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Free the Wild Horses of Nevada

Published by • Jul 5th, 2008 • Category: Take a Stand

by Rebecca Shyly, age 12

The government was originally planning to send all of the wild mustangs in Nevada to livestock sales, which is the same as sending them to slaughter because families are outbid by meat dealers that sell the horses to slaughter houses. From there the meat is exported to countries that eat horse meat. That was bad, but at least families that would give these horses loving homes had a slim chance of helping. Now it has gotten worse. The government plans on simply slaughtering them all. I do not know all the details, but click here to read author and horse lover Terri Farley’s blog where she talks about what is happening. Please help! The wild horses are screaming for your help. They don’t have voices, but you do!

Below is a video I created to try and stop horse slaughter.

A NOTE FROM TERRI FARLEY: Dear GHC Angels, It’s happening and I hope you can help me get the word out. The wild horses are being betrayed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). I went to a demonstration yesterday, handed out fliers, am doing interviews, etc., to try to stop the BLM. How ironic is it that during the week of Independence Day, the BLM announces they’ve robbed the horses of their freedom, made them captives, only so they can kill them? We need to FLOOD the switchboards on Monday.

Click here for flyer with more info and the phone number. If you want to educate people about what their tax dollars are going to, feel free to print out this flyer and hand it to people, post it where it will do some good, and so on.

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  1. wow that is sad what the goverment is doing to those poor horses. Awsome blog. love the video

  2. Thanks! i am glad that you liked the video and blog even if it is sad. I am so upset that they would even think of hurting the horses like this. I wonder how many of BLM workers have daughters that are begging for them to change their mind. I am definatley calling on Monday! There is no way I am going to let this injustice go by without me doing SOMETHING!!!!

    Hope you all try to help. It’s the least we can do for these special creatures!

  3. Dear Rebecca ~

    You have done an outstanding job putting together this very impressive video. When Wild Horse Annie was trying to get a bill passed in 1971 to protect the wild horses and burros, IT WAS THE CHILDREN WHO HELPED GET IT THROUGH CONGRESS. Now, I’m sure, it will be you and your friends will help save the Mustangs – our American Heritage – just as the children, citizens of the United States and other countries, helped Annie. These magnificant animals belong to YOU, not to the Bureau of Land Management who are the overseers of both them and the public lands where the wild ones have the right to freely roam.

    Bonnie Matton, President
    Wild Horse Preservation League
    Post Office Box 1958
    Dayton, Nevada 89403

  4. I loved the video and the blog. I wish I could help save those horses but I don’t have enough money. I don’t think going to Italy in a few weeks is going to help either. Why am I miles away when I should be with you guys, helping to save the horses?? I’ll tell some people, I can post it on my website.

  5. Great blog, loved the video! I want to save a Mustang from the slaughter houses when I get older becuase, well, my parents won’t let me now…

  6. Wow. That Is…TERRIBLE!!!!!! Terri Farley writes about how bad the BLM is in her books, The Phantom Stallion. The Blog Is Wonderful and Touched the tender spot I have for HORSES in my deepest part of my heart. The Video is heartbreaking, to. but I still love it! You are right, Rebecca, We MUST TAKE A STAND! We must Fight for the horses’ freedom! I feel very strong for mustangs and HORSES! I want to help the horses to, but I don’t know how. Don’t forget to get into the Terri Farley Interveiw! she gives very valubale informataion!

  7. Sweetie: Thanks so much for wanting to help, and actually, posting it on your website and telling people can help. You don’t need money, just spread the word!

    Bonnie Matton: Thanks for your comment, your support means alot to me! I know we can save these horses!

  8. Dear Sweetie,
    You can help the horses HUGELY by making a thirty second phone call tomorrow. It will cost next to nothing.
    Pick one (or both) of the phone numbers and tell whoever answers that you are an American citizen and since the wild horses belong to the American people, you want your opinion heard. Then, tell them your want YOUR horses alive, running wild and free.

    Mr. Dick Kempthorne (202) 208-3100 (Secretary of the Interior)
    Mr. Jim Caswell (202) 208-3801 (director of BLM)

    The horses can’t speak for themselves.
    You are their voice,

  9. I don’t think you guys got what I was saying. I’m in England at the moment, and I meant I don’t have money to fly to America. I wish I could have phoned, but I’m not an American Citizen.

  10. What did these horses ever do to us? They deserve to live, not to die.

  11. I’m glad that you all like the video and understand how important this issue is! Please Call ! We have to help!

  12. Oh, Sweetie, you can make a difference in England too!

  13. I’m trying to! These horses need our help. How could the BLM or whoever decided this kill such beautiful horses, that belong to America? Those wild horses are some of the only wild horses in the world now.

