hippie Chic Cowgirl

Long-Sleeve Hooded Sweatshirt

A hot chocolate brown or denim blue hooded sweatshirt with a distressed look.The front has the red and purple Hippie Chic Cowgirl logo and a small patch at the hemline with Templeton’s motto Dream Big, Work Hard, Have Faith. Ladies size small (sorry, no other sizes available).

Four winners will receive a sweatshirt (3 brown, 1 blue) donated by Templeton Thompson.

Hippie Chic Cowgirl Sweatshirt

Plush Phantom Stallion

Cuddle up with this adorable plush Phantom Stallion when you’re settling in to read one of Terri’s books — so sweet!

One winner will receive this plush Phantom Stallion donated by Terri Farley.

Check back for more prize additions throughout the competition!

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  1. The prizes sound great! I can’t wait to enter the contest!

  2. I am so excited!!!!!!! The prizes are perfect! I am going work SO hard on my story

  3. Wow, that’s a long list of prizes, whoever wins will most definitely deserve their package. Neverending thanks to LeadMare for organising all of this, you have no idea how much I appreciate this. And of course, thank you all donors and sponsors for these wonderful prizes!

  4. Champion donations! I thank every one of the sponsors also! I emailed and a few other places but it looks like were off to a great start!

  5. These donations are all tooooooooooooooooooo awesome! THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR DONORS! You have no idea how much we appreciate this!!!

    I’ve wanted that for ages!! I hope I get it :)
    Amazing prizes, herd!

  7. I already started my story :] Im going to write three then they’ll get judged by my friends and the best one ill submit

  8. Oh my!!! What wonderful prizes!! Lucky to those who win them!

  9. wow I REALLY want those books! But I can’t accept them even if I win.

  10. I AM STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m trying to finish my stories, but the hype, I guess, ends a little too quickly. *sigh*. I’m working on it!

  11. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What great prizes!!! I should start my story VERY soon!

  12. I want those books sooooooooo much!! I hope I win![crossing fingers]

  13. lol im just so thrilled to see all these young people interested in writing and horses! ;0) Y’all keep at it!

  14. Wow! Such great prizes! I simply CANNOT wait to get started on my story!!!

  15. This is going to be a tough contest. So many great writers are are going to take part.

  16. I love all the prizes! I doubt I’ll win though…

  17. I just want to let y’all know… EVERYONE has just a good a chance to win as the next person. It really depends on how much you individualy apply yourself to your work. Good luck to all of you

  18. WOW!!! Everything looks so COOL! This is going to be fun…

  19. DianaLUV, don’t say that! You have just as much of a chance as anyone else!

  20. I just can’t wait

  21. Thanks to Allison we have another prize donation coming from Wild Horsefeathers! They have the best horsey gifts — can’t wait to see what they’re sending!

  22. Champion! Love the name to “wild Horsefeathers” =0D. Good job Ali!


  24. The prizes are so awesome! I am still writing my story though…

  25. Wow- awesome Allison! Thanks!

  26. These prizes look awesome. Do all age winners receive these items or will the best winners items only go to the older kids????

  27. I can’t wait to enter! I’m working on my story for it now! I love love love the prizes!

  28. Kathryn De’ Author: Hi, to enter, there is an “Entry Form” link at the top of the right hand side under “Fiction Competition Quick Links”. Clicking on that will bring you to a page where it says “If you understand the ENTRY REQUIREMENTS and are ready to enter, CLICK HERE FOR THE ENTRY FORM.” All you have to do then is to click on “Click Here for the Entry Form”, fill everything out and send your entry in :)

    The competition is organised into two age groups – ages 11 and younger, and ages 12 to 17. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be chosen out of each group, so all entrants have a chance of winning, not just those who are older. All six winners will receive the first five items listed, but the rest of the prizes will be organised into prize packages, which currently aren’t confirmed. Hope this helped, and good luck with your story!

  29. Alison, thanks. I’m a rubbish writer though. I hope I win so I can show you how terrible my stories are! LOL

  30. Awwwwwwww…. I want them all! lol!
    I’m feeling greedy at the mo!

  31. Kathryn De’ Author, ill let Mrs. Leadmare answer that on a permanent note but i think she’s going to try and make it as fair as possible with the younger and older kids. Personaly, i think they’re all champion prizes. Oh and Kanthryn you don’t need to be nervous, just write the best you can and write it from the heart- im pretty sure thats all the judges ask of you. (besides the rules)

  32. The prizies sound !great I can’t wait to see who wins.

  33. These prizes are SO cool! I’ll probably not win anything, but still… they’re so COOL!

    Fatima, are you Muslim?

  34. Horsey at heart– its good that you’re making conversation with other horse girls but i would suggest you try and stay away from religion conversation. I mean i do tell my friends here that im praying for them but personal conversations can get deep somtimes. Just a friendly nicker from your herd friend

  35. horse-tastic prizes! good luck to each and everyone who enters!

