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Fuego’s Freedom

Published by • Oct 24th, 2010 • Category: Poetry

by HorsesForever, age 10

If you could’ve sworn you’d seen a horse
Charging out of a flame
Or forming out of an autumn leaf
Maybe you’ve seen Fuego’s spirit
For he is a whinny into the moon at night
And a fiery, restless creature
Starved of freedom
His mortal self
Couldn’t live off fenced pasture
He is now a wild thing
Every October he scours the scape
For a place as remote and wild as his spirit
Fuego may pay you a visit
During his journey
For a loco sort of liberty
Will Fuego, a whinny into the moon at night
A restless spirit, an autumn leaf, a stray flame…
Find his long lost freedom…
In you?

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  1. awesome!

  2. Awesome how you used fuego’s spanish meaning of fire to fit into your poem! At the end “Find his lost freedom.. in you?” ooo possesion of another being.. muhahha… great scare.. sent shivers down my hooves! ;)


  3. ‘starved of freedom’ that is so poetic!

  4. I love it!!!!!

  5. I love the vocabulary! It’s really, really vivid and sets the mood. Kind of gave me an icy feeling to my bones. Great work!

  6. Nice job! Very well written :)

  7. Great poem! Love the part about charging out of a flame, I can just picture a horse like that.

  8. HorsesForever,
    Awesome poem! I just love it! I love how you blended the fire and the autumn leaf into it.

  9. Great poem Horsesforever!

  10. Wow- how come I think this poem is more beautiful than scary? :] Each line is so full of grace- love it! And you are only 10?!