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Game Walkthrough: Pippa Funnell Stud Farm Inheritance (PC)

Published by • May 29th, 2007 • Category: Fun & Games

by Chloe

stud-farm-inheritance.gifBEGINNING THE GAME
After the opening sequence when you read the letter and talk to Pippa and Rose, you have to find the solicitor’s office. From the point of view of your character, you have to turn left away from Rose, then left around the first corner. Follow the road round past the grocer (the shop with the blue and white striped canopy with the woman standing outside it) and carry on until you get to the place with the plaque outside it. When you see the green arrow, press Space and Estelle will say, “Ah, here we are. This is it.” Then go inside. Walk forward to talk to Mr. Scrivener and listen to the conversation. When Mr. Scrivener takes you back to the stud farm, he’ll introduce you to Davy. When he tells you to get settled into your room, walk toward the door of the building behind him and open it by pressing Space when you see the green arrow. Walk to the stairs and go up. You’ll find yourself in your bedroom, which you can’t leave until you’ve looked at your journal, so just press ‘j’ to see it. Then go back downstairs, outside and into the stables. The stables are the building to the left of the house when facing it.

When you’ve talked to Davy, go and see your horse. Davy will take you through grooming, feeding and mucking out. You can name your horse by clicking on the sheet of paper below the grooming buttons. Then go out of the stables and talk to Davy again.

Davy will explain how to do dressage and you’ll have to complete the trial. While doing the dressage, he makes some dumb comments but ignore these. The dressage trial is easy, but if you don’t complete it, keep trying. Practice makes perfect.

After dressage, the airport will phone to say they’ve found your luggage. Listen to the phone call, and then talk to Davy so you can get permission to go out on the horse. Go into your horse’s stall and click on the saddle button to tack up. You’ll find yourself outside the stud farm ready to head to the village. Before being able to tack up, Davy will explain about experience points. Use these as you want, as your horse will be capable of doing the first competition without any improvement. I generally start by increasing endurance but it doesn’t matter much.

To get to Appleton, just go straight along the path you’re on. The first junction you reach will have signposts around it. Left is show jumping, right is x-country, straight on for the village. The yellow signpost with the two buildings indicates the way to the village.

When you reach the village, you’ll talk to Peter Ellis (remember his name for later). He tells you how to enter the village. Go into the village. Remember the shop with the blue and white striped awning from earlier? This is the grocers, but also doubles as the post office. Get here by following the road, going across the bridge and going straight as far as you can go. Turn left to get to the grocers and talk to the woman standing outside. Pick up your luggage, and if you want to, buy some stuff from the grocers. You’ve got enough credits to buy everything in the shop, but it’s not essential, although your horse could do with different types of fodder. Then leave the village the same way you came in and go back to the stud farm.

Now that you’ve got your luggage, you can use the wardrobe in your room. Go upstairs to your room and position yourself in front of the wardrobe. Press ‘I’ to access your inventory, click on the parcel and click ‘use’. Then you can open the wardrobe and change clothing, shoes and your hairstyle. Now go back to the village and go to Mr. Scrivener’s office.

Talk to Mr. Scrivener, and when he gives you the opportunity to build a training course, choose either one. Bear in mind that although the x-country course is closer, as soon as you complete one, you’ll build and do the other, so it makes little difference. However, you’ll have the chance to improve your horse’s skills, so what I would do is choose x-country, as it takes less time to get there, improve my horse’s endurance after completing it and then doing show jumping. Assuming you’ve chosen the x-country first, select it with the arrow keys and click ‘Acquire’. You’ll end up back at the stud farm. Go tack up your horse.

From the stud farm, the x-country course is the first right. Then follow the blue x-country signs to the course. Davy will explain about x-country. Use the indicator at the top of the screen to judge each jump. Remember, if the indicator is green, you can jump. If it’s red, you can’t. If the jump is long, you should be in gallop. If the jump is short, you should be in canter or trot.