  36. Yay! I think my favorites is the book called “Horses of Half Moon Ranch: Wild Horses”…And maybe the “Hippie Chic Cowgirl” Sweatshirt, I would love that too..I even like the plush Phantom Stallion, I’m a plush animal freak, especially when they are plush horses!!!!

  37. HorseFeathers, you’re diplomatic and give good advice.

    Horsey at Heart, asking someone their religious beliefs is a very personal question, and really has nothing to do with what GHC is about. I’m sure your intent was positive, just try to avoid personal questions and topics that are so far removed from our common interest in horses and the fiction competition. Thanks.

  38. wow!!! thank you to all of the peaple who sent these gifts. i cannot wait to enter!!


  40. WOAH! The Templeton Thompson CDS, WOW!
    That is SO awesome!

  41. Wow, all the winners are getting more stuff! And four people for the jumpers! My personal faveourite is the hot chocolate brown jumper, it’s gorgeous! ☺

  42. Hey LeadMare,
    Where are some of the things going?

    The other Templeton Thompson shirt isn’t there (the white one) I was just wandering where it went.

  43. DianaLUV- what about a jumper? You mean a horse jumper or the clothing? lol im a little confused.


  44. Pony Princess, good eye and thanks for catching that. It’s fixed now.

    HorseFeathers, I think jumper is what our European horse sisters call a sweatshirt. I love it that we have such a global group of horse girls here!

  45. ahhh champion! lol I have heritage from England and Australia but not Europe! Fasinating mates! =0)

  46. This is so exciting!
    LeadMare: I was reading about how some people are guest bloggers. I’m guessing though that you have to wait till the Rosters are open, till you can become a guest blogger, and then possibly a Junior Blogger. Just curious, thanks!

  47. You caught me guys! lol
    I’m Irish. Yup Europe has it’s ways! :-P

  48. lol DianaLUV that’s champion! I have always wanted to visit Ireland. =0)

  49. Nevada Sunshine, that’s it in a nutshell. Your question is answered in more detail on the HELP/QUESTIONS page. See ‘How can I become a blogger or get a story published at”

  50. DianaLUV, nice to have a GHCer from Ireland. One of the first blogs ever posted here was about a place I visited in Ireland, Horses of Ireland: Colaiste Ide. Most of my family originated there so it was wonderful to visit. I’ll never forget the beauty of the country and the kindness of the people I met.

    HF, the UK is part of Europe. Check out Wikipedia to see a map of all the European countries.

  51. Neat, I read Horses of Ireland: Colaiste Ide and it was really good. I’ve got to visit there myself
    And I can’t wait till I go to the Gaeilteacht, it’s an all Irish speaking school were you can go and stay there for two weeks. When I learn more Irish, I can either annoy you all with it or teach you all with it!
    Slán! :OP

  52. ahh thanks for the info… as you can tell im not really knowlegeable with geography. =0)

  53. How NEAT HorseFeathers and DianaLUV♥!!! Now this is NOT made-up:I’m Dutch,Belgian,–not the draft horse Belgian☺-German,–oh,shoot!I can’t remember one!–,French Canadian,–which is a half-breed from the Aloqiun and Huruquin tribes of Canada marrying French trappers–and 50% Polish.Yeah,my mom’s 100% Polish.All the jibberjabber’s from Dad.I live in the U.S.which make’s me wonder beside DianaLUV♥ how many of GHC girls are from places outside the U.S.~~~Thanks again DianaLUV♥ for telling me how to make that heart!~~~SP♣Good♣Luck♣y’all♣

  54. SweetPea, what a load of jibberjabber! I can’t even begin to understand your dad’s origins, but at least I can understand your mom’s!
    You make me feel boring for having such basic bloodlines! lol
    ~D ;-) (I changed the smiley!!!)

  55. Thanks SweetPea! lol jibber-jabber from dad? lol same as my dad (he’s from the Germany side)

  56. I’m so entering this contest. Have some ideas, none for sure though,

    Anyways, this contest looks awesome!

  57. wow..these prizes look awesome! i cant wait to start!! i love writing, this will be a blast!!

  58. More prizes added above, thanks to Bella Sara and Wild Horsefeathers!

    Special thanks to mustangmane and Allison for your help rounding up these awesome prizes!

  59. Thank you Bella Sara, Wild Horsefeathers, mustangmane, and Alison!

  60. Thank you for everything Bella Sara and Wild HorseFeathers. And thanks to mustangmane and Ali for getting in touch with these champion companies

  61. Thank you everyone! And Lead Mare too, for putting this together.

  62. Thank’s all donators,mustangmane,and Alison!Totaly cool prizes!And that goes for what the judges donated to!

  63. Wow!!!These are sooooooooooooo cool!!!

  64. Michelle- i had a brief question.. how did you put together those champion pics in the gallery? Is it digital art???

  65. Michelle, if you respond to HF’s questions in the gallery others can see the answers along with the original question and the artwork. Everything makes more sense in context. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art with GHCers!

