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Freedom and Ownership

Published by • May 8th, 2008 • Category: by Madelaina, Take a Stand

by Madelaina, age 12

Most people feel proud of their pets. Saying “he’s mine” or “she belongs to me” gives you a feeling that is a wild mix I can’t describe, sort of like saying you’re the boss. But many forget who they are talking about. Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and definitely horses have a free spirit people often underestimate. This free spirit cannot be owned.

When you ride or own a horse, basically you are accepting each other or regarding each other as family members. To ride a horse you must understand that the horse isn’t a bike but a creature with a mind, feelings and fire. At times when they misbehave you can’t blame them, but tell them to hold it back. They can’t be perfect for and obey you as would something like a bicycle, and we should all feel glad about that.

Horses are never born to be ridden or driven. They are born to either fly or live freely and be whoever they want to be. But riding and driving takes that away from them. Riding or driving a horse displays friendship, partnership and understanding, not ownership. They have a strong spirit and personalities. Being able to accept the fact that they must share their spirit and sacrifice their freedom for a person on their back is something courageous all on its own. Willing to be held down and tolerating it shows they are something more special than a ride. Because of that alone we should thank and stay true to them. Regard them as much more than a horse. Instead of saying “Rocket is my horse” try rewording that into “Rocket is a horse and he is a part of the family.”

I find it hard to look at my dogs and think “You are dogs” because from the start I’ve seen them as brothers and sisters. I’ve always seen them as a part of the family and I tell everyone that. They aren’t my dogs, they are my family. See how changing the words make a difference that actually shows the one which is more true?

Of course people might think “Yeah right, a horse for a brother! Give me a break.”But this shouldn’t be a joking matter. If you think about it, the words “my” or “mine” don’t associate with pets and animals at all. Each individual is only different in appearance and communication. Like us they don’t want to be locked up or scolded for being who they are if they are a rebel. A person can’t be owned, and they are just the same.

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  1. Wow Madelaina! I have known ever since I started reading blogs here almost a year ago (seems like longer to me) that you would always have the ability to share your insight with the world! Your blogs are thoughtful and awe inspiring! Your up there with the best of them Madelaina! No one writes with the thoughtful carefulness quite the way you do and this blog just goes to show you exactly that! I am so proud to have you as my (virtual) sister and herdmate! Keep writing because with out your amazing pieces, GHC would not be the same!

  2. Horsecrazzz I’m touched with a million smiles! Your comments always make me bubble with joy to know that people can absorb my thoughts and understand them and you are one of them. But of course you’re more than a reader. You’re a virtual sister and herdmate to me too! Every word of your comments goes for you too. You are also an amazing writer with amazing talents. It’s a pleasure to see them unleashed here. :D

  3. Madelaina-
    I am always surprised by how true and insightful your words are. You are certainly a special person, and I agree with you! I’ve often thought of Vifill(my favorite horse in the entire world) as my teacher, friend, and/or brother. I’ve thought the same of my riding horse, Mnte. Except, he gave me the gift of being a stepping stone to me, helping me move onto more difficult horses.
    Wonderful blog, and I admire your pure spirit.

  4. Thanks! You really are like a big sister to me!

  5. Madelaina-
    You are so right about what you said. I have a pets and love them as much as I would love a sister or brother. But since I don’t have a brother or sister, my pets is like a family member to me.

    P.S. You had an inspirable conclusion!


  6. That is such a touching blog!

  7. It’s beautiful Madelaina! I’ve always thought of my dog as a little brother,who like all siblings get very annoying and pester me! Some my horse I don’t quite consider him as a brother, he’s more of a very, very, very close friend but I find that I feel that he’s part of me. I’ve always loved your work Madelaina, I don’t know why but I just do!

  8. Thanks everyone! I’m very glad that you like this blog. It’s always a pleasure to write something that brings joy to such talented horse girls :)

  9. Madelaina-
    I also wanted to thank you for supporting me and giving me wonderful ideas. You and the other JBs have been very helpful. Without you guys, right now I might have not had one blog published (it will be published May 20; Is a Horse Right For You? <<<< title) and one LBC poem published. (A Mare’s Life)

    Thank you soo much JBs!

  10. Madelina Great point of view! I think of all my pets as one of the family. Samantha