After completing x-country, you’ll end up back at Mr. Scrivener’s office. You’ll be able to build your next course and take your horse to it. Depending on how well you did at x-country, your horse may have gained experience. It will still be capable of completing the course without improvement however, so don’t worry if it hasn’t. The show jumping course is the first on the left from the stud farm, then follow the blue show jumping signs. Getting to the course will take a while, so when you’re on your way, look out for the two shortcuts. They don’t take much less time than the road, but will be useful later on in the game. The first one is to the left of the path a little way along from the junction you passed. Look for a small section of path leading away into the trees. Follow it, turn right and carry on through. The second one is a little further along from where you reach the road again. This one is to the right of the path, and again, look for a section of path leading away from the main road into the trees. Not long after the exit from this shortcut, you’ll reach the cross-junction where you turn right for beginner’s show jumping. Davy will explain about it again, but the principle is pretty much the same as x-country. It’s almost impossible to knock poles down in this, but if you do and Estelle says, ‘ok, I’ll try again’, don’t worry, you don’t have to go back and jump the fence again, just carry on.

This competition is easy; each course is exactly the same as the first ones you tried. If you got through those, you should be able to complete this with no trouble at all. However, if you don’t complete the competition, or rank too low, go back to the solicitor to redo it.

Once you’ve completed this competition, you’ll be able to renovate something at the stud farm. None of the options you have are essential at this stage, so choose whichever one you want.

When you return to the stud farm, you can go and see your new horses, but to continue with the game, go and talk to Rose. She’ll give you a ring, and then tell you Mr. Scrivener is in the living room, so go into the house. Note that your first and third horses will need grooming, and your first horse may also have gained experience, so you may want to get these out of the way. When in the living room, go over to Mr. Scrivener and press space when you see the blue arrow. Pick up the CD-ROM when he tells you and go into the office (the room to the left of your character when she walks through the front door of the house). Talk to Rose, then go to your inventory and click on the CD-ROM. Then click ‘use’ to start registering.

Leave the office and go and talk to Davy (he’s in the living room). Then go back to the office and look on the desk. Next to the lamp, there’s a small piece of paper. Go and pick it up. Now head to the stables. You’ll get a call from Davy telling you to look in Patricia’s room. Go back to the house and into your bedroom. When standing by the door, there’s a piece of paper on the table next to you with a yellow arrow above it. Pick it up and read it if you want, but you don’t have to. It gives a clue about what you have to do next. Then go to the village. It’s a good idea to check which horse has highest endurance, so it’ll take less time to get to the village. When you reach the village, follow the road until you reach the bridges. Don’t cross the bridges, but if you look along the river, you’ll see the shop in front of you. If you’re not sure which is the shop, go to your inventory, click on the card and click use. It’ll show a picture of the shop when it wasn’t run down and boarded up, but you’ll be able to recognise it anyway. Go down the path beside it and the waterwheel, then go inside. After Harry has said his piece, go up to him, go to your inventory, click on the ring and click use. Once you’ve talked to Harry and he’s agreed to sell you a saddle, turn around and walk over to the door behind you. Choose whichever you want. Even if you bought all the items in the grocers and buy the most expensive saddle there, you should be all right for credits, so just choose your favourite. Also, if you click quit and then go back into the shop, you’ll find that there are also gaiters and saddlecloths for sale if you want to buy something else. Go back to the stud farm to finish your registration.

When you get back to the stud farm, you’ll receive a call from Mr. Blacklock. Ignore this call for now, as he will indeed get back to you later. Go into the office, stand in front of the computer and press space to continue registering. It is important that before you complete the registration, you check on the registration form what your horse needs to be able to do and check on the horse’s information sheet. In this case, the horse needs to be able to jump level 2 fences, which means it needs to have improved jump height. It also needs to be able to do extended trot in dressage. Your first horse won’t be able to do this competition unless you’ve improved these things, but your second and third horses will both be able to. If you really want to use your first horse, before registering, tack up and ride to the x-country or show jumping courses, or ride further towards the village to take the second right for dressage, and train your horse. You’ll have to spend quite a while training your horse to get it enough experience to gain points, but feel free to do this if you want, as it will be useful to have a fairly skilled first horse later on in the game, particularly when it comes to endurance. Anyway, complete the registration when you know the horse you want to use is capable of doing the competition and leave the office.

When you leave the office, Davy will give you the bad news about transportation. Helpful as ever, although he tells you about the horsebox, he leaves you to figure out how to get a set of keys. Go outside and talk to Rose, who’s standing by the well in the middle of the grassy area in the centre of the yard. When she explains about the other set of keys, let me tell you that you can’t get to the bottom of the well. You’ll have to find another way to get the keys out. Go into the stables. When you enter, near the bottom left hand side of the screen, you’ll see a rope. Go and pick it up, then go back outside. When you pick it up, Estelle will say ‘that’ll never work, etc’, but ignore her. When you’re back outside, go back over to Rose by the well. Then, from that position, turn your character round so they are facing the camera. Walk in this direction until you reach the tree, and you’ll see a magnet on the birdhouse. Pick it up and go back to the well. To be able to use the items you’ve just found, you have to be standing next to Rose, facing the well. Click on the rope and use, then on the magnet and use. You’ll get the key. You’ll also get a call from the ever-charming Davy, who nags you about your horses. If you groomed them after coming back from the first competition, they won’t be dirty again so don’t worry. If not, go and groom them, then go to the horsebox at the back of the yard, click on the key in your inventory and click use. You’ll now be able to set off to the next competition.

This competition, while a bit harder than the first, is still fairly easy. You should be able to complete it without too much trouble. Don’t forget that to use the extended gaits in dressage, you should hold down ‘e’. The sponsorship you receive beforehand from Ubisoft is not particularly important, but it means that you’ll receive credits if you end up in the top three in the competition.

When you arrive back at Mr. Scrivener’s office, you get a new horse and the choice to renovate something. The options you had last time, which you didn’t choose, are still open to you. Don’t bother buying the two horse horsebox, as you can’t actually organise horse rides to earn more credits, this is a mistake in the game. It may be that using a two-horse horsebox earns more credits when you return from shows, but I haven’t checked this, so at this stage, this is pretty pointless. Renovating the second stable is also not essential at this stage, as you only have four horses. It’s better to renovate this stable when you acquire your fifth horse. The competition dressage course will be useful for training, so this could be an option. You shouldn’t need to renovate the veterinary clinic just yet, as your horses only get ill if you do something you shouldn’t, like repeatedly spraying the horses head with water. I’m not sure what happens here, as my horses have never got ill, so you should be safe in this respect. Just don’t do anything wrong to make your horse ill and you won’t need the vet. Renovating the car park is also pointless at this stage, so choose whichever one you want to do.

After Blacklock calls again, you need to find out his phone number before visiting. To get it, go to the village, go towards the solicitor’s office, but instead of going in, carry on towards the corner where there’s a phone box, and next to it, a phone book. Look in the phone book to get the info you need about Blacklock. Take a look at the page to see his phone number. Also, notice the tree logo. Go back to your horse and ride to Blacklock’s house. To get there, follow the dark blue signs with the white tree on them. If you somehow miss the first signs, it’s in the same direction as show jumping, the first left on leaving the stud farm. When you reach the house, go over to the small panel on the wall to the right of the gates. Press space when you see the green arrow and key in the first five numbers from his phone number. If you’ve forgotten them, just press ‘I’ to look in your inventory and look at it again. Go into the house and into the living room, then go and talk to Blacklock. Pick up the card and property deed and leave.

Go back to the village and to Mr. Scrivener’s office. Open your inventory, click on the visiting card and click use. After you’ve talked to him and been given the newspaper cutting, head back to your horse and take the first left out of the village. Then, take the first right. Before you enter the next field, save your game. Then go and talk to Peter Ellis (remember him from earlier?). He’ll give you the task of rounding up hi sheep for him.

Rounding up the sheep is a little difficult, here are some tips to help you -When pushing the sheep towards the pen, don’t go faster than a trot. If you go too fast, you’ll lose control. -Nudge the sheep gently in the direction you want them to go, then follow them. If they start going the wrong way, come up beside them and nudge them again. -Start with the sheep round the corner, furthest away from the pen, then work towards the closest sheep. If you don’t complete this on your first try, don’t worry, it takes most people a while to get the hang of this.

Go back to the village and head to Mr. Scrivener’s office. You’ll be able to show him the real property deed and prove that the land is legally yours, and not Blacklock’s.

Go back to the stud farm to register for the next competition. The process is the same as for competition 2, but this one will again be more difficult. You must also check again the required skills for this competition and choose a horse with the right capabilities, or if you want to use a particular horse, train it before registering. Once you’ve won the competition, you get another horse. You can choose to renovate anything you like, but bear in mind that creating a bed-and-breakfast place doesn’t actually do anything. Also, if you don’t choose to renovate your second stable, bear in mind that because the horse won’t be on your land, you won’t be able to use it for the next competition. This might be important as this next horse will already have yet more skills.

When you return to the stud farm, you’ll discover your horses are loose and missing, all except your first horse. Someone will race off on a quad bike, and you have to catch them. They take the first left on leaving the stud farm, so follow them there on horseback. Then, you have to try and catch them. Here are my tips for this:

  • To beat this guy, you have to overtake him twice, so try and do this as quickly as possible
  • Follow him along the path at canter so your endurance doesn’t drop. When you see grassy areas where you can cut off the corners, go across these (still cantering), but make sure you only canter on grass, not on road, or the quad will speed up – Remember the shortcuts I told you about? (If you don’t, go back and read the ‘show jumping’ section – they’re useful) Use these to try and overtake the quad, as you can canter here without him speeding up.
  • When you reach the road after you’ve gone through the shortcuts, stop and stand in the road and wait for him to come. He will stop in front of you.
  • Remember, practice makes perfect. If you don’t manage this the first time, don’t worry, you’ll get to try again. Good luck!

Once you’ve caught the quad, carry on towards Blacklock’s house to get to the river, but instead of turning left to get to his house, go straight on to the river. You’ll find your horses there. The first one should be at the top of the first hill you come to when following the path, on the other side of the wall. Turn right around the wall, and you should see it. All you have to do is go up to each one, and you’ll know it’s been counted when Estelle says something along the lines of ‘You’re going back to the estate’ so leave this one, and carry on looking for the others. Go further along the path. Soon you’ll reach a fork. Don’t go along either of the paths, but ride along the fence on the other side to the path. You’ll find your next horse here. If you reach the path without having found it, you’ve gone a little too far, turn round and go back a bit, and you should find one. Carry on along the next bit of path, and the horse is behind the rocks just beyond. The last horse is right at the end of the riverbank, as far as you can go. When you’ve reached the exit from the river, go a little further on, and you’ll find your last horse. Then, leave through the gate closest to the last horse you found, which will take you on the path that you turned off when looking for Mr. Ellis. Carry on down the path and turn left for the stud farm.

When you get back to the stud farm, go into the living room. However, your little chat is somewhat postponed by Davy telling you about Rose going looking for the horses. Saddle your horse with highest endurance (this will probably be your newest horse) and go look for her. Bear in mind that your newest horse needs a groom, but you can do that without it affecting your game. Of course, if you aren’t using your newest horse, you don’t have to groom it just yet. Before tacking up your horse, make sure you save the game. Then go to the forest (first right, then straight on) to find Rose. Get there as fast as you can, as Rose can be a little difficult to locate. When you get to the forest, follow the path, take the turning to the left and carry on along the path. Turn left again when you can, and you’ll see some large rocks, bushes and plants. You’ll hear Rose calling out, and the closer you get, the more she calls out. Among the rocks is what looks like a small cave. Ride round to the back of it and look around here. She can be hard to find, but you’ll get there in the end. If all else fails, you can try again. When you find her, press space when you see the blue arrow above her head. You’ll end up back at the stud farm.

Go back into the living room and, after talking to Mr. Scrivener on the phone, into the office. You can now register for the next competition. As before, your horse must be capable of jumping further and/or higher, plus know more dressage figures, so I’d suggest using your newest horse. Again, this competition will be more difficult, but as you’ve now completed a few competitions, you should be able to do this one without too much bother. You’ve also got the option of more buildings to renovate.

When you get back to the stud farm, go and see Mr. Scrivener. Take one of your newest horses as they should have the endurance to get you there in one gallop. After talking to Mr. Scrivener, leave his office and the village. You can talk to the villagers if you want, but you won’t get the popularity rating you need until you’ve got proof, so there isn’t much point. Before meeting Davy at Blacklock’s house, go back to the stud farm and into your first stable. Walk towards the back and on a bench opposite your first horse’s stall, there is a set of wire cutters. You’ll need these later, so pick them up. Then go to Blacklock’s house. When you’ve talked to Davy, turn round and go back up the path you just came along. Turn left at the end instead of right, which will take you onto the riverbank. Save your game. Go up to the wire fencing on the left and when you see the arrow, go to your inventory. Click on the wire cutters and click use. This cuts through the wire fencing, enabling you to sneak into the property. Go straight on until you get to the ramp leading onto the terrace. The living room window is the one directly in front of you. Go through and over to the piano. There is a piece of paper on the music stand. Pick it up. Then go over to the door opposite the piano and go through. Walk along by the bookcase until you see an arrow. You’ll see the panel where you need to key in a code. The code is Red, Red, Green, Blue, Green, Yellow. Know how I know? Look at the piece of paper you got off the piano. Go over to the blue files on one of the stands. Pick them up, then get the hell out of there. Go back to the village, you’ll meet Davy there. Talk to him, then go up to all the villagers you see, go to your inventory and select and use the files. Once your popularity rating is above 100, go and see Mr. Scrivener.

Now you have to go back to the stud farm to start entering more competitions to renovate the stud farm. If you want to spend as long as possible practising or training for it, then a good way or doing this is building two courses right at the start. Think about which your weakest events are, build those two courses and train and practice on those. This will prepare you for those events in the big competition. If you build all three courses, you won’t be able to train, as you’ll be ready for the competition and find yourself doing that straight away. You have to renovate something after each competition you do, so if you still need more time, buy a new horsebox each time, as you can only have one at a time, which will give you all the extra time you need. However, despite all this, you can’t register just yet as you need a better saddle. Go and see Harry.

When you need a better saddle, you can’t just go into the shop a buy another one, you need a specific saddle. Go towards the door and listen to Davy and Harry talking. Then go into the shop. Walk around the bench to talk to Harry so you can get the saddle. Ah, bless! Then pick up the saddle and leave. Now you can register for any competition you like to carry on preparing for the big competition.

To prepare for this competition, you have to redo the other competitions. You don’t have to do all of them, or do them in the right order, you just need to do enough to build everything needed for the last competition. If you need to spend more time training your horse but don’t want to spend ages going over one of your own courses, buy a horsebox after the competitions, as this will buy you time. The big competition is basically the same as the last ones, except harder. Pippa is very hard to beat, so don’t worry if you only come second. After that, you don’t really need to do anything else, but everyone will want to talk to you, and there’s a little bit with Davy at the end, so go into the living room to talk to him. You can carry on grooming, riding and competing, but you’ve completed the adventure!


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  1. Cool game!

  2. nice game but im stuck on the quad bike section

  3. The quad bike is hard. To get past it you probobly need to start over and get lots of indurance. That worked fore me.

  4. You don’t need to have lots of endurance, you can just stay in canter over the grassy bits.

  5. This is one AWSOME game, anyone got Take the Reins ‘cos Stud Farm is WAY better!

  6. hey the quad bike part is easy, keep at a trot because he wont go off into the distance, he will keep the same distance from you, then there is a shortcut to the left somewhere,you can gallop along here. you will come out onto the road and he will say catch me again! keep going untill there is a shortcut to the RIGHT. follow it untill you get to the rocks, and block the path. there you have it!

  7. thanx! you really helped me out!

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    thanks to all who have contributed tips and help!