  66. Welcome :D I’m glad you like it… I’ll go over to the gallery now

  67. Congrats to author Jessica Burhart CanterwoodCrest has been extended to 12 books!!! Awesome!

  68. Really?! YAY! Thats my fave series!

  69. Leadmare when I tried to send the links, but it said “Sorry, comments are closed for this item.” Have you closed the Fiction Competition’s blog’s commenting? (Sorry I don’t know how to word it, hopefully it makes sense).

  70. Thanks for catching that Fatima — it’s fixed now.

  71. It works now! For some reason it wouldn’t let me submit the links before.

  72. I entered yesterday and I hope that I win that cool horse game!

  73. The prizes seem so cool! I hope I win! I really want the Templeton Thompson CD’s.

  74. OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!! Two new prezzies! I’m so happy! Yay, I hope I win!

  75. I’m dancing circles,circles,circles… YIPEEEEEEEEEE I finaly entered. Hope I win!

  76. do u have to find a way to make a cover if so i do not kno how

  77. kk98szebras- no, no cover needed… though you can always make art about your story in the gallery! =0)

  78. No you don’t have to make a cover, just have to submit your story. Most pictures are also added by Leadmare when she publishes the story.

    Good luck!


  79. Ooh, most excellent. Two good things in one: horses and a writing contest. ;)
    I can’t wait! Even if I don’t win, it’ll be nice to have something to write.


  80. This is sort of off topic, but I really am curious:

    When are the general blog submissions going to be open? That’s what they’re called, right?

  81. Michelle, thanks for your interest but there are no plans to consider guest submissions until well after the competition is over. When an open submission period is determined it will be announced in GHC news and on the publishing and events calendar.

  82. Okay. Thanks! :D

  83. question…how will you get our addresses to mail our prizes to us if we win?? are you going to send us a email asking for our addresses, or is there a place to put our addresses on the entry form?

  84. There’s a place for the addresses on the entry form, I think. I was entering something then at the last minute I decided to change it and I’m pretty sure the email thing was there. xD


  85. Lana, the contest info states ‘A mailing address is not required for entry, but is required to award prizes. Winners who do not want to provide a mailing address may donate their prize package to a horse-related non-profit organization.’

    Winners will be contacted via the email address on their entry with instructions for how to provide a mailing address or designate a horse-related non-profit organization for the prizes.

  86. The prizes are great.I can’t wait till September 12. I want to see who wins. i entered. I hope you like it.

  87. Will the non-winners get to know who the winners are? I hope so. Horse Club, congratulate the winners from me! When is the next writing contest? I’m willing to enter it!

  88. How many prizes will there be????
    Thanks to all who’ve sponsored!

    – Ponyrider

  89. Ponyrider- in the descriptions of the prizes it states how many of the winners will recieve the prize. I have a pretty good idea that it will all be put together in a prize package or something. What you see is what you get. =0) And i know for one that i like what i see. lol

  90. thanks leadmare, that helped! good luck all! i hope you will all post your stories so we can read them, even if you dont win! they all sound fantastic!

  91. Good luck to everyone! :D The prizes are great! I just love the Precious Moments one! :O too cute!

  92. Ahh! I have to finish my story, proof-read and send in quick! Eeek!

  93. Yaaaa~ I love comps and I just entered this one!!! GHC rocks! I’m thinking of buying a website to help with horse advice!

  94. Wow! I really wish i could enter this compatition! But i dont have a story ready. :-( OH well. Great prizes! Thanks for everythin’, leadmare!


  95. Leadmare,

    Ummm, is it okay if our story was half-way paragraphed? I didn’t have time to paragraph the rest of my story.. Is that ok??

    btw, the prizes look Amazing!! I cannot wait for Sept. 12th!!


  96. KTWA, we did not disqualify any stories for lack of paragraphs so you should have nothing to worry about.

  97. LeadMare, is there any chance that the stories that didn’t get picked might be published anyway? Cuz I would LOVE to read the other stories, not just the winning entries. Also, is there any chance that the Loft Book Club will come back? Cuz I miss that like crazy!

  98. Ok! Thank you, Leadmare ;)

  99. mustang23, when general submissions open entrants are welcome to re-submit their stories for general publication. That’s not going to happen until after the competition is wrapped up, but I’ll be sure to let everyone know when future plans are solidified.