  14. Wow, it’s so bad what those people are going to do with the horses. I would speak for the horses, but I’m from Germany and I don’t think my parents are happy if I make a phone call to the US. I wish I could help you great guys here to save the mustangs because I LOVE them, even though I’ve actually never seen one … But my heart’s still with the horses … :) Hope the horses are the winners.
    Best wishes,
    ~ Laura

  15. Here’s a page which will let you help, no matter your age or where you live!
    There’s a petition you all can sign, a form to let OPRAH know about how you feel and — fingers crossed — get her involved, and all kinds of things. Take a look, DO SOMETHING, and you’ll feel better all day long.
    Here’s the link:

    If it’s not active, please cut and paste into your browser!
    Thanks for everything, you all!
    Terri Farley

  16. Thanks everyone! I know that we can stop this maddness! Even if you didn’t call on Monday, writing a letter or calling might still make a difference. I hope that you all can do something, but if not I understand. After all, we can’t just focus on the mustangs, there are other horses who need your help just as much!

    Hope you all are having a great week! I know I am! I just finished horse camp and had the most incredible horse experience of my life! I can’t wait to write a blog and LBC story about it!

  17. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to reply to something as amazing as presented. In this case, I am using amazing mostly not for saying you had done a fabulous job on both your blog and touching video (which you certainly did), but because I’m awed- awed by what people can do to horses all around the world. A week ago I watched a video about the wild Brumbies of Australia, and they are not far better off than Mustangs. Some of them aren’t even given a chance to be adopted. It is so unfair how they were once, hundreds of years ago, released into the wild by humans, and after all the hardships of droughts and adapting to minimal supplies, have to be caught and sent off to slaughter.

    Good on you Horsecrazzz for bringing this up! We can all make a difference, even if we don’t live in the same countries.

  18. I have sent a message to Oprah, thanks for telling us Terri! I hope she will help us stop them from killing all those horses.

  19. Thanks Madelaina! I know that there are so many horse problems that we don’t know about and we have to try to get them out there! Because if we make it know about theses issues, somebody might speak up and help, or tell us about a different issue!

  20. I sent a message to Ophra too and hope hope hope that it will make a difference!

    Horses Don’t Have Voices, But You DO!

  21. Well, I’m going to spread the word at my camp that I’m leaving for in an hour. This year is all about taking care of the earth, and I’m pretty sure this would be included! So, watch out polititions! Campers comin at ya!

    Well, I’ll miss you all! Won’t have access to a computer for a week, so ‘see” you all next monday!

    Speak for the horses, they can’t speak for themselves!

  22. Aw, I feel sooo bad for those horses! They do not deserve to be treated that way! We have to do something.. :(

    Happy riding,
    A sad stablegirl

  23. That is so sad what they are doing to those poor ,inocent horses . I would do everything i could but what can i do i have no money , there’s nothing i really can do , is there? I love the vidoe it made me cry at first but i still love it!!! If there is anything i can do please tell me, i can’t stand seeing horses being treated like this .

    P.s. Those horses need you because they can’t save themselves,SPEAK UP, for the horses, i know i would. How about you?

    Happy trails!!!!

    A big howse-luvr

  24. Stablegirl and howse-luvr you are both very sweet for wanting to help and there is always something you can do to help. Making posters writing letters, emails or stories to spread the word will help bunches and telling your friends and family can help too, who knows, someone might spread the word far enough that someone with lots and lots of money will find out!

  25. Thanks horsecrazzz , now i know what i can do to help those inocent horses !!!!!

    Happy Trails!!!

    A big howse-luvr


  27. I have had this WACK idea;

    What if i go out in to the wild, and try to find out if you can really control wild horses with-out taking them out of the wild. Heres how: I find one *6* wild horse herds left in the U.S., and try to be the lead mare…………..

    What do you think?

    P.S.; Lead Mare, you may remember me.

  28. i think thats a good idea !!!

    Happy Trails!!!

    A big howse-luvr

  29. thanks.

    Now all need is funding…… Lol.

  30. Wow! Anna, that is a crazy but cool idea! It may work but I have no scientific proof, so yeah! But more power to you for trying! See, all you have to do is try girls! howse-luvr, glad I could help!

  31. Thanks, i may try it in 4-5 years. I will keep you posted!

  32. your welcome anna, and thanks horsecrazzz!!!!

    Happy Trails!!!

    A big howse-luvr

  33. i made some flyers the other day where do you think i can hang them up at ?

    Happy Trails!!!

    A big howse-luvr