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Forest Ride

Published by • Aug 25th, 2015 • Category: Featured Blog

Forest Ride - Girls Horse Club
by Rey, age 12

Wave-like winds sweep over the forest,
A hushed tone surrounds, so it sounds no longer full.
Everyone is hiding in the still dark morning,
Everything is quiet and dull.

Until your hooves come pounding in,
Like thunderbirds declaring war,
Or a bass drum wanting more, you command attention.
You run through and through to the forest core.

I am on your back,
Making us one.
With no saddle tack on, I can feel the ripple in your back,
I know we have already won.

Suddenly, the trees start swaying to our beat,
The squirrels and chipmunks scurry up their trees,
We can even hear deer jumping on their feet,
And birds fly through the trees in groups of threes.

We are waking up the forest,
Little by little, new creatures come out from hiding.
The wise old owl nods as we gallop past him,
We know it is a signal that we are done fighting.

As we are running, the dark becomes shadows,
And our black shadow follows us close behind.
It’s on our tail, connecting our shapes so we are one,
We keep running to find what we came to find.

As we reach the end of our forest ride,
We see the sun start to rise,
Pinks and oranges, yellows and reds,
We know we have found what he came to find.

– – –

Author’s Note: This is a poem about riding free and waking up everything around us, commanding our attention. We make music together that nothing else can. We love to ride until sunset and seeing the sunrise is just as special. But as any good rider knows, we are just along for the ride.

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