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Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Horse

Published by • Mar 18th, 2015 • Category: Picture This

Fuzzy Colt
by SugarPony, age 12

This is our yearling colt, King, munching some grass that grew out from under the freshly melted snow.

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  1. I luv him! Fuzzy Wuzzy! Adorable!

  2. He is so cute!! What breed is he?

  3. Actually he is a mixed breed, a small type of horse. For “Fuzzy Wuzzy” the shedding season DID begin, and every time I groom him, the wind blows fur onto me so his falling fur is making me a fuzzy wuzzy. :-D

  4. that’s the same with my horse, her shedding season started about a month ago, and it’s still really bad:) she usually sheds until around middle of April to May. Sometimes longer

  5. Right now she’s actually not as bad as she usually is, so it will probably be a couple of weeks now.

  6. I meant to say she “isn’t shedding as much as she usually does”.

  7. Oh now all of our horses are shedding. Sooner or later I am fuzzy. :-D

  8. Awww! He or her r so cute