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Freedom of Riding

Published by • Mar 17th, 2009 • Category: Guest Bloggers, Riding Advice

by Eastern Cowgirl, age 12

Have you ever felt like everything around you was getting bigger and YOU were getting smaller? Riding can easily solve that problem. Simply mount your favorite horse and take off into a world of riding. Concentrate on only you and your horse. Ignore the cumbersome world around you and just enjoy that moment. Forget all of your troubles and relax. Now imagine you are in this place.

The wind is rushing through your hair. The world seems to fly by and the only thing that is left is you and your equine friend. The ground beneath you seems to slowly dissolve away and, without warning, you’re suddenly flying. You’re soaring through the air without a single care. No one can stop you.

Your horse’s pace slows and finally you’re halted. You realize that you’re in a different place. A place were the grass seems greener than green. The water runs clearly through banks of glimmering rock. You have finally experienced the freedom of riding.

Riding is a wonderful way to be free. To all riders, both people who do ride and those who want to, keep horses close to your heart.

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  1. Very true Eastern Cowgirl! when i am riding a horse it’s the thing in my life I can control, I am not saying i just control the horse we are partners. And like you said riding is freedom. Great job Cowgirl!

  2. Great blog, Eastern Cowgirl. I really like it, even though I don’t ride or have a horse.

  3. Thanks! Every horse girl who has ever even dreamed of riding has felt the wonders of riding. And I just wanted to put that into words.