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Free Spirits At Noisy Water

Published by • Jan 27th, 2009 • Category: Arts & Crafts, Junior Blogger Archives

Image Source: Hubbard Museum

by Pony Princess, age 14

In the town of Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico, is a large sculpture welcoming visitors to the Hubbard Museum.

This is the world’s largest equine sculpture. Dave McGary made this statue of eight bronze horses that gallop and jump over a man-made mountain. The horse first in the line is a Thoroughbred. A Quarter Horse follows, then an Appaloosa, Paint, Arabian, Morgan, and finally a Standardbred. “That’s only seven,” you say. Yes, but the eighth horse is a Paint foal running beside it’s mother.

These horse are huge! They are very tall and weigh 3,000 – 5,000 pounds. Get this — five of these horses balance on only one leg! That’s right! Two other horses balance on only two legs and the Paint foal isn’t touching the ground. It is welded to its mother.

Yes, I know what you are now thinking (I was wondering too); how is it possible massive horses, some on only one leg, don’t fall over? To prevent them from falling, they have a base encased in concrete. The whole thing is incredible. I would definitely put the statue called Free Spirits at Noisy Water on my list of things I must see if I were you!

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  1. Wow. This sounds amazing!

    Also, great writing. I really enjoyed this blog. Hope to read more from you soon!

  2. It sounds very interesting and amazing. But I’m not going to Mexico anytime soon.
    Anyways, I can visit it in my imagination! That’s what it for, right? Imagination, that is.

    Wonderful writing!