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Five Reasons to Save a Life

Published by • Oct 28th, 2007 • Category: Take a Stand

by Rebecca Shyly, age 11

Below are five reasons to save a life instead of buying one. I wrote this for a club that my friend and I have. I hope this makes a difference in the way you think.

Reason one to save horses: Horses have carried us through history and now we slaughter them? That doesn’t seem right to me. How about you?


Reason two to save horses: Horses do so much for us. They race for our entertainment, they jump high to please us, they follow our directions because they trust us. So we eat them? Not okay with me!


Reason three to save horses: They carried us through battle all these years. When we remember war we think of the brave soldiers of the past, but what about their mounts who ran into the gunfire for their riders. I wouldn’t do that just because the guy on my back said to. Would you?


Reason four to save horses: It’s our fault they’re over populated and have to be auctioned off to killer buyers. We breed our horses because a foal would be “oh so cute” and then when it’s old and we don’t want it anymore we get rid of it! I don’t think that’s fair, do you?


Reason five to save horses: You can save a life. Instead of buying a pure bred foal, pony or horse for sale, go to an auction and adopt a horse that needs a miracle, not just a stall. That sounds magical to me. How about you?


Speak for the horses. They don’t have voices, but you do!

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  1. So very true blog xx Love it xx :D :D :D :D :) :) :)

  2. Thanks! I really feel strongly about horse slaughter! NOT OKAY!!!! Anyways glad you liked it Tori!

  3. Awesome blog

  4. Your ideas were so brilliant! I hope all the breeders and slaughter houses of the world can read this blog and realize their mistakes! I love it Horsecrazzz! Well done!

  5. All of it is so true! I hope some day we can just demolish all those slaughter houses and stop slaughter for good!

  6. I love it! Good thinking to have a club to stop slaughter, I tried to make a horsy club but none of my friends are that horse mad and wanted it to be about tigers and turtles aswell.

  7. Thanks everyone! I’m glowing with happieness right now! O:-)Em: That stinks that none of your friends are horse crazy…I had that problem 2 for a while…then I convinced my bff that horses are cool and now we are both horse crazy!

  8. i agree with everything,
    but i think their would be 1000 of reason not only 5. :)

  9. yeah your right emme! I agree completely but that would be a very long blog!

  10. I just read it again! Lovely.

  11. Amazing! You are only 11?!? You rock! :)
    You are horses gardian O:-)

  12. That was really touching. And Your only 11!!!!!

  13. awesome!! Mich Gel, what do you mean shes only 11! thats sooo cool! :)

  14. Glad you all like it!

  15. this may be a bit late but


    did u no that salami has horse meat in it and people who catch crabs use horse meat too! :(( :-O

  16. Ewww … I only ate salami once and I won’t eat it again. Thanks Penny.

    I won’t eat crabs either.

  17. Horse meat in salami??? I think I’m going to get sick…that’s awful, why would they do that? And crabs, surely they can find something else as bait! *prepares fists and signs up for karate lessons*

  18. OMG! Luckily, I HATE SALAMI! It tastes horrid! And crabs?!?!?! WHO KNEW! Great blog Horsecrazzz, and thanx for bringing that up Penny!!!

  19. hey i tottaly agree that stuff is stupied horses are joyful, loving and they have been here for ages and mow all they want ot do is EAT THEM i don’t think so. cuz i got almost 30 head of horses at home and they dont even want to think about eating them welp i guess i got to go. sorry to cut you all sort….

  20. hey you all probley dont know me but my name is kristie and i’m a horse lover and what they are doing is all full killing pretty animals like horse to eat them that is horriable. gosh that should be aginst the law so let’s OUTLAW IT… see ya all later love kristie ;;) :-/ :D

  21. Actually, horse slaughter in the US is illegal, but it is legal, however, to transport horses to other countries for slaughter. With all do respect to you all, I’m almost certain there is no horse meat in salami…although I don’t know about clams. :-/ I’ll research and get back to you.

  22. Oh wow! I’m so glad that people are talking about my blog and that it is actually genterating a conversation! YAY!! I can’t wait to know if I should eat salami, even if I don’t like it so tell us please Julia!

  23. I don’t understand why they have to kill horses when they can just stop breeding them for simple birthing experiences. All horse owners should be horse lovers, and they can show they love horses by saving a life at the auction.

    And when it comes to horse meat in salami, why do they even put it there? Isn’t beef or pork enough? It’s barbaric what extent people would go to to sell unwanted horses.

    Just as what each of us think, horses are a huge (and when I say huge, I mean huge!) part of our life. It’s them who brings joy to us by helping us make more friends and have new experiences, and I think we should pay them back.

  24. By far your best blog :)