  100. mustang 23, didn’t mean to ignore your other question about the LBC. I miss it too, but don’t have the resources to rebuild anytime soon. Someday…

  101. Is September 12th a Monday? Cuz I got school then, and it will take me a while to check on the comp updates. Ahhhhh…. School is wearing me down. An evil teacher is my History teacher… Two history classes tomorrow! Help!:(

  102. DianaLuv0- no mate, Sept the 12th is on a Saturday! Horray cheers and all that lol. I know what you mean.. ugh im taking economics.. i despise it.. but i have to learn. =0) I wonder.. why do kids and teens hate school? is it the homework?

  103. It’s the learning x] and if your anything like me you can’t sit still for more than thirty seconds that’s also a problem.

  104. LOL Michelle i love the learning its the learning I have to work out on paper after paper that i dont like. Its in my head and ill get it back out when i need it in life.. ya know what i mean? lol I mean when am i going to use quadradic equations when running a ranch or something like that? Welllll i guess Vet work does require alot of mathmatics soo.. sigh

  105. I’m not sure I WANT to win – the HM Saga is individual XD
    These prizes are soo cool.

  106. Okay……. so um i new to this website and what are you guys talking about??

  107. Oh No! I have Irish lessons tomorrow and she is 10 times as bad as my Irish teacher!
    I’ll check the website at around 7pm on Saturday as I have a horse-riding lesson then and I help out until 6pm. And guys, I might get onto my Equestrian Centre’s U12, showjumping team! Yay!
    And if I get on, I’ll probably be allowed to pick a horse! And I’ll no doubt pick my fave one, Marley! (Or Marls to me!)
    So happy!

    *Thinks* Maybe I’ll make it big time by jumping…

  108. I meant to say, my Irish teacher is 10 times as bad as my HISTORY teacher! She makes him look timid! (We call her Miss Onion, as she makes people cry)

  109. Six days left till the winners are revealed!

  110. We’re talking about the prizes being awarded to the winners being announced this Saturday for the horse involved writing contest. :) We are so excited as you can probably tell lol

  111. thats great dianaluv! i wish i could jump well. my horse (jas) is an arab, and she always does her best for me, but she is just not cut out for jumping, plus my parents wont let my compete or show, so thats bummy:(

  112. I’m soo excited!!! Only five days left! Good luck and blessings to all of you!

    Namarie for now,
    Rochlia Starflight

  113. Ahhh… It’s fine Lana. Arab’s usually excel at dressage. Maybe that’s her potential! *sparkly eyes*

  114. DianaLUV- Ms Onion.. LOL LOL oh thats a good one.. haha sigh.. i think we all have that one teacher somtime in our lives that doesn’t quite agree with your learning experience. mmmhmm lol i remember this one teacher in lower grade (elementry) that was as mean as a hornet nest thrown in a river.. her name was Ms. Phillis and we all called her “Old Filly”
    … we learned from her though

  115. I simply CAN’T wait for the entries to come in! I seriously think that the judges will pick the most amazing stories out of all the entries and they are SURE to be great!

  116. :) good idea dianaluv. she does have great paces, so you may be onto something. right now i am really bored though, cause it’s pouring and i cant ride or hang out with my horse…guess i’ll work on a short story or poem or something…anything to keep my mind off the contest winners!!

  117. I love dressage! :D I don’t jump either, because I have over protective parents. *sigh* But I’m happy I’m still riding, I suppose. Dressage is now more than just the only type of riding I could do, but it’s a passion for me. Even though you can’t compete, you should consider pursuing it Lana. There are two main types of dressage. There’s classical, which is what you usually start out with where they give you a test and you must perform it, then there’s musical freestyle where you create your own test to any music that you want. I’m starting the second one soon, and I’m realllyyyyy excited!

  118. that sounds fun! i love jumping, its so beautiful the way the horse and the rider become one and soar over jumps! its the best thing i’ve ever experienced, even on my skittish, yet gorgeous horse, who cant jump for peanuts:) i’m going to read her all the winning stories when they are posted. she loves standing in her stall while i read ( she chews on my books though:) cant wait till saturday!

  119. *Sigh*

    The art of dressage

  120. i am so excited! tomorrow the winners are going to be announced! seriously, i am about to explode if saturday dosent come soon. does anyone know what time the winners will be posted?? i really really really am excited (in case you guys couldnt tell) i’ve read previous stories that have been posted, and they are FANTASTIC! i bet the winning stories will blow our minds:) i’m just excited that my fave author (terri farley, luv her books:) read my story!

  121. Today is the day! I guess the winners aren’t posted yet. I got up really early in the morning to see if the judges had made their decesion. I am soo excited!!

  122. Comments have closed on the prize round-up. Each winner will receive the prizes in the first group. GHC will allocate the second group to individual prize packages based on the winner’s rank and age. Oh, and there may be a nice surprise or two. :-}

    Winners will be contacted with instructions for how to claim their prizes or, if preferred, how to donate their prize package to a horse-related non-profit organization.

    Thanks again to all our wonderful